Today’s Medical Update!

Shubi hasn’t been feeling too well this week. I had her in to see the Veterinarian on Thursday and he took blood to see what was going on. Since Shubi’s big illness two years ago, she has had some minor problems caused by the chemotherapy and massive doses of Prednisone that she took to recover. However, at Shubi’s appointment on Thursday she had lost nearly a pound and I spoke of my concern that she just wasn’t eating.
Shubi’s back was bothering her some, and he gave me some muscle relaxants for that, and we left awaiting the blood test results.
Those came in yesterday, and they weren’t good. My little girl is having kidney failure. To what extent they are failing, I am not sure, but he wanted her to come in and spend the night hooked up to I.V.’s to help get her system back in balance.
Today, I hope she will come home and when I pick her up I need to have a long, serious talk with him about exactly where on the kidney failure chart our girl is.
Our friends in Australia called and gave us the name of a natural supplement that they use on their dachshund, who also has kidney problems. I will bring the information we found on the Internet with me and ask about that


Hubby got a call yesterday from his Orthopedic Surgeon’s Office. His surgery has been scheduled for March 8th. In the meantime he needs to have a physical and we need to prepare for this big event. We hope that the surgery will be straight forward. Go in, remove the cysts that are on the fibula and tibia, repair the artificial knee that is already in place and close. However, there could be complications. We are just hoping for the best.

I thought I would be happy with yesterday’s heavy rain. You don’t have to shovel rain, right? Wrong! What happened is that it soaked the snow that was left in the driveway, and made the most horrible slushy, slop! I knew the night would bring freezing temperatures and so it had to be moved. I worked like an animal out there, in the rain, and I got most of it moved or broken up. I felt quite proud. Despite my best efforts out there, we now have some black ice and some crunchy clumps.

Okay, I’m ready for winter to be over this year!


So that is the latest from the mountains of New Hampshire!!!

Must Love Snow

We had another snowfall on Sunday night. I would say we had about three inches of really heavy snow. Every tree was covered, and the world looked like it had been frosted by God himself!
Immediately the debate began in my mind. Do I drive to Waterville Valley on the slippery roads to ski or do I stay home in my nice warm house?
I drank some coffee and thought again. Do I drive to Waterville Valley on the slippery roads to ski, or do I stay home and shovel the snow all around the house?
Hmmmm. That’s a no-brainer!
In short order I packed a breakfast and put the Jeep in 4-wheel drive and pulled out of the driveway.
I was on my way.
The entire ride was spectacular. Mile upon mile of frosted trees and slushy roads, but I have a Jeep and I drove through it with an ease that truly surprised me.
After walking up from the parking lot to the lodge, I had a nice breakfast, put on my gear and made the first run of the day. I was amazed at the fantastic conditions. After the first four runs, I was sitting on the chair lift, and I decided I just had to call Hubby and tell him how great it was. Somehow I managed to get the phone wedged into my helmet and we chatted briefly. I did three more runs, before deciding to call it a day and head home.
I had my camera with me and decided to snap some snow shots.

Jan 30 001.jpg Jan 30 003.jpg Jan 30 004.jpg

When I was nearly home I remembered that our friends home always shows so nicely against the snow. So I pulled way over to the side of the road and stopped to take a picture. I hopped out of the car, took the picture and then drove off.
Jan 30 007.jpg

When I got home I started to gather everything up in the car. No cell phone! I dumped out my ski bag, my purse and checked all my pockets. No cell phone.
I yelled to Hubby and raced back to where I had taken the last picture. Hoping…
As I drove up I could see it lying on the ground. I ran over, picked it up and jumped back into the Jeep. The phone rang.
“Did you find your cell phone okay?” asked Hubby. Ha, ha! Hubby was calling to make sure the phone hadn’t fallen under the seat in the car.
I still cannot believe that I found it. That is hadn’t been run over. And that it wasn’t damaged at all!
All in all a very good day.

I”ve Got Nothing!

I’ve got nothing today. Nichts, Niets, Niente, Nada, Nothing!
Since Hubby’s knees gave out and he spends his days in a bathrobe in front of a computer screen drinking coffee, and I spend my days, doing all his work and mine, I am finding very little that is funny to write about.
Here is a sample of yesterday.
After making our breakfast and putting in time on the exercise bike (also known as the machine of torture), I showered, dressed and put all the trash, newspapers and bottles into the back of the Jeep and did a dump run. I will have you know that I was the only woman there. I’m not saying that women don’t do their own trash, but I think somehow, the men get stuck with this job. After sorting through all of our junk, clear glass here, brown glass there, green glass here, newspapers there, etc… I told Hubby that I plan a quick run to the Recycling Center once a week so it’s a more manageable job.
I picked up our mail at the Post Office, and arrived home just in time to let the dogs out and in, and then made lunch.
Meanwhile, I had laundry going, so immediately following lunch there was a basket of laundry to fold and put away before, Fritz was demanding that I open the door and let him out again. I must note here, Fritz is always on the wrong side of the door!
I attempted to straighten the family room. (I should just forget this and go with the fact that it’s going to be a little crazy in here while Hubby is laid up).
Then it was time to make dinner. I covered my Perdue Oven Stuffer Roaster with herbs and placed it in my rotisserie, while I snapped the beans. The dogs also needed to be fed.
Now isn’t this exciting?
I tortured Hubby with the scent of the chicken cooking for an hour and 20 minutes before I fixed our plates and served dinner.
After that I cleaned up the kitchen, let the dogs out and in again, climbed into my pajamas and then just vegetated in front of the TV.
So that’s my life.

Old Entries

I was killing time before I leave for the slopes, reading my old entries from June 2005. I’d checked to see who had come to Princess for a looksie and found someone had entered on the entry all about my eye surgery. So I clicked and started to read.
Isn’t it funny how you forget the little things that occur from day to day? I think that is one of the things I love about blogging. I can look back and know what I was doing or thinking on a certain day.
The surgery on my eye seems like so long ago now, and back then I wasn’t at all sure of it’s success, but here I am in January, knowing that it was successful! Yea for me!!!

Pass The Snow Shovel

Yes, it snowed yesterday. Not only did it snow, but it snowed a lot! I knew I was in trouble when I went out before noon to scrape a pathway for the dachshunds to use, and found we already had 4 inches of snow and it was still snowing really hard! I shoveled for about half an hour and came in to make lunch. Oh, I could feel my back muscles protesting their use.
After lunch, my neighbor arrived with his plow to do our driveway. He made a few passes, (our driveway is 500 feet long, all downhill!) and then came back with his snow blower to help me get things cleared up. While Hubby, on crutches, supervised. I worked for an hour and a half with our neighbor clearing the drive the rest of the way. He had the snow blower, I had a shovel. Guess which one of us is sore today?
Snow total was 6 inches.
Once I came in, I started feeling chilled so I filled the jacuzzi, dropped in a Lush butterball ballistic bath ball and just soaked and soaked. I’d still be in there, but I found I was getting pretty hungry after all that work. I debated my decision, but after half an hour I got out and made dinner. First for the dogs and then for us.
I felt pleasantly tired. I also felt like I had done enough exercise that by this morning I would have magically reached my goal weight! (yeah, right!) At least I feel quite virtuous for all the work I did and all that I got accomplished.
I’ve never really appreciated all that Hubby did, until yesterday!

Hubby Knee Update

We were scheduled to see the Orthopedic Surgeon today. Despite the fact that we were in the middle of a terrible snow storm, we were determined to make the appointment. So when the phone rang at a little after 10 this morning we were delighted to hear the doctor’s voice.
He didn’t want us driving over to see him in the storm. He had gotten the results of Hubby’s CAT Scan and found two cysts. One on the femur the other on the tibia. He is in the process of finding replacement parts for Hubby’s artificial knee. Once those have been procured they’ll schedule him for surgery. Meanwhile, he is not to be walking on the left leg. He is supposed to be using crutches to get around, but mostly, he should be quiet. Now if I can keep him quiet then that will really be something!
Of course we are having a snow storm! The weatherman said we would get only 2-4 inches from this storm. Guess what? We have 6 inches now and it is still snowing hard! Our neighbor came down and plowed us out and then helped me do a bunch of shoveling. Right now, my back is aching, but at least the driveway is clear and I have shoveled a path for the pooches!
I need a hot bath. I think I’ll get the nice bath ball my cousin left for me and jump in the jacuzzi.

Bad Wife!!!

I’ve been feeling so bad for Hubby since this whole knee thing started. Oh poor Hubby, he can’t ski for the rest of the year. Oh poor Hubby, he needs an operation. Oh poor Hubby, he is in constant pain…
But today I found I was feeling a lot sorrier for myself!
I’ve been having to run up and down the stairs to get the newspaper, to bring down the garbage, to clean out the Jeep, to go and get the dogs, bring wood in to burn in the fireplace and by golly, if we have snow today I’ll be the one stuck shoveling off the driveway! Not to mention the fact that for the next few months I’ll be doing the trash run to the recycling center.
I know, I know, you are all thinking that I am a terrible wife. Complaining about these “little” things when poor dear Hubby is in constant pain!
And perhaps I am, but….
In the last few days he has been bossing me around! (sob, sob!!) You know, “Honey do this, Honey do that”! I’m not in the military, (which is probably a good thing). I’ve learned that I don’t take orders well.
It’s not that I really mind doing all this stuff, (well maybe I do!) I just like the fact that we’ve always shared household duties since he retired.
Before he retired, I did it all. He just wasn’t home enough to get involved. I didn’t mind then, so what’s the big deal now?
I have decided it’s sheer laziness! Yes, that’s it. I’m getting lazy in my old age. So what will I do to get me through the coming months?
Hmmmm. I’ll have to think about that.
Maybe the promise of another cruise in the future?

Down For The Count

What gets you moving up and out of bed in less than three seconds?

I woke suddenly this morning to the sound of Shubi next to me starting to throw up! I threw back the bed covers and grabbed the dog and literally leapt out of bed and ran, holding my hand under her mouth, into the bathroom. I made it to the sink just in time for her to “get sick”.

Such as it was, my day started.

Yesterday, Hubby went outside with the dogs to toss the ball for them. A few minutes later, the door opened and he stumbled back in. His knee had completely given out on him. He was pragmatic and told me that at least if it had to totally go, it went on the day in-between doctor’s appointments. It’ is so hard for me to see him unable to put any weight on that left knee. The pain etched on his face, makes you twinge.
I got his cane and his crutches so he can get around the house until Monday. I suggested a nice tall brandy for the pain, and then I built a cozy fire in the hearth, and he settled in his recliner.
Greta immediately jumped up and was full of love and kisses for her Daddy. She is quite sensitive to people and their feelings.
We were supposed to go get wood at my cousin’s house on Sunday, but we had to cancel that. Needless to say, my Lumberjack is down for the count.
I sure hope he can get into surgery quickly.

Hubby’s Knees

I’m taking Hubby to the Orthopedic surgeon today to have his knees examined. We already know that his right knee is in serious need of a replacement, but the one he has already had done is more painful than the other! This is not good. I told him I was going with him to make sure he doesn’t try to act like a tough guy and down-play the pain. Probably the fact that he can’t walk very well will be a big tip-off to the doctor, but I want to make sure that Hubby is well taken care of!
Since our appointment is at a bad time as far as getting lunch, I have packed a picnic. A sandwich for Hubby, with chips and a pickle and a big chef salad for me. We’re leaving the fur babies home so we don’t have to fight them off while we eat!
I’ll post an update either tonight or tomorrow on what they find. I have to get my skiing partner back in shape!