And The Scale Says…

The first few days were tough on this diet, but today, one week from the start, I weighed in.
I’m a little surprised, but of course this is just the boost I need mentally to keep me going. The funny thing is, I have eaten three good meals a day. I’ve had snacks in between meals and I really haven’t felt hungry (aside from that first day, when we went out to eat with friends and I didn’t get enough to eat and felt starved).
So I am feeling good, and though I know I won’t lose this amount of weight each week, I do know that I’m headed in the right direction.
I’m thinking bikini by July?
(Do you hear hysterical laughter here?)

Eating Lettuce

There I was. Day one on my diet and what do I have to do? Go out to dinner, at my all time favorite restaurant, Canoe!!! How would I get through the evening without spoiling my first day back on my diet? Certainly there were things I could order that would keep me legal, but oh, their lobster salad roll with sweet potato fries are to die for! How could I pass that by?
We arrived at the restaurant and sat down with our friends. The waiter recited the list of specials (all sounding wonderful and very fattening!), and I started silently talking to myself.
You can’t have that! There’s like a gazillion calories in that!”
Not that entree, it’s got more carbs in it than ten loaves of bread!”
I might as well do myself in now, because if I eat that, there’s another ten pounds, easy!”
Finally Hubby said he’d like to share the muscles appetizer with someone and I volunteered. Muscles sautéed in garlic, onions and wine! That’s on my diet.
Then I needed to order one more thing to have for my dinner. What to get, what to get? I stammered, I stuttered and then I did the RIGHT thing. I ordered the iceberg lettuce wedge with blue cheese, tomatoes and bacon bits. It was delicious and kept me on my diet.
I left the restaurant feeling happy, but hungry. I still feel hungry. Shoot I just hate that!
You all may be wondering what Hubby had for his dinner besides the muscles? Veal Parmesan and Ziti! A huge plate of Veal Parmesan and Ziti! Big, fattening, delicious Veal Parmesan with Ziti!!!
Needless to say, he is not hungry at all.

Weighing In

Did you all hear the pitiful cries this morning about 7 AM?
Yes, it was me, as I took off my pajamas, my socks and my earrings and stepped on the bathroom scale.


I can’t tell you what I saw there, gentle reader, it would be too shocking for even you. Let’s just say I am still reeling from the shock.
I prepared my diet breakfast and sat down and ate it all up in 3.4 seconds. Now I am drinking coffee and once I’m done with that, I will drink a tall glass of (gasp!), water.
For those of you who know me well, you already know this. For new readers, here is the lowdown on my feelings about water.
Water should be used for cooking, washing, swimming in and relaxing viewing. It should not be consumed in vast amounts! Yuck! However, they tell me that it is good for you (could this be?), so I am going to try to get it down.
I just heard some skinny model type talking about having to lose weight! Now where is the sanity?


It’s been a good day so far. Hmmmm. When I got up today I thought, “What can I eat today, that I won’t be eating for a long while”?
For breakfast I had a large glass of orange juice, and home made blueberry pancakes with New Hampshire Maple syrup! Oh my God! Talk about heaven on a fork!
I washed that all down with a nice steaming hot cup of coffee and then started planning lunch.
Lunch consisted of a ton of hot pastrami, sauer kraut, and swiss cheese on rye bread, with thousand island dressing and spicy mustard, toasted on the stove with butter spread on the bread. We also had home made french fries and a ton of liquid, as the fries and the pastrami were both very salty, but totally worth it!
I have a Yankee Pot Roast cooking in the oven with carrots, celery and potatoes and I’ll be making a nice gravy to go with that. I plan dark chocolate sundaes for dessert.
And that folks, is how I am spending my last day pigging out!


The Devil vs The Diet Angel

When I woke up this morning I knew that today was the day I needed to re-start my healthy eating. While Hubby was ill, and then first at home, I just blew my diet big time. You see, I am a stress eater. Give me that comfort food when I’m feeling down! Of course comfort food for me are all those wonderful carby things like mashed potatoes, cinnamon toast and yes, I admit, chips and sandwiches! It’s time to get back to salad, seafood and lots of fresh vegetables!
I stood in front of my refrigerator and looked inside.
Okay, I thought, what should I eat? I knew darn well what I should eat, but I had that old “Devil Maribeth” sitting on my shoulder saying, “go for the cereal, go for the toast!”.
I literally stood there for several moments arguing with that devil before my “Diet Angel” arrived and guided me to 2 boiled eggs.
The Angel explained that it was time to get myself back on South Beach, to get back into an exercise routine and to concentrate on being calm and good to myself.
I tried to argue that the toast, cereal and sandwiches make me feel good, but she then pointed out sweetly (that’s how Angels are), that I didn’t feel so good when my jeans felt tight.
Don’t you just hate those “know it all” Angels?
So here I go. I’m going to make my diet gelatin, and plan out some meals that are on my South Beach radar. However, I think I like Devil Maribeth, much better than my Diet Angel. The Devil is definitely more fun to eat with!