Mondays Happiness Challenge

Mondays tend to be nothing type of days. But today is a good day. So the day itself, will go down in my Happiness Challenge.
I went shopping for the kids. (my neighbors grandchildren) Unfortunately they leave on Saturday to go home to Oregon. Each year I try to get some little thing for each of them, to remind them of their visit. Last year I got a book for Kamari, a truck for James and a stuffed wirehaired dachshund just like Greta for Matina. I also made a book of pictures from their summer trip.
This year I got Kamari a journal. She’s old enough now so that she can write her thoughts her dreams and her hopes. Like all young girls.
For James, who is 5, I got a Red Sox action figure. One of those indestructible sort of things. I think he will like that as he has a Red Sox shirt just like the figure does.
For my dachshund loving Matina I have gotten a Wirehaired Dachshund 2006 Calendar and a small Beanie Baby Dachshund.
It’ll be so quiet when they leave and I will miss them terribly. But today, I had fun shopping for them. I hope they get as many smiles on their faces from the things I gotthem, as the smiles they have given me over the last few weeks.

Being a Genius and Other Things

My Happiness Challenge for today:

It’s nice, once in a while, for someone to think you are a genius. Yesterday I had an idea. I thought I would make Matina and her brother James their own coloring books. I started with pictures I took of them and went into a program I have and turned them into coloring book type pictures. See:
July 25small 005.jpg
They were so impressed and they think this is so cool. Me too! I plan to make similar books for my grandnephews and grandniece.

Yesterday we also went and picked blueberries. Oh my goodness, you would not believe how heavy the bushes are! We picked and picked and picked and hardly made a dent! I have frozen a ton, and I’ve already made a blueberry cobbler. Later today I plan to make blueberry muffins. I just love summer harvests!

Saturday Thoughts

There is nothing worse than waiting for two week for an order of stuff you got on sale, only to find that it doesn’t fit right! After struggling with a diet and maintenance program, I am a perfect size medium. Everywhere I go, I pick up a medium and it fits perfectly. Not so this one sweater. Oh well, I am not crazy about the color now I have seen it in real life. Somehow colors look decidedly different on a computer screen.
And I ordered boots for winter. I ordered a half size larger thinking that with extra socks I would need the extra room. Well guess what? The boots are too small with just one pair of socks on! Disaster #2.
At least the third item, a shirt, size MEDIUM fits perfectly! And the color is the prettiest robins egg blue.
There is at least one up side to all of this. I didn’t have to pay for shipping, and I can return it to the local outlet store nearby. So it’s a wash monetarily.

Here is todays Happiness Challenge:
Seeing my neighbor at the Post Office, giving him a hug, (he is 87 1/2 years old) and knowing that I made his day!

Meg’s Friday Questions

* What’s on your key chain? Too many keys and a silver dachshund.
* How many pairs of shoes do you own and what’s your favorite pair? Too many, but my favorite are my Easy Spirit Suede Loafers
* What’s your #1 wardrobe staple? [Thanks Loosy Loohan] Mmmmm, jeans. I live in them.
* Who do you most look up to? The big guy upstairs! (as in G.O.D.!!)
* If you had $100 and the day off what would you do? Save the $100.00 for a rainy day and just do what I normally do walking the dogs.
* Fill in the blank. Age is ___46____
* What are your plans for the weekend? For the first weekend in a while I don’t have any.
Questions by:

Happiness Challenge

Today’s happiness is a really good one. It’s one I’ve been waiting to share with you all, until I was certain.
The debris in my eye that has plagued me since my detached retina surgery nearly three years ago, is gone! I can see well, with no fog or cloudy areas in my vision. I have done tests on myself, hanging my head upside down, lying flat for several hours, staring down at my feet for long periods of time, all things I did before to check the amount of debris in the eye. The vision is clear!
So today I am happy about that, thankful and really looking forward to seeing my retinal surgeon next week so I can share the news with him. After all this time, and all these operations, I know he will be as happy as I am about this.
So here’s to good vision!

Dackel Princess!!!

It was brought to my attention that maybe some of you don’t know what Dackel means. That’s okay, until I got the girls I didn’t know either.
Dackel is the German word for Dachshund. It’s as simple as that.
Since both Shubi and Greta are German born I thought that it was appropriate to call my Blog page Dackel Princess after my girls!
Shubi is Bavarian born, and Greta was born in Northern Germany. Of course they have their doggie “green cards” now.