Happy Birthday, Amanda!!!

Today is my daughter’s birthday. It’s a special day for her, but in the beginning, it was very special for her father and me.

1Me & Amanda

Amanda was the first child born to us. She was healthy and happy and gorgeous! We both immediately fell in love with our girl.

Amanda made me a mother, and as I cared for her, I realized that as each day went by, she was teaching me so much. It continues to this day.

She was a bright and alert baby who grew up quickly. Always sweet and loving, yet determined to set the world on fire.

img801 (2)

She accomplishes whatever she wants, but perhaps her greatest accomplishment is being a wonderful mother to her two kids and their two dogs and a cat!

311696094_10229624793425838_1793860466664539530_nSavannah & Amanda.
295085709_10228958938019869_9022500550669028540_n (1)Quinn and Amanda.

I am so proud of the woman she has become. She is a self-made woman who continues tackling challenges many would run from.

So, on this special birthday, I wish her good health, happiness, and the fulfillment of all her dreams.


I love you so much, Amanda!

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