End of May and My Shubi

Okay. Now that May is ending, do you think we will start to see some warmth and sunshine? I was up really early this morning with Shubi. She had a little tummy ache. I had hoped that this would mean I would see a little glimpse of the sun, but no. It was cloudy, foggy, cold and wet. Now that pretty much sums up all of May, doesn’t it?
I had to go out and shop for the stuff I forgot last Saturday at the grocery store, as well as get Shubi’s medication from the Vet. I’m a little concerned about Shubi right now. She’s just not her usual self. I’m kind of hoping that with a different diet and the medication she will bounce back. I always get stressed when Shubi isn’t 100%. She is my special girl and I really worry.
This is a picture that was taken in Bavaria about 6 years ago. We’d gone over to visit our friends who own Shubi’s brother, Toni, and we went for this long walk through the Black Forest. Shubi right by my side. It’s hard to believe Shubi will be 10 in December. She is the most loving, loyal and sweet dog I have ever had.

Busy, busy, busy!

Yesterday it was all about cleaning, laundry and getting out the shorts, tank tops and bathing suits for summer. That seemed to consume most of my day, as well as setting up the new freezer, moving all the meat, chicken and fish into it and then cleaning the fidge freezer and setting it up with the day to day stuff. I feel like a Domestic Diva!
I got up feeling tired from everything I’d accomplished yesterday and so I’d decided to take it easy today. Ha. I can’t seem to sit still.
After breakfast, I got a pot roast in a slow oven where it is cooking for our dinner tonight. It’s a big piece of meat, so I will use the left overs to make a beef stew to freeze.
While I was out there, I thought, why not just make the Chicken Divan now and get it frozen? So I started cutting up vegetables for that and soon it was simmering on the stove. By noon it was cooked, and in plastic containers and ready to go into the freezer.
Now I’m sitting with a cup of coffee telling myself that it is time to put up my feet and relax for a while. I wonder how long that will last. I seem to be in high gear these days.

Small Simple Cheesecake

1 prepared graham cracker crust (I like the chocolate one)
2 1/2 pkg. fat free cream cheese
1/4 cup sugar
little less then 1/8 cup splenda
1/2 cup low fat sour cream
1/2 tbs. vanilla
2 eggs
PREHEAT oven to 325°F.
BEAT cream cheese, sugar, sugar substitute and vanilla in large bowl with electric mixer on medium speed until well blended. Add sour cream; mix well. Add eggs, 1 at a time, mixing on low speed after each addition just until blended. Pour into prepared pan. BAKE 50 to 55 minutes or until center is almost set.
Refrigerate 4 hours or overnight. Top with berries just before serving. Store leftover cheesecake in refrigerator.

How Little It Takes

Okay, I’m easy. Some people want trips to the South of France, or the beaches of San Tropez. Others dream of leading the life of a jet setter. So what turns me on? What makes my day?
A new chest freezer!
Our old one died about two years ago. We didn’t get another one because well, we sort of “made do” with the small freezer in the regular fridge. But, buy a few chicken’s on sale or cook a few meals ahead of time, and suddenly you can’t find anything, as the freezer is chockablock full!
Fast forward to yesterday. We drove around checking out different sales going on in the area, and found a wonderful freezer, 7.0 cu. We got it up and running last night and I’ll spend this morning arranging meats, chicken and fish in the new, highly coveted appliance!
No, it doesn’t take much to make this girl happy!

Sunshine in Paradise

I woke this morning, got up with the three dogs and headed for the great out of doors. As I neared the back door my eyes narrowed and the sudden intense light from beyond, stopped me in my tracks. “Sunglasses” I moaned. I reached for them by the back door, and put them over my eyes.
I walked around stunned by the newness of the morning. When was the last time I woke to sun this bright, this intense? I simply couldn’t recall. The dogs were racing around the yard, quite happily. They had gone to bed in dreary New England and woken up in Paradise!

We Are Up And Running!!!

Hubby finally went crazy after dinnertime. We had been home all day waiting for a serviceman to arrive, (it’s 7:35 pm and still no one has shown up) and by 7 Hubby couldn’t stand it. He called tech support and started yelling. Oh no, clear the decks! However, he got a great young guy who worked with us over and over and over until he unearthed the problem. Guess what it was? The last serviceman had entered in the wrong serial numbers for our modem into the system. So, when our town went back online last night, we didn’t get hooked back in. Once “mike” entered the correct numbers and rehit the modem and we rebooted the machine everything worked like it was supposed to and we are up and running! Now pardon me for saying this. But what do they teach these service people? Aren’t they supposed to know to always enter the correct serial numbers?
I thanked “mike” by telling him I loved him and wanted to have his children! To which he laughed and said he would drive all three over when he got off work! haha!!
Ah, the joy of being online again. I think I might just weep with joy!

Meg’s back with the Friday Seven!

I’m glad you’re feeling better, Meg!!!!

1. What do you need when you are sick?
Quiet, My pillow and blanket and herbal tea with honey

2. Do you believe in Karma?
What have I been saying? Yes! Sometimes it’s good sometimes it’s bad.

3. Have you ever taken a “mental-health day”?
Hahahahahaha You are talking to the Queen of mental health days!

4. What’s your desktop wallpaper right now?
The apple blossoms I posted a few days ago.

5. What is the first thing you are going to do when we finally get a sunny Saturday
Take the pups for a walk at the park.

6. What is one thing that makes you smile no matter how bad you feel?
Shubi, Fritz and Greta.

7. What are your Mem. Day plans?
Cook freeze and organize things for my post op time. Maybe cruise the WWW if they ever fix my cable hook-up!

You Won’t Believe This!

I awoke with hopes that my Internet service would have magically been restored in the night. Slowly, with caution and hope, I opened my browser and I get this page:
“Welcome to “SuchandSuch Cablevision” Congratulations on getting your new cable modem hook up! Please complete the form below and then you can begin to surf the WWW!!! If you are already a SuchandSuch customer, please call technical support to report this error.”
It took me 1/2 an hour to reach tech support. She goes through several steps that had previously been attempted and then exclaims,
“I can’t talk to your modem! It’s not responding!”
What have I been saying for the last week?

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Rainy days and Thursdays

It was one of those days when people were in and out of my house attempting to fix things. First up, the cable modem guys, who arrived, tried to fix my slowed cable modem connection, and wound up knocking me off line! (I am using a dial up server I keep on retainer for when we are traveling) Now they tell me that all of my home town is affected, and they are not sure when it will be back up and running. I’m trying not to take this personally, as I know that there are others in my town who are without www contact! What did we do before we had the Internet?
In the last week I have written 4 snail mail letters, and actually called a few people on the phone. But I am unable to check prices for a new freezer I’d like to get, and this means that I will have to, (gasp) leave the house and go shopping in person!
The dishwasher man came and got the dishwasher all fixed, ran it through a cycle and found the main gasket was leaking badly and he will need to order that and of course, that won’t be in until next week. So, I once again washed the dishes by hand. (I am so spoiled!)
Now that I have a definite date for my surgery, (June 16th) I am starting to cook and freeze meals. I have also started a major cleaning of the house as I will be down and out for a while. At least as far as the heavy cleaning goes. Would like to get out to the camper as well and get it cleaned. If only the weather were a little better.
And speaking of the weather…when oh when, is the sun going to shine, the temperatures warm and my blossoms bloom?