Knock, Knock, Knock!!!

Yesterday morning, as I stood in front of my pantry shelves trying to organize them, I heard several wild knocks at the sliding glass doors. That, of course, sent the doggies into a wild and crazy barking session.
I turned and looked and saw the two kids, Matina and James, peering in looking for the dogs. They’d arrived!
So, I stopped what I was doing, (any excuse) and we all went outside to play with the kids!
The kids love the dogs. Matina’s favorite is Greta. It was funny, but those two just bonded last summer and it’s the same this year. And James loves Shubi. She is gentle and slower and easy to love.
We walked all over the yard, playing with a ball, and then they went back home. I think they were gone for a half an hour before knock, knock, knock!!! They were back.
I was having my lunch so I took it out on the patio and ate it while the kids played with the dogs.
Now before anyone feels bad for Fritz, they like Fritz, but he is a big bumpkin and tends to get a little too rough and tumble with them. So they tell him to be gentle and since Fritz likes to run wild and free, he will go off with Hubby and is quite happy.
But now the kids are here, we’re so happy. I know I’ll be seeing them daily and on some rainy days we’ll even watch kid movies! All the while, they’ll be snuggling the dogs. Pictures to come…

Sunday, Beautiful Sunday

Today is probably the most perfect summer day. A sunny cloudless blue sky with low humidity and a temperature of 75 degrees. It just doesn’t get any better then this! I spent a good part of the morning outside, as my neighbor’s grandchildren arrived from Oregon! We love them and they love the dogs (!) and us too!
But around lunch time Greta started to act strangely and then she got sick. And the next thing I knew Fritz got sick. I’m a bit puzzled. Did they eat or drink something? Or do they have some sort of virus? I’ll have to call their Vet in the morning. For now both dogs are asleep. Yes, it’s a strange day when Shubi is the most healthy dog in the house!
We watched The Tour De France! It was wonderful to see Lance Armstrong win his 7th, but then, sad too, because he is done now and we will not see him race again. He is a remarkable athlete.

Saturday Soundings

I’m proud to announce that I have lost four pounds this week! I had gained three after my surgery, (too much Cherry Garcia comfort food!) and everything started to feel tight. So, back to Phase One.
We had one heck of a storm here last night. 46 mile an hour winds that blew up out of no where, and 1.2 inches or rain in 20 minutes. Thunder, lightening, and a blown satellite LNB! (The repair man is on his way as I write)

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Meg’s Questions du Jour

Megan always posts some great questions on Fridays!

What are you looking forward to? My friend , Gail coming to visit on Thursday!!

What did you have for breakfast this morning?
Two eggs, tomato juice, coffee.

When was the last time you…

– had a job interview?
– cleaned your house? Today
– ate chocolate? too long ago…

What is your favorite brand of …

– soda coke, the new one with splenda
– shoes softspots
– clothing LL Bean
– chocolate Any sort of dark chocolate.
– makeup Clinique

What do you like best about blogging? I feel less alone.

What are your plans for the weekend? Cleaning and getting ready for my friends visit.

Panty Princess

Last December, Greta had her first heat. It meant three weeks of keeping little panties on her, and keeping her safe from any neighborhood rogues. Since Greta likes her panties, (chastity belt!) it’s not really too tough to get through this time. We also live in a fairly good neighborhood, so most of the boys have had their little operations.
You count ahead six months and thats when the next heat will happen. Okay, I was ready in early June for this blessed event. I had purchased the pads, and prepared. Nothing! End of June. Nothing. Beginning of July, I started talking to her, asking her where she’d been sneaking off to, who she’d been with, why she wasn’t getting her period! Was she on the pill?
Tonight I saw a small spot. I checked and finally, finally after 7 1/2 months she is in heat again!
Now we have three weeks of pads and panties! Oh woop-di-doo!
Oct 1a 004.jpg

The Little Dackel Princess

Today Greta and I went for our usual walk. I say usual, because I am truly trying to make walking a daily routine.
In any case, Greta loves this. She prances around sniffing here and there, and should we happen upon a “person” she goes into her sweet, cute and charming mode. Today was a perfect example.
Mar 30 003.jpg
We always stop at the Masonic Temple steps to have water on our way to the Post Office. I have a great flexi dish for Greta and I just wing it sipping on a plastic bottle! While we sat lapping up our water, a woman came by and went crazy over Greta.
“Oh, she is so cute! What kind of dog is she? Isn’t she the sweetest?”
And of course Greta lies on the ground rolls over and offers up her tummy for a pat or two!

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My New Iron

I hate to iron. Doesn’t just about any sane person on the face of the earth? Remember, I said sane! However, in life there are those things that need to be pressed because no matter how quickly you get to the dryer, they are a wrinkled mess anyway. Hubby has several of those shirts, (I plan to burn them!) but I also have a few. (bon fire?) Anyhow, my old iron died. I mean it just spit out every last drop of water on the shirt I was ironing and wouldn’t heat up again. So off to Walmart I went.
Now I didn’t want to spend a fortune. I mean why do that when you aren’t going to use it a lot?
So I looked, read labels, checked prices, and picked out one because I liked the color. Okay, I know that doesn’t make sense, but it’s blue a pretty sky blue and that’s my favorite color, so I brought it home.
I love this iron! It’s a Sunbeam and it heat’s up well and has a surge of steam that takes out a crease easily and my ironing time has gone down.
I just finished 6 shirts in record time and what did I do? I looked to see if there was anything else to iron!
Pathetic really.

Harry Potter

Okay, I got my copy of the new Harry Potter book yesterday! I was so happy, like a little kid! Hubby tried not to be seen with me as I walked proudly from the store waving my copy of the book over my head!
I started to read it last night, and demanded silence in the family room. Hubby thinks I have lost my mind. He just doesn’t know…
I read two chapters and then…my vision doubled and my eye began to ache! Stupid eye! I got so mad at myself I wanted to punch myself in my eye! Instead, I put my medication in the eye, patched it and went to sleep.
Now I have to do a few things like make breakfast, shower, and go for my walk and at least start the laundry before I can hunker down and read some more.

Shubi Worries *** Updated

I just brought Shubi home after her ultra sound and test. Seems she has a bit of Pancreatitis, as well as the infection. She is now on antibiotics again, and a drug that is a pancreatic enzyme. Was she happy to see me when I arrived! But I don’t think she was half as happy as I was to see her!!!
I’m hoping this will do the trick, but I worry so much because it seems all of these problems are a side effect of the chemo and it seems she has to deal with one thing after another.


I cannot seem to keep this little doggie on her feet. One day I think her tummy is doing better, the next she is right back to square one.
Shubi woke me up again in the night with her tummy problems. And again this morning, she was still sick. So, I brought some “samples” to the Vet and sure enough, she still has an infection. But more problematic, is that she is not digesting her food. In just over three weeks this little dog has lost just over a pound. That’s a lot when you only weigh like 21 pounds anyway, (she is now down to 20 pounds).
They’re ultra sounding her pancreas and stomach. She could be having an acute case of pancreatitis, or have a blockage of some sort, but whatever, her body is not digesting the food and we need to find out why not.
So I am waiting for the phone to ring. That’s the hardest time, isn’t it? The not knowing and the waiting for news time.