End of day 1, fish are winning!

In the mid afternoon yesterday, I was told that all I needed to do was prepare vegetables and potatoes. The “men” would bring home fish for dinner. Now I know enough about fishing to know that this is not an exact science. I took out some hamburger and cut up a few things and made a gravy based dish called “Scrambled Meat”. I figured that if they actually caught some fish the scrambled meat could be used for another meal, and if they didn’t catch anything, it woud be a nice hot meal after sitting in the rain trying to catch something. (other than a cold!) They loved the scrambled meat. Yes, after sitting in the rain trying to catch something, anything, they admitted defeat and came home empty handed.
So Day One = No Fish
They are getting ready for Day Two. Naturally I was up early and made a nice breakfast for them. They’ll pack a lunch and be gone all day. So, I should have the entire day all to myself. I actually have plenty to do. I want to reorganize the closets, and do some washing down of surfaces. I brought some CD’s to listen to while I work.
Tonight a friend who lives locally is coming for dinner. I have made a cheesecake for the dessert and we’ll have steaks. If the guys actually catch something we will eat that tomorrow.
So far, no rain today. It is, however, very cloudy and we may have some showers later on. Although I am hoping that this won’t be the case. I’d like to see the sun actually show itself today.

The Great North Woods in the Rain!!!

Well, here I am in “The Great North Woods of New Hampshire” Spring has not sprung yet here,
and the trees are still bare. And my worst fears have been realized. It is still raining! I told
Hubby that this would be the case, but like all men determined to go on their fishing trips, he
didn’t believe me. So what are they doing? (remember Hubby brough his college Roomie) They
are sitting in the camper, drinking coffee watching the TV. Seems we could be doing this at
home where it is warm and dry and I don’t have to take the dogs out on a leash to walk so I
have the joys of scooping their poop! They assure me they are going to fish later and bring
back untold fish for my eating pleasure! Ha!
I was the dutiful wife ths morning. I was up early, as usual with the pups, and made strong hot
coffee. (The temp here was all of 34 degrees F) Then I cooked up sausages and scrambled
eggs and warmed some blueberry muffins. Oh, I amaze myself at times at how truly domestic I
can be in a camper!
After all this domesticity served up with a smile, I expected them to go away and leave me to
get showered and dressed in peace. It’s nearly lunch time and they are still here! I’m not
making any more coffee in hopes that they will just leave in search of more.
I brought the beautiful roses that my daughter, AM gave me on Saturday with us, by cutting the
top of a 2 liter soda container and turning that into a camper vase. I feel like the Martha
Stewart of the camping world as I sit here with my beautiful roses in a container that can’t
break and after the removal of the label is entirely attractive. The roses are so lovely and
really brighten things up for me.
I’m sending out prayers to the SunGod for some sunshine. With sun comes a little peace and
quiet, as the mighty fishermen will go out and wait for a bite. Meanwhile I can sit in the
camper, watch some TV while eating bonbons and put up my feet!

Going North

I’m planning and packing as we get ready to go to the Great North Woods of New Hampshire. Why you ask, would we be going to Northern New Hampshire when it is supposed to rain and possibly snow (gasp) this week? To fish of course! Now I am not a big fisherman, in fact I could hold a fishing rod, but I wouldn’t know how to do anything else.
Anyway, I digress. We are going because Hubby and his college Roomie want to fish. Rain or no rain, snow or no snow, they will fish. And I will be the dutiful wife, back at the camp with the three fur children awaiting their return with hot coffee and gourmet meals cooked over an open flame!
There are phone lines there, so I will be reporting on our trip during the week. I have packed my boots, mittens, rain coat, snow parka and the dogs sweaters. All that’s left now is my heavy comforter and my book.
So while I am freezing my tookus off, think of me and smile. The things we do for love!

It was my Mother’s Day

Today was one of those really nice days. I drove down to Concord, NH where I met my daughter AM and spent the day. We both have the shopping gene and really enjoy doing this together. We both have this pocket book thing going on and we love a good deal. So we wandered the entire mall, shopping here and there, and actually came away with several really good thrifty purchases.
AM took me for lunch, and a yummy dessert of a waffle cone with oreo cookie ice cream! Oh man, after nearly a year of being really good on my diet, this tasted so good and extremely sinful!
And she even brought me roses! Beautiful white and yellow roses! I felt so special. Thank you sweetie!!!
The day ended far too soon. I could have talked longer and listened more, but we both had places to be and things to do. So off we went. But this was one of the nicest Mother’s Day’s I can recall in a very long time.

The Friday 7

Megan’s Questions for Friday:

1. Do you think you’re lucky? Nope.

2. Did you think you would turn out that way you have? You’ve got to be kidding!

3. Would you rather wake up early or sleep in late? I keep dreaming of the day the dogs let me sleep later then 6:15! So, late.

4. What was a kindness shown to your recently? A little someone set up my Blog for me! Thanks Megan!!! And then Janet helped me understand how to work it! Thanks cousin!!!

5. What was a kindness that you’ve shown to others recently? I stopped to talk to an older neighbor of mine. He’s in his 80’s a widower and just a real sweetie. I know he gets a little lonely so I stopped to give him a hug and shoot the breeze.

6. With whom would you trade places? My dogs! They’ve got a great life! hihi!!!

7. What is a secret you keep from almost everyone? I’m not telling!

There is nothing like it!

Ever notice how good that first cup of coffee tastes in the morning? My three fur children wake me at an unholy hour almost each day. (today it was 5:15 am) I am not one of those people who can just fall back to sleep easily. So, I got up, walked the girls, and came in. I ground the coffee, (Eight O’Clock Columbian) and got it going. The smell brought me back into the kitchen a few minutes later where I poured my first and best cup of the day! Mmmmmmmmm! There is nothing as good as that first cup!

Amazing Shubi

A year and a half ago my old girl Shubi got very ill. In a week she went from being a normal 7 year old dachshund, to a very ill pupper. It was terrible. We were on vacation in Florida when this happened. We brought her to a specialist in Orlando, who gave us the news that she had GME and the chances were good that she would never recover. GME is not curable. It is a progressive auto immune disease of the Central Nervous System that usually claims the lives of it’s victims in less than one year. We hurried back to New Hampshire and saw another specialist. She suggested an experimental treatment. Chemotherapy. So we gave it a go.
Meanwhile, I started my search for a new wirehaired dachshund. A woman I had written to in Germany suggested I contact a breeder she knew there. Fortunately Hubby is fluent in German and we called and arranged to get a female pup from his dogs.
So, last May we flew over and picked up our Greta and brought her back. She is a feisty little girl and she immediately took over our house and our hearts.
Then something amazing started to happen. Shubi started to get well! Her last chemo treatment was in November, and since then we have reduced her Prednisone and she is well. She runs around like a puppy and plays with the other two dogs.
Shubi is now 9 1/2 years old. I can see her making her 10th birthday and I am happy!
May 3ab.jpg

Opening Day Of Dackel Princess

As this is the opening day of The Dackel Princess, I would like to welcome everyone to my site! As I write, spring is upon us here in the mountains of New Hampshire. With temperatures on the high 70’s my apple trees are starting to blossom and the trees on the hill are starting to leaf out. It is so beautiful! All three dogs have been running around in the yard this morning. Currently the two dachsies are taking their second nap of the day, (more like one long, long nap) and Fritz is outside asleep on the patio. His favorite spot to be. Me? I’m sitting in front of my computer trying to figure out a new bit of software. So here’s to the first entry! With many more to come!!!

This is Shubi!

June 29 008