On Friday the cable modem for our computer died. Of course they can’t come to fix it until tomorrow, so we are sort of limping along with a modem that is only working at 25 %. Remember what it was like to have a slow dial up modem?
On Saturday the heat stuck on and the house got up to 80 degrees! We finally got the valve to close, and by evening the temperature had come down.
Then on Sunday, with a huge number of dishes to do, my dishwasher died. Yep, 9:45 last night while watching Desperate Housewives, I became one! I realized the machine had not cleaned a dish. So out came the dish pan, and drainer and I spent the next 45 minutes washing dishes!
This morning we were up early and ready to roll. We arrived a little early only to find that Dr. C. was running late. But since no one really knew what he wanted to do with me, they brought me in and then went to speak to him. He came in and looked into my eye and said, “Uh-oh” Karma. “We can’t do the needle aspiration. The debris in your eye has shifted to the back, and we can only do the aspiraton if it is in the front. We’ll have to do the Vitrectomy, (major surgery, stitches, etc.) to clear out the eye.”
Okay, so today they did all the pre-operative testing, and I’ll know soon exactly when I will have the surgery. But I keep thinking that it was better not to have the aspiration today if the karma wasn’t right.


Tomorrow morning I am having the 5th eye operation on my left eye. It started out two days after Christmas 2003 with a detached retina. And since I have had the other operations in an attempt to get back all my vision. Every time I say, “I hope this is the last time”. And I really do.
My appointment is at 9:30 and I should be home in the early afternoon. I won’t know for several days if the surgery was a success or not. But I’ve got everything crossed that I can.

Modem Woes

Yesterday things began to slow way down here on the old computer network. At first I thought it was just that my computer needed to be rebooted. So, I did that. But the problem persisted. So I called our ISP and asked if there was a problem with the cable-modem service. Nope. But she sent a signal to my modem and found a 75% loss! Okay, when are they going to bring the new modem over? TUESDAY! So for now I am limping along barely able to connect, send or receive e-mail. At least it is a weekend and I tend to be a little less computer involved on weekends. Still, these kinds of interuptions make me slightly crazed!

Oh, No!

I decided that after being away and cheating like crazy on my diet/maintentance program I needed to weigh in. I gained three friggin’ pounds! Shoot. Well, I did enjoy what I ate and trust me I ate a lot. Even the dreaded Carbs! I didn’t waste my calories on things like potatoes or bread, no not me! I went for the good stuff. Blueberry muffins and flaming rum pound cake! In fact, truth be told, I had two pieces of the rum cake!
Well, it’s back on the diet portion of this program to get off those unwanted pounds quickly. I went out to the grocery store and bought all sorts of great salad stuff and lotsa cheese and lean beef. Bye, bye muffins and cake!
It’s strange though. Some people can eat this stuff and not gain an ounce. Other’s, like me eat it over a four day period and gain three friggin’ pounds!
Not fair!!!!

Megan’s Friday Six

1. What do you listen to in your car?

CD’s I put together or news on the radio.

2. What smell makes you feel safe and cared for?

Baking bread or baking coffee cake. Things with warm carb filled aroma’s. (I can dream right?)

3. Have you ever been in trouble with the law?

Are you kidding? I am so terrified of authority figures.

4. What task do you put off most often?

Filing. I haven’t filed anything since last December. I’ve got to do it. But I HATE to file.

5. Where would you go if you wanted to spark your creativity?

The paint store. I love to paint. Crazy huh? But I do. There is something very calming about it.

6. What are landmarks in your life: certain buildings, stores, things that you see everyday?

The Post Office. (I have a P.O. Box) The lake, the fire department.

Home Again

I was up early, as usual and quickly made the coffee and breakfast for the guys. Then I jumped in the shower, packed the car and was on the road by 8:45. One thing I have learned on the drive home is, that unless you are a Moose or a Bear, there aren’t many restrooms between here and there! At one point I thought I would die and then I imagined what the headlines would read: New Hampshire Woman Dies in a Puddle!!! Not the way I want to go out!
Amazingly, the doglets were pretty good in the car. The two girls curled up on the front seat and slept and Fritz wasn’t his usual hyper self, giving me hope that he will settle down as he ages.
We saw a Moose on the trip down, quietly drinking water from a stream. We saw one last night too, walking along the road. When they talk about Moose being a problem on the roads in the North Country they aren’t kidding!
Anyway, We got home three hours later, unpacked the car and picked up the mail. I think I need a nap!
So, despite the rain, sleet, and hail storms of the last 4 days, despite feeling cold and damp and slightly bored during that time, I survived, but I am home and happy to be here!
Sept 10 008.jpg


The day began like all the others. Up at 6, in the cold, (about 36 degrees) and rain. I walked the dogs and came in and made the coffee. While waiting for the coffee to brew, (the camper’s coffee maker is the slowest machine on the face of the earth!) I took a couple of Tylenol for my headache and sat huddled in my coat.
Finally the coffee was ready and I sipped it slowly and felt the heat spreading through my body! Thank the good Lord for coffee!
Okay, here is the total for yesterday’s fish catch. 1. The guys spent all day out attempting to catch this multitude of fish and they bring home their only bite. An 8 inch rainbow trout. Pretty fish. But you would need about a dozen of his brothers to make a meal!
Hubby showed his prize to old girl Shubi who was jumping with delight. That dog loves fish! She followed him around while he cleaned the fish and kept trying to bite at the fish when Hubby showed it to her up close.
I performed my Domestic Duties again last night, throwing together steaks, potatoes, snapped green beans and homemade cheesecake with strawberries. There wasn’t a crumb left.
I have one day left to cook, clean and smile. Then I can go home with the dogs and get back to normal life.
It hasn’t been quite as bad as I thought it would be. That was it hadn’t been, until I discovered that I have poison ivy! Now, I have to tell you. I am so careful about this stuff because I am so allergic to it. Spring, Summer and Fall. But apparently one of the dogs, or Hubby brought it in and rubbed it on my arms. Just what I don’t need. Arms covered with tiny rashy bumps that itch like crazy!

End of day 1, fish are winning!

In the mid afternoon yesterday, I was told that all I needed to do was prepare vegetables and potatoes. The “men” would bring home fish for dinner. Now I know enough about fishing to know that this is not an exact science. I took out some hamburger and cut up a few things and made a gravy based dish called “Scrambled Meat”. I figured that if they actually caught some fish the scrambled meat could be used for another meal, and if they didn’t catch anything, it woud be a nice hot meal after sitting in the rain trying to catch something. (other than a cold!) They loved the scrambled meat. Yes, after sitting in the rain trying to catch something, anything, they admitted defeat and came home empty handed.
So Day One = No Fish
They are getting ready for Day Two. Naturally I was up early and made a nice breakfast for them. They’ll pack a lunch and be gone all day. So, I should have the entire day all to myself. I actually have plenty to do. I want to reorganize the closets, and do some washing down of surfaces. I brought some CD’s to listen to while I work.
Tonight a friend who lives locally is coming for dinner. I have made a cheesecake for the dessert and we’ll have steaks. If the guys actually catch something we will eat that tomorrow.
So far, no rain today. It is, however, very cloudy and we may have some showers later on. Although I am hoping that this won’t be the case. I’d like to see the sun actually show itself today.

The Great North Woods in the Rain!!!

Well, here I am in “The Great North Woods of New Hampshire” Spring has not sprung yet here,
and the trees are still bare. And my worst fears have been realized. It is still raining! I told
Hubby that this would be the case, but like all men determined to go on their fishing trips, he
didn’t believe me. So what are they doing? (remember Hubby brough his college Roomie) They
are sitting in the camper, drinking coffee watching the TV. Seems we could be doing this at
home where it is warm and dry and I don’t have to take the dogs out on a leash to walk so I
have the joys of scooping their poop! They assure me they are going to fish later and bring
back untold fish for my eating pleasure! Ha!
I was the dutiful wife ths morning. I was up early, as usual with the pups, and made strong hot
coffee. (The temp here was all of 34 degrees F) Then I cooked up sausages and scrambled
eggs and warmed some blueberry muffins. Oh, I amaze myself at times at how truly domestic I
can be in a camper!
After all this domesticity served up with a smile, I expected them to go away and leave me to
get showered and dressed in peace. It’s nearly lunch time and they are still here! I’m not
making any more coffee in hopes that they will just leave in search of more.
I brought the beautiful roses that my daughter, AM gave me on Saturday with us, by cutting the
top of a 2 liter soda container and turning that into a camper vase. I feel like the Martha
Stewart of the camping world as I sit here with my beautiful roses in a container that can’t
break and after the removal of the label is entirely attractive. The roses are so lovely and
really brighten things up for me.
I’m sending out prayers to the SunGod for some sunshine. With sun comes a little peace and
quiet, as the mighty fishermen will go out and wait for a bite. Meanwhile I can sit in the
camper, watch some TV while eating bonbons and put up my feet!

Going North

I’m planning and packing as we get ready to go to the Great North Woods of New Hampshire. Why you ask, would we be going to Northern New Hampshire when it is supposed to rain and possibly snow (gasp) this week? To fish of course! Now I am not a big fisherman, in fact I could hold a fishing rod, but I wouldn’t know how to do anything else.
Anyway, I digress. We are going because Hubby and his college Roomie want to fish. Rain or no rain, snow or no snow, they will fish. And I will be the dutiful wife, back at the camp with the three fur children awaiting their return with hot coffee and gourmet meals cooked over an open flame!
There are phone lines there, so I will be reporting on our trip during the week. I have packed my boots, mittens, rain coat, snow parka and the dogs sweaters. All that’s left now is my heavy comforter and my book.
So while I am freezing my tookus off, think of me and smile. The things we do for love!