Fritz’s Day

This morning I was watching the news and they spoke of a week where we will have snow every day. The alarmist weatherman said that ski country (where I live) has the possibility of getting 1-2 feet of snow! I am really not sure if this will actually happen, but I took stock of what needed to be done around here, just in case.

First, our trash, magazines and newspapers all needed to go to the recycling center. So, I dressed in my grubby, go to the dump clothes and started to pack the Jeep with the trash. I turned to pick up a bag and I looked back and Fritz was in the Jeep, sitting there waiting to go.

I suppose I could have dragged him out of the Jeep, but he looked so excited that I just finished loading the car and off we went, Fritz and me! I rolled the window down so he could feel the wind on his face, and I thought how good that must feel to him. When I was on the cruise, I stood on the deck of the ship and felt the wind on my face and it felt wonderful!

We recycled everything and Fritz even got a cookie from the recycling center helper. The woman there just loves Fritz! We went to the bank after that and Fritz got another 2 cookies there. He is really popular with the ladies!


We stopped at the grocery store so I could buy a few things to tide us over during the storm, and a man in the parking lot asked if that was a White German Shepherd? I said yes, and he got quite excited to see such a handsome boy.

At the Post Office, a man asked me about Fritz and I told him what sort of dog Fritz is. It was simply Fritz’s day to be noticed! This was so nice because the dackels get all the attention and Fritz is happy with that. He loves them too. But every once in a while, it’s nice when people make a fuss over him.

Today, I really enjoyed my big boy! What a Prince!

7 thoughts on “Fritz’s Day”

  1. How nice for the handsome Fritz! And nice for you to have that time with him and all his admirers! Happy snow day! Love YOU, Mel

  2. He is such a good boy! I’m so glad he got a day with you! He must have just loved that!

    Hope you have a great day today!


  3. Fritz is a beautiful dog ! I have never seen a white Shephard dog life. No wonder that everybody notices Fritz (and not you, nah ! ) I have the same when I walk Yanouk the Bernese mountain dog, people stop me all five min to admire him. Sometimes they even don’t realize that it is me and not Dominique his owner ! The funniest thing is that Yanouk only loves women to go for a walk and only I can walk him, when Mr. G. wants to do that, he just sits down and doesn’t move ! Try to pull 60 kg !

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