The Weekend Wrap ~ July 19th

The weekend wrap 2As you all know from yesterday’s post, I spent a large portion of my weekend cooking. Jack was happy with the meals and I now have 8 meals for him in the freezer! My only problem today was the smell (strong) of garlic in the house. So I changed all my Scentsy wax holders and now everything smells like cookies. Much better!

Aside from cooking, I spent time watching movies again. It helps me to keep my personal Zen Place going.

On Sunday I watched two movies that truly prove that I am a hopeless romantic at heart!

First I watched “Lost In Translation“. I love this movie, as it is a story about two lost souls who find each other in Japan. Neither one is really looking for it, and yet there they are.


The ending always gets me. Does she meet up with him again in the States? I’d like to believe that they do. Anyway, Scarlett Johansson and Bill Murray do a fabulous job and the director,  Sofia Coppola‎, did a splendid job bringing this story to life.

The next movie is a classic. One almost everyone has seen. “An Affair to Remember “ with Cary Grant and Deborah Kerr.


The acting, the story, and the music are all so beautiful. And yes, I cried like a baby at the end!

Arnie started to fuss over the weekend. So I am thinking that I need to call our Veterinarian Monday morning and bring him in. I say drats! He has been doing so well! I will keep you all posted!

So that’s it! The Weekend Wrap for July 19th, 2021!

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The Weekend Wrap ~ July 12th

The weekend wrap 2What a lovely weekend I had. I watched my favorite sport, Tennis, and got to see the Wimbledon Finals. Ashleigh Barty from Australia and Novak Djokovic, from Serbia, won the Women’s and Men’s Titles respectively, and for Ash Barty, it was wonderful seeing this young woman’s dreams come true. I admit I cried just a little with happiness for her.

Next on my list of things that made me happy, is the fact that when my new Router arrived, I was able to install it and set up my home network! No small feat, I will tell you.

I keep telling people that I know just enough about computers to be dangerous, but I keep living by what my friend and computer guru has always told me. “Sit down, think, and try.” The worst that can happen is that I need to call him for a service call.

Let me back up a little with the Router. My old one was dying and kept disconnecting from our modem. I read all that I could find about Routers, and then I went in search of what I needed and could afford on Amazon.

I found a Router that would be compatible with my older devices, as well as one with the new Wifi 6. (My new Cell Phone has this capability and I imagine as time goes on and I replace more electronics, I will need this.)

Anyway, on Saturday afternoon, I sat down with written instructions and began setting up my new Router.

Since I am still learning, it took me two hours to get it all up and running and in the end, I was so happy, but quite clearly, I needed some lunch!

Mission Accomplished!

On Sunday I prepared my Herb Crusted Prime Rib Roast. That also came out well, and I served it with a side of roasted potatoes and peas. All I can say is, I sure wish I didn’t cook so well!

Sheets were changed, the laundry got done and the dogs were fed, cuddled, and cared for.

One thing to note here, since our neighbor’s fireworks on July 3rd, Lili has really had trouble with her startle reflex. We have looked into our local laws and ordinances and our neighbor was clearly in the wrong. Although there is not much I can do at this point, I plan to make a written complaint to file with both the Fire Cheif and the Police Cheif, as well as the Town. Our small neighborhood simply is not the place to fire off those types of fireworks.

In any case, this weekend was a good one and I am so thankful for that! Have a great week everyone and if you are living in the Northeast, try to stay dry!

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The Weekend Wrap ~ July 5th

weekend wrap 1

The weekend sped by, and actually, due to the holiday being celebrated on Monday, it’s actually still going on.

Over the last few days, I have felt sick. Sore throat, low-grade fever, but I just thought if I rested, I would be fine.

Well, that sure wasn’t the case. Two of my friends are nurses and upon going over my symptoms they bugged me and told me to go to the walk-in clinic. I hemmed and hawed, but eventually got myself into the car and drove to get medical attention.

Wouldn’t you know? I have Strep Throat! I was given a prescription and off I went to fight the traffic, pick up my prescription and get home.

My throat is sore and swollen making swallowing tough. But I am hoping my body responds to the antibiotics and I feel better quickly.

Meanwhile, I have canceled my plans to go to Miami for my friend’s funeral. It just breaks my heart, but I simply am not well enough to do it. When I figured out the trip to Boston, times at the airport, flying down, then flying back and driving home from Boston, I would be awake nearly 24 hours. At sixty-two, with Strep Throat, I simply cannot do it.

It’s 9:15 PM on Sunday night. People are shooting off fireworks over the Lake. Lili can hear them, but the noise is muffled and she is not bouncing off of the walls, although she is pacing. The Town has its display tonight. They are about three miles from my home so the blasts will also be muffled.

I have decided to speak with my Veterinarian about this, so we can get tranquilizers for Lili. It breaks my heart to see her like this.

So, tomorrow (Monday) my plan is to literally hydrate, and take things easy. I hope by Tuesday I will be feeling much better.

Have a great week ahead!

Maribeth Dackel

The Weekend Wrap ~ June 14th

weekend wrap 1The weekend started in a rather dramatic fashion. And I am sure my neighbors all wondered who was getting killed in my yard. I admit to being very loud, but when you read why, I think you will understand.

There are a few things I worked diligently to teach my pups when they came to me. The first is to “Come” when I call them. The other is to “Leave it”. Both commands could save them in serious situations.

Greta and Anneliese were not particularly good at those commands, but for some reason, Arnie and Lili were star pupils!

On Friday night I was walking Lili and Arnie just before bed. Lili immediately raced up the hill and Arnie followed. I ran as quickly as I could and I could see against the stone wall was a SKUNK waddling away.



Then I yelled: COME, COME, COME!

Well, I am happy to report that Lili and Arnie stopped, turned around, and came to me! No Skunk spray was emitted! It was amazing. I dodged a bullet! Nothing is sadder than a beautiful White German Shepherd who turns pink after being soaked with tomato juice!


The rest of my weekend was mostly quiet. It’s what I wanted. I read, watched a few movies, and just enjoyed the beautiful weather.

Maribeth Dackel

The Weekend Wrap ~ June 7th

weekend wrap 1

It’s pretty strange, but right now, the last six months I feel like time is rushing by me! The days slip by, and look, here we are and it is June! How the heck did that happen?

On Saturday I drove down to Mandy & Matt’s house to spend time with them and my grandchildren. It was another scorcher of a day and as soon as Savannah opened her birthday presents, we all slipped into our suits and jumped in the pool.

Since my Dermatologist lectured me the last time about sun exposure, I wore my swimsuit, a rash guard, and a silly all-covering sunhat!

Screenshot_20210605-123648_SnapchatYes, I look ridiculous!

I have to tell you all, swimming with Mandy, Matt, and the kids was just what I needed!


It was a lot of fun watching my two little fish! Both love to swim and play and swim some more. I was in for a while, but once I was out, I sat drying, watching them all play around. It made me smile.


I just love being with the kids. They make me laugh and smile and seeing their happy and healthy faces, well, what can I say? It makes the care that we all practiced the last year or so during the Pandemic, was worth it.


The 140-mile round trip was definitely worth it! I wish I could have stayed longer. But, not right now. Too much happening here.

Arnie is doing really well. I cannot believe how this mixture of cranberries and herbs has changed Arnie’s health. He is like a whole new dog.

Jack is going in tomorrow (Monday) for the injection into his hand. He has Dupuytren’s Contracture, and he is having an injection that will help it and in the end, give him better use of his hand.

He also needs to have his blood work done, so I’m driving him all around.

I hope wherever you are you can stay cool. Most of the US is in a heatwave. In the upper 90s, with high humidity. Ugh! But it could be worse. It could be snow and below zero temperatures, so I will take the heat!

Maribeth Dackel

The Weekend Wrap ~ June 1st

The weekend wrap 2It was a busy weekend here in New Hampshire due to the Memorial Day Holiday. Our hotels were filled, the campsites too, and traffic was a nightmare! I went out on Sunday to get a few things and then retreated to the house to keep away from all the Tourists.

It was odd though, that so many people came up to the Lakes Region. You see, it was not the best weather here at all. It rained and was cold to the point where I actually turned on our heat last night.

I felt bad for the people who run the annual Memorial Day Craft Fair in our town. I’m sure many of the Crafters canceled. Really, it was that bad!

I am feeling better and Arnie also seems to be doing well. We started him on Cranberry Extract with pumpkin seed extract and a few other things and after almost 2 weeks he seems more comfortable. At least I pray this is true.

I am still working on learning about my new phone. I try to learn a few things each day. It’s amazing how many things change on phones in just a few years!

A lot of things going on this week for me. So there won’t be too much of a chance to lie about and be lazy. Sometimes that is very good.

Have a great week, Everyone.

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The Weekend Wrap ~ May 17th

The weekend wrap 2My weekend was a tough one. I was feeling rather emotional, and in the end, I was tired and actually needed to take a nap on Sunday. Here’s what was happening.

Arnie is still unwell. I will be calling his Vet tomorrow to see what we can do. Part of me is really panic-stricken because I’m afraid Arnie is nearing the end of his life. My boy. My last link to Greta and the Dackel Princess Puppies. My heart is breaking.

Taxes. I bugged Jack until the middle of last week and finally, he started the taxes. He needed me to do some typing for him. We finished them on Saturday, printed them on Sunday, and I will mail them, registered mail tomorrow. May I just say that Tax Season is very stressful for me each year because Jack always wants the one thing I have not saved! This year, I did have it all, but the struggle was real.

Our Apple Trees are blooming beautifully. I managed to snap a few pictures! They really are beautiful!


I was not in the mood to blow out my hair today, so I embraced my curls. They’re still there and actually made my hair prep easier.


The week is a busy one, and should Arnie need Vet care, I will be driving out to our Vet’s. Whatever he needs.

Have a great week ahead!

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The Weekend Wrap ~ May 10th

The weekend wrap 2Despite the fact that it was Mother’s Day on Sunday, I decided that this weekend was not going to be wasted. I had far too much to do, so I got up on Saturday and started laundry. I’d gotten waylayed during the week and so I had an awful lot to do to catch up.

I ran up and downstairs, hung some clothes out, and folded and actually put the clean clothes away.


I cooked some nice meals, and I ate my share of melon and strawberries. Plain, but quite delicious!


Flowers and an assortment of teas from India arrived from my daughter. What a splendid surprise! While smelling the beautiful flowers I spent time tasting different teas. So far, they are all wonderful, but the Darjeeling is my favorite!

My Baltimore Orioles are back and so beautiful as they gather at the feeders.


My Brown Thrasher and my Norther Flicker made an appearance.

P5060016 copySo the weekend really was a nice one. Quiet but nice.

Maribeth Dackel

The Weekend Wrap ~ May 3rd

The weekend wrap 2My weekend saw both very busy and then very quiet times. I spent time, just sitting watching the birds come to eat. I made meals, cleaned out the fridge, and took Arnie out for walks. We had rain, and wind, and then sunny skies! And the Forsythia bloomed.

April 24 10 044

Meanwhile, back to my cleaning, after really working hard and nonstop on the entire plugs issue, I found myself a wee bit sore and so took most of the day on Sunday off.

My plan for Monday is to change sheets and vacuum the bedroom. And should I be lucky enough to have a little ambition left, I will be washing bathmats, and mopping floors.

I sure wish that this shoulder thing would go away and I could do a full day’s work without feeling achy.

Today would have been my brother’s 70th Birthday. He passed away when he was just 26 years old from Cancer. We all still think of him often and miss him.

img374Dickie was a super talented musician, with a beautiful voice!

We love you and will always keep you close in our hearts.Maribeth Dackel

The Weekend Wrap ~ April 19th

The weekend wrap 2The weekend was fairly quiet for me. I’d planned this because on Saturday I got my second Moderna Covid Vaccine. The last time I got it, I actually felt like I had the flu and ended up in bed.

I am pleased to say, aside from a headache, a few muscle aches, and a sore arm, I am just fine! No fever, no congestion, and I actually have an appetite.

Saturday was also the funeral for Prince Philip. I’d wanted to see this as it happened, but my appointment for the shot would not have gotten me home in time.

Because I will not be thwarted, from getting my vaccine and seeing the funeral, I set my alarm, got up early, and drove to get my shot one and a half hours early! Best of all, when I arrived at the facility to get my shot, no one said a word and everyone was very nice.

After my watched time ended, I hopped in my car and headed home. My girlfriend in Delaware talked me through the first part, as the troops lined up and the casket was moved onto the somewhat unusual hearse.


When I got home, I raced up the stairs in time to watch the funeral procession to the church. Jack had it on the TV, live via BBC News, and I sat down and watched and listened to the beautiful music.

The readings were some I have done in the past and the songs were so familiar, I felt I was back at my mother’s funeral, and the tears fell.

After the service, which ended with the Bagpipes being played, I watched the Royal Family walking up the hill to Windsor Castle. And I think I smiled just a little when I saw Prince William and Prince Harry speaking to each other. No matter how different they may see the world, I hope they can at least keep in touch with each other.

Princess Diana sacrificed a lot for her two sons. It would not please her to see, all that she had sacrificed for torn asunder by opportunists.

On Sunday I was just feeling tired, so I just went about making our meals (read: very easy eats!) and watching a few of my favorite shows on Discovery+.

I love the New Hampshire editions of “Northwoods Law“. The Fish & Game Wardens all work in parts of New Hampshire that I know and love. I must say, I live in one of the most beautiful states in America.

I also love “No Reservations” and “What Not To Wear“. I also watch “The Great British Baking Show” on PBS.

Now as my Sunday is winding down, I’m thinking a nap may be in order. I hope all of you had a great weekend!

Maribeth Dackel