The Friday Five November 10th

letitsnowWe had our first snowfall on Thursday. I wonder what it is that causes people to become idiots, forgetting everything they learned about driving in the snow. So it was today. So, here’s what’s happening at the end of this week.

  1. I’ve been so tired that I just haven’t been able to get out of my own way. I decided to plan a trip for myself, but the cruising prices with Princess Cruises were out of this world.
  2. So, I went to bed feeling lost and depressed.
  3. Wednesday found me making a few phone calls. I couldn’t believe that everyone was charging that much.
  4. Thursday, with the help of Terry, I found a 9-day cruise well within my price range. Also, I have not been to two of the islands.
  5. The reservations are made for the ship, my plane tickets are all set, too, and in January, I am off to recharge my batteries, hopefully.


Happy Heavenly Birthday, Katie!

This would have been Katie’s 45th Birthday. It seems so strange to me when I think about it because when I see her in my mind, she is forever six years old.


But I wanted to remember her on this special day. For her birth, was one of the happiest days of my life. I miss her so much, and I think I always will. I can still hear her voice, and see her bright shining smile.

So Happy Birthday, my little Angel. I miss you and love you, and think of you every moment of every day.

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Happy Birthday, Katie!

This would have been Katie’s 45th Birthday. It seems so strange to me when I think about it because when I see her in my mind, she is forever six years old.


But I wanted to remember her, on this special day. For her birth was one of the happiest days of my life. I miss her so much, and I think I always will. I can still hear her voice, and see her bright shining smile.

So Happy Birthday, my little Angel. I miss you, and love you, and think of you every moment of every day.

5. E four (21)

The Friday Five ~ November 3rd

The Friday FiveThis week was a truly busy one. My days started early, and some I had to jump out of bed for. But here we are at the end of the week, and the accomplished work was amazing.

  1. The trim all around the house was fixed or replaced and painted. They discovered I needed a new walk-in basement door, and the garage doors were resealed.
  2. I was cruising YouTube and found the Luke and Laura videos from way back when. I was truly a fan of General Hospital, and I am enjoying seeing them again after all these years. So many of the GH cast have passed away, but here they are again, and I thank them all for entertaining me.
  3. I went to the dentist today, and my bad tooth has worsened. And I will see the Prosthedontist tomorrow.
  4. My Savannah and my Quinn are in a play on Sunday. I am going down to watch them! I cannot begin to tell you how excited I am.
  5. Well, I am closing in on becoming an official card-carrying  Medicare member, a senior citizen. Well, it sure beats the alternative!


The Friday Five ~ October 27th

The Friday FiveThis was an excellent week. So much was happening here at my house, and even though my cold lingers, I can look around and smile! So, without further adieu, here’s this week’s Friday Five.

  1. The carpenters arrived first thing on Monday. Besides being such friendly people, they are helping me deal with the neglect this house has suffered from.
  2. I’m thinking about going on a cruise. I love the Southeastern Caribbean. I’m also thinking about next spring.
  3. Lili and Heidi are feeling comfortable having made new friends.
  4. The order forms are out from my favorite farm stand. Pies, squash, and quick breads. It should be fun!

2023-10-26_07-39-225. Before and after. We had some much-needed yard work done.

The Weekend Wrap

In the last few days, I’ve been bogged down. It’s mostly in my mind, as I want to ensure everything is settled if I drop dead tomorrow.

My biggest concern is Lili. She has taken Jack’s loss so hard. And she is not a dog who could go to just anyone. She is shy but loving and loyal to her people.

I spoke to Heidi’s breeder, who would take Heidi until one or two of my friends felt they could take her.

But I think to myself, I will be sixty-five in less than a month.

There are things I want to do and places I want to go. Let’s start making a “Bucket List”.

I have carpenters working on the house on the trim. It looks so good already.

If only I could find a church that wants my Hammond Church Organ. That would really make me smile. If anyone local to me wants it, let me know. It’s yours free of charge; just come and get it.

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The Friday Five ~ Happy Birthday, Heidi

Happy Birthday HeidiYou will not believe this, but Heidi will turn two years old on Saturday! The time has flown, and I can honestly say that Lili and I wouldn’t have made it without Heidi to brighten our world.

  1. So Happy Birthday to my sweet girl, Heidi, and Maisie, one of her litter mates,  and thank you to her Mommy, Luna, and Daddy Ralph!
  2. As I mentioned earlier, I finally got my health insurance fixed, and now I need to find a new Primary-care Nurse Practitioner, as my time getting my healthcare at the VA ends.
  3. I am also planning another clearing of the house. I ordered the dumpster, and now I am looking for several strong, youthful people to get the boxes out of the attic.
  4. This morning, I woke up with a sore throat. Oh, how I’m not too fond of that.  I’m drinking like crazy, and hopefully, it will be a 24-hour sore throat.
  5. Ah, two years old. I can still remember when my breeder sent me a picture of a pup that would be my Heidi.

Screenshot_20211210-180126_Vacation CountdownBaby Heidi.

The Weekend Wrap ~ October 17th

On Sunday night, I made up a list of the things I needed to accomplish on Monday. This list filled me with dread, but I knew I had to finish it. I am happy to report that I got most of this done, with just a few things left.

Back in August, I noticed that although Jack was no longer with us, we were getting charged for him. I called and thought I’d fixed the problem, but today, October 16th, I finally resolved the problem. I will not blame our insurance carrier. What I blame is the fact that Jack’s death occurred just a few months before my 65th birthday, thus throwing me into a totally different category for my insurance. I went from a family policy to a senior policy.

My second stop of the day was my plumber’s office to drop off a check. Call me if anyone in my area needs a good, hard-working plumber.

I have a few other things on my list but those were the top ones.  I hope this week will continue to be a good and productive one.


The Friday Five ~ October 13th

The Friday FiveLife is crazy right now, so I will jump in and write the five.

  1. The health insurance drama goes on. They took payments directly from my bank and applied them to the couple’s account. Without telling me, they set up a widows account. So the widow’s account is in the red while the couple’s account is in the green. I have been trying to resolve this since August, but nothing is happening. I will engage a lawyer if I cannot resolve this on Monday.
  2. I had a problem with the sewer system and had to call my plumber. He worked so hard, and looks like everything is okay now.
  3. Things are very quiet here. I invited another widow lady to breakfast. They both were close to Jack’s age, and her husband passed away before Jack. It was a nice breakfast.
  4. The air conditioners are out for the winter. Once the heat goes on, the air conditioners come out.
  5. I will admit that I am very lonely. My grief overwhelms me at times. Not wishing Jack was still here. He was so ill, so that had to be. But I’m alone, and although I am trying very hard to fill my days, there are days I am not too successful.

Ah well, another week gone by.


The Friday Five ~ October 6th

The Friday FiveTime is going by so quickly. Some days I look around and feel like it has been just the other day since Jack died. And then it feels like a long time since my life fell into a routine.

  1. Thursday morning I went to the local diner and had breakfast. As I sat watching other diners a couple came in. They sat down and ordered. Once their food arrived the wife kept eating off her husbands plate. He just smiled and you could tell that these fun meal times happened between the two of them often.
  2. My sister is home from her vacation to the UK. They started in London and then drove all around, including Scotland before taking a ferry to Belfast. They were gone for two weeks. So glad they are back, safe and sound.
  3. We have a local country fair this weekend. Saturday rain is forecast, Sunday not so good, but Monday!!! My cousin is come up with her husband. I love these types of homemade village fairs. Best Jams and Jellies, Best Pies, and 4-H. So much fun!
  4. Tomorrow I have a goal. To get all the paperwork on my kitchen table sorted and filed.
  5. Lili seems a tad calmer on the Prozac for pups. And Heidi is also doing better on her meds.