The Friday Five ~ December 15th


The week went by, and I did accomplish a lot, but there were a few setbacks.

    1. I try to get things done each day. Unfortunately, I am not nearly as energetic as I had hoped.
    2. Once again, the laundry situation got out of hand. This drives me insane. So I filled the large basket and started down to the laundry room.
    3. On the fourth step from the bottom, I slipped, and down, I sent. The fall seemed to go in slow motion, and once I landed, I lay there like a turtle on their back, attempting to get up as well as evaluate my injuries.
    4. Fortunately, I was simply bruised. That being said I have decided to bring the washer and dryer upstairs. You know, the small stackables?
    5. .

And then…


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