Behind those eyes

Sometimes when I look at Greta I wonder what she is thinking behind those eyes.
May 3 008.jpg
She will be sitting there quietly, and I’ll look over and see her watching me. And I can almost read her mind, but not quite.
This is a little girl who loves life and all it has to offer. She follows me around the house and even when I am in the shower, she waits by the shower door. She listens so intently to the children playing at the beach below us and her head and eyes tell me that she is taking in ever word, every sound that she hears.
She plays with wild abandon. Gently and easily with Shubi and fiercely and rather crazily with Fritz, who is quite intimidated by her. She runs the length of the back yard to catch a ball, and then sits holding it waiting…
June 1 009.jpg
I’m in awe of this little girl, for she is such a surprise to me. I had expected that I would never be as crazy for another dog as I am for Shubi, and yet, I am totally lost in love with this little being.

No Cavities!!!

Look, no cavities! I liked the new dentist. He is young, about 38 or 39, tall and sort of cute. He is also very kind. I told him about my dental phobia, and he listened, (and didn’t call for a straight jacket) and told me that he would be very careful and never do anything to hurt me. Somehow I did feel reassured. He had also kept all of my old dentist’s office staff and dental hygienists. I liked that. And they seem to like him. I hope this works out. Breaking in dentists is a hard thing to do.


I had one of those nights last night where I dreamt a lot. The dreams were long and vivid. In my dreams were people I haven’t seen much lately. I had a wonderful visit with my friend and her husband, and ate a wonderful meal, (full of carbs, and with no guilt!) and the other was with someone long gone from this world. That dream was more poignant. But wonderful, in that when I dream of Her, I can almost feel her touch or smell the sweetness of her hair.
I used to be afraid of my dreams. I used to have so many bad ones. Lately it seems they have been pleasant and soothing.
What do you dream about, and do you remember your dreams?

Monday Thoughts

Okay. I was ready for summer. I got up feeling prepared for another hot day. But all that was left from the weekends weather was some humidity, that rapidly turned into heavy rain by dinner.
Greta had all her shots today and she came with me while I did my errands. She loves doing this because it means she gets to go visiting. Greta went to the Post Office to see her pals there, to the Dry Cleaners, to the Flower Shop and then of course to the Vets.
Meanwhile, at home, Shubi was quite miserable without her little friend. Hubby said she sat by the door waiting for Greta to return and cried. When we got back she was so happy to see Greta she jumped all over her. Quite happily!
Tomorrow is Dentist Day for me. I have real dental phobia. I had found a great dentist up here and I really liked him, but he has retired and sold his practice to some new guy. Now I have to go through a whole breaking in period with a new guy. Very stressful. Growing up, I had a terrible dentist who would tell my mother he used novocain, and charge her for it, but never did. I only remember terrible pain and actually biting this guy. Very stressful indeed!

The End of a Beautiful Weekend

Can you believe it? We had sunshine, HOT temperatures and no rain all weekend! I think I am in PARADISE!!!!
Today was spent shopping for food amongst the tourists in the rather crowded grocery store, and selecting and planting a new lilac bush for our yard. We are supposed to be in an area that does well with plants, I think it is zone 4-5. But we get the Montreal Express bearing down on us, and have such horrible cold and wind in the winter that many of our bushes and shrubs have croaked. Slowly we are replacing them with things we know can handle the cold. Lilacs!!!
Now we’re waiting for the big kettle to bring the salty water to a boil and then we will toss a couple of Lobstah’s into the pot. A couple of ears of butter and sugar corn and a piece of Strawberry Rhubarb Pie for dessert is the perfect way to end a weekend!

Vegetable and Beef Chili

1 tbs. oil
1 cup chopped onion
2 large cloves garlic minced
1 lb. hamburger
1 large can whole tomatoes broken up with the juice
2 tbs tomato paste
2 tbs. chili powder
3/4 tsp. salt
1/2 – 1 cup each chopped : carrots, celery, green pepper
1 large can kidney beans, (drained and rinsed well)

In sauce pan heat oil, sauté garlic, onions and beef. Cook until beef is brown. Drain fat. Place in slow cooker, or large soup pot. Add remaining ingredients, except kidney beans. Simmer slowly several hours. 20 minutes before serving, add kidney beans. Serve with some grated cheddar cheese on top.

*Note: I like to use the Penzy Spices Medium to Hot Chili Powder. It’s delicious!

Saturday Thoughts

I want to tell you about something that happened this week. It will once again be proof that insanity does run in the family. Or at least, that I am insane. (or perhaps have a healthy imagination)

I was cleaning in the kitchen and I looked out the back glass doors. There is a stone wall along the edge of our property. I saw something odd sitting on the stone wall. I squinted, trying to make out the shape. It looked like a mountain lion or some sort of wild cat!

Me: “What is that?”

Hubby: Not really looking. “Nothing”

Me: “It looks like a wild cat! Maybe a Fischer!”

Hubby: “I told you it’s nothing.”

Me: (getting the binocculars and trying to see with them) “Darn. I can’t use these stupid things because of my eye! You look!”

Hubby: “I told you, it’s nothing.”

Me: (totally annoyed and worried this mountain cat will eat Greta and Shubi, maybe kill Fritz too) “Well, I’m going to go out and see, cause I don’t want it to kill the dogs! If you hear me scream call 911”

Hubby: “I told you, it’s nothing.”

So I walk slowly out the door and start to walk up the hill in our yard toward the unknown creature. My heart is pounding in my chest. I know I will die. This thing will surely kill me! I still can’t see worth a darn, but I feel for the safety of the doggies I need to rule out a dog eating cat. I walk and walk until…
I can see it is a stupid tree stump that our neighbor has laid on the stone wall!
Slowly, I walk back down the hill and come into the house.

Hubby: “Well?

Me: “It was nothing.”

I was at least grateful that he didn’t say anything flip, like, “I told you so.” Somehow he knew it was better just to keep his mouth closed this time. But, even now, when I look out the door and my eyes wander up the hill to the stone wall, I can see the “Dog Eating Cat” waiting!
Yes, a mind is a terrible thing to lose.

Sunshine, Movies and Magic

I can’t tell you how wonderful it is to have had two days, back to back with bright sunshine and hot temperatures! Yahoo! Does this mean that summer is finally here? Of course, with the advent of the beautiful weather, comes the arrival of “The Summer Tourists”! They’re Baaack!
Hubby and I decided to go and see Cinderella Man today. Wow! What strong performances by Russell Crowe, Renee Zellweger and Paul Giamatti. The story was a good one, and the direction excellent! I’m not a boxing fan at all, but even I was into the fighting scenes. So much so, that I found myself holding my breath in spots.
After the movie, I went to get my head dipped in the fountain of youth. Mother Nature has not been very kind to me. Instead of waiting until I was truly old enough for gray hair, she laughed and hit me with her wand and it happened rather prematurely. Therefore, I am justified going to my “youth counselor” for a dose of her magic elixor! Now it is done and I look my, ahem, age!
So sunshine, movies and magic! What more could a girl want in a day?

Meg’s Friday 8

Friday Questions…

1. Have you ever purchased anything from a telemarketer? From an infomercial? From a spam email? From a pop-up ad?

Never have, never would

2. When something is funny, do you usually laugh raucously, hiss, snort, chuckle quietly to yourself, or smile and nudge the person next to you?

Sort of a combination of all of the above. It sort of depends on the comical event.

3. If you had to go into a witness protection plan and start from scratch, what would you look like, do for a living, and where would you live? [Thanks Michelle]

I’d go to the midwest, have long flowing blond hair and wear only overall jeans, and I’d farm

4. How comfortable are you with human contact? Hugs, kisses, PDA?

I love that stuff and I sort of crave it. Tells you why I have three dogs. They are great little huggers

5. What is one of your favorite souvenirs brought back from your travels? Where do you keep it?
Baby Shubi

Shubi. I had gone to Germany on vacation and sort of found her there. She was so wonderful and I fell in love with her and brought her home.

6. What social issue fires you up?

The entire Terri Schiavo case fired me up. It doesn’t really matter what side you are on. I think it evoked strong feelings in a lot of people.

7. What are the top three qualities that first draw you to someone new?

sincerity, kindness and a sense of humor

8. What experience has taught you most about life? [Thanks Krista]

Surviving “the great tragedy”. Which I will explain at a later date.