The Weekend Wrap ~ November 29th

My weekend was actually four days long. It started last Tuesday with me starting the prep work for Thanksgiving and ended with me cooking the last of the leftovers on Sunday.

I did all my prep work early so that on Thursday I just needed to cook things. But still, I must tell you, in the end, I was exhausted!

For whatever reason, our 11-pound turkey had very little meat on it. This surprised me as I had hoped to have turkey leftovers to keep me satisfied for a while. Instead, it was gone quickly, leaving me wanting more. Jack is thrilled as he is not a turkey lover.

I did make turkey soup, but even that has gone quickly giving us one more meal if we’re lucky.

So what does this mean? It means I must start cooking dinner again after getting off easily the last few nights.

I hear from the breeder how Heidi is doing. Apparently, she is a little spitfire! I’ve seen her in videos and pictures and she is just adorable. I’m counting the days!

My little Christmas Tree is up, and a few decorations. I have started to write Christmas Cards and will be mailing my Australia cards tomorrow. So my dear Aussie friends, let me know when you get yours.

Well, it’s back to normal life again. This is a quiet week. Starting in the middle of December my life will get busy.

Have a great week!


The Weekend Wrap ~ November 22nd

30380788381_d20cf8473a_kThe weekend seemed to fly by and on Sunday night I realized I needed another weekend day to accomplish everything I’d wanted to get done. I did, however, get a lot done and will finish up things on Monday and Tuesday.

My little Christmas tree is now up and I love the glow of lights from the kitchen where I have it set up. Since we have an open concept home, we can see the tree from both the family room and the kitchen. There is just something about Christmas lights that make me feel peaceful.

I will tell you that each day little Heidi is growing and becoming a propper puppy running around and getting into everything! When her name is called, she recognizes it and comes to the breeder.

Heidi November 14th. 2jpg

I can’t begin to tell you how excited I am that little Heidi will be coming home in just about 40 days! Then a new chapter of my life will begin.

All my reservations are made, and I can hardly wait for the adventure to begin!

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend and that you found a little happiness, laughter, and joy.


The Weekend Wrap September 13th

The weekend wrap 2Oh, what a great weekend I had. It started on Friday when I was able to get through to my credit card company and cancel an order that FedEx was supposed to deliver on Wednesday, but after a lot of detective work, I learned that it had been misdelivered! I tried to contact the Seller (Amazon) but wasn’t having much luck. Well, at least I had stopped payment.

On Saturday I was awake at 5 AM to get ready and then drive to Mandy’s house for a visit. There wasn’t too much traffic that early in the day, so I zipped right along.

I was able to go to Savannah’s Orange Belt Ceremony at the Karate Studio.


She loves Karate and quite honestly, I love the Instructor and the principals being taught.  I am so proud of Savi!

After that, we rushed her to her musical play review rehearsal. We dropped her off and then did a few errands before going back to the house. Mandy and I sat on her balcony patio and talked for over an hour. You know, I really admire my girl and I feel very lucky to be her Mom. I don’t just love her, I like her!

20210911_100117Me with my grand-puppy, Winter. (AKA Winty)

Mandy and I took the kids to one of our favorite restaurants, “Reds” and we all had exactly what we wanted, even though it wasn’t exactly on the menu. It’s a great place. And we had the nicest and best server.

After lunch, we hung out at Mandy’s until I needed to get on the road. You know, I think God was my co-pilot that day. Saturday was a bad day in New Hampshire with many automobile accidents and residential fires. just not a good day at all. But God kept me safe in my little bubble called a Toyota Highlander, and I made it home with no problem.

Both Saturday and Sunday I watched the Championships at the US Open Tennis. I simply adore the young British player, Emma Raducanu.


She is 18 and after playing qualifying matches she went all the way and won!

Sadly Novak Djokovic did not win his match in the end, losing to Danil Medvedev, and with it, his hopes of winning all the Grand Slams in a calendar year vanished. I do like Medvedev so I was very happy for him.


The thing that made me pleased is that we have a lot of young tennis talent.

Finally, Arnie seemed to have a better weekend. But each time he cries my heart sinks. I simply cannot imagine my life without him.

So that kind of wraps it all up. It was a good weekend. A happy weekend. A weekend filled with hugs from my grandchildren and cuddles with my doggies.


The Weekend Wrap ~ August 16th

The weekend wrap 2

This weekend I attempted to read my book. I finally accomplished this on Sunday afternoon. In fact, it was quite easy to do because there was absolutely nothing to watch on the TV.

In the morning, I did watch a movie I had not seen in years. Beverly Hills Cop! Now that sure was a fun movie.

Northwoods Law was on in the afternoon, but I had seen all the episodes, so it was just background white noise even though it was on.

I’ve been working through tracing our family’s roots. I recalled my Grandmother Stevens had a younger brother who served in the Canadian Armed Forces in WW I. Just for the heck of it I googled his name and the battle that took his life. I was shocked to find this:

Warren Withrow 1He was just 20 years old when he died. He is buried in France. So sad. His life had not even begun. I can see my Dad’s eyes in this young man. Oddly enough, my Grandmother never spoke of her family. I think my Dad may have mentioned it to me along the way.

You just never know what you will find when you Google someone!

Our weather finally has changed. We’re back to cooler temperatures and lower humidity. Thank goodness. I moved back here from Florida because I could not handle the intense heat and humidity. One thing that’s for sure is that when I eventually leave this house, my next home will have air conditioning.

For the most part, I can say that my desire for a quiet weekend finally happened.


The Weekend Wrap ~ August 9th

weekend wrap 1I’ve begun to think I should simply give up on having a quiet lazy weekend. No matter how I try, I seem to get caught up in things around the house, or out and about our little town, that is bursting at the seams with Tourists!

During my days, and the times spent alone in my car, I have thought about so many things. Mostly, happily, about my dogs!

I remember how naturally my first Dackel, Shubi walked with me. I did use a leash when walking her around our home in Florida, but when we took her back to Germany to visit her brother, Toni in the Munich area, I never used the leash. It seemed that Shubi was always happy to walk by my side.


She would lay by my feet in restaurants and in parks when in Germany. It was as if she already knew the rules for little dogs in Germany.

I thought about my Greta. Another German girl. She was fierce and brave and loved being out in our yard running around. I recall one Easter morning when Greta found a snake in the yard. Forget about Easter Eggs, Greta had an Easter snake!

We were also camping with Greta when a young girl came over and asked about her. What type of dog? Where is she from? I said, “Oh she is from Germany” and the child asked, “Does she speak English?” The same girl said, as she turned to leave us, that she liked Greta’s bangs!

Feb 7 020Greta and her bangs.

Greta was also the best little doggy-mama ever. In fact, I remember her nursing the pups at 12 weeks of age, as the new owners were about to carry them away.

Oct 26 075Mama Greta and her five babies!

This brought to mind darling Fritz. He was a 78 pound White German Shepherd who I think thought Shubi was his Mama. He was so respectful of her and then Greta, Arnie, and Anneliese.

In fact, one day when Greta was outside with her first litter (this included babies Arnie and Anneliese), a stray dog came into the yard and was heading for the puppies.

Oct 22c 023Fritz.

Before I could react, I felt a brush of white fur against my leg, as Fritz sped by and broadsided that stray dog! He then made sure the stray dog left our yard. Yes. Fritz just knew that he was born an ugly dackel!

Which got me thinking about a trip we took to New Mexico in our motorcoach. We had yet another White German Shepherd, named Max and Shubi with us. Both were excellent riders and we really enjoyed the trip. We looked up an old Pan Am friend of Jack’s and parked the motorcoach at his home.

We were delighted to discover that they had four Corgis! So cute. Well, they wanted to play, but the story went like this: They sniffed and looked over both dogs, decided that dackel Shubi was close enough to be a Corgi, so they allowed her to play.

MAXSHUShubi and Max.

But dear, sweet, beautiful Max was not allowed to play any Corgi games! To watch the Corgis plus One, brought a smile to my face.

Anneliese was my quiet girl. We had wonderful adventures going to Germany to meet her boyfriend, and my little love was such a gentle soul. She never demanded attention but was just happy to be around us all. She loved traveling and made many new friends at the airports we were in and also in Germany.

UsAnneliese and me in Germany.

And then there is Lili.The niece of our darling Fritz. She has that same sweetness in her personality, but this dog goes from zero to sixty in mere seconds. She also is able to jump higher than any dog I have ever had. My beautiful Lili Marlene! She also saved me when I was home alone and there was a daytime break-in at my home. I do not want to think what could have happened if she had not been here!

20210524_191751Lili Marlene.

Last but by no means least is my Arnie. My precious, darling. When Greta gave birth to her first litter, most people wanted females. In this litter, there was one male. Handsome Arnie. He allowed his sisters to do whatever they wanted and he hung back. The term, I’m a lover, not a fighter could be said about my boy!

Arnie was sold to a Professor at Cornel University. She wanted to show him and have a companion dog.

The day she was due to pick him up, I got a call. She had lost her job, her husband had run off with a student and her daughter had moved out of their home. I told her she needed this pup, but she said no.

Over the weekend we went back and forth about this wonderful pup. He was sweet and gentle and loving and everyone who met him fell in love with him instantly!

Janets pics 099Anneliese peaking around her brother, darling Arnie! My twins!

On Monday morning we looked at our little dog family, Fritz, Greta, Anneliese and decided that Arnie was home. How difficult could it be to take care of four dogs?

And you know, in the nearly 15 years of Arnie’s life, I have never regretted the day we decided to add this marvelous boy to our pack!


It amazes me when I recall each and every dog that I have had and the fun we shared. I have never looked at my doggies as anything but my fur children. Gently handled, greatly loved, and sorely missed when they leave me.

The memories of these splendid friends gave so much to me and to my life. Each, in their own way, saved me. Whether it was making me laugh when I was sad, or licking away my tears, or pressing their bodies close to mine when I felt down.

                      Max                  Anneliese              Fritz                       Greta

My dogs                         Arnie                               Shubi                                Lili

How lucky I have been!


The Weekend Wrap ~ August 2nd

  • weekend wrap 1It’s hard to believe, but here we are the first weekend in August! It was a quiet weekend, with me babying my wrist, seeing my grandchildren, and watching the Olympics. Or at least trying to.
  • Okay, we will start with the Olympics. Never before have I seen such poor television coverage of the Olympics. There was no comprehensive schedule printed, and then when I did see events that I wanted, Tennis, Gymnastics, etc, the actual performances were abbreviated, and I am sure somewhere they showed Alexander Zverevs Megal Ceremony, but by golly, I couldn’t find it.3142
  • I also was very upset over many events that occurred at the Olympics. Although I am sympathetic towards anyone who truly suffers from mental health problems, I feel that perhaps athletes should be honest with their coaches, and their doctors and be strong enough to walk away and give other people a chance at their dreams.
  • My wrist is doing better! Yay! I have kept it splinted 24 hours a day and I am happy to report that there is progress.
  • I got to see my grandchildren on Friday.20210730_114652

    I brought down some modeling clay and the kids had a great time making their beautiful projects, while they talked with me.20210730_110054

    Oh, how I miss those two when I am not around them!


    Me and my grandgirl, Savannah!

    20210730_114923Me and my crazy grandboy, Quinn!

  • We also went out for lunch and I had my first Lobster Roll of the summer! Oh boy! Was it good!
  • The drive home, on a Friday afternoon in the summer was crazy! The traffic was heavy and it took me over two hours!
  • I had my Glaucoma check-up with my doctor. The right eye that has had laser surgery is doing very well. The left eye is the bad eye and it is time to do laser surgery. Three weeks from now we will do it.
  • So, although it was busy, it was quiet-busy and I enjoyed that so much. Have a great week everyone!

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The Weekend Wrap ~ July 19th

The weekend wrap 2As you all know from yesterday’s post, I spent a large portion of my weekend cooking. Jack was happy with the meals and I now have 8 meals for him in the freezer! My only problem today was the smell (strong) of garlic in the house. So I changed all my Scentsy wax holders and now everything smells like cookies. Much better!

Aside from cooking, I spent time watching movies again. It helps me to keep my personal Zen Place going.

On Sunday I watched two movies that truly prove that I am a hopeless romantic at heart!

First I watched “Lost In Translation“. I love this movie, as it is a story about two lost souls who find each other in Japan. Neither one is really looking for it, and yet there they are.


The ending always gets me. Does she meet up with him again in the States? I’d like to believe that they do. Anyway, Scarlett Johansson and Bill Murray do a fabulous job and the director,  Sofia Coppola‎, did a splendid job bringing this story to life.

The next movie is a classic. One almost everyone has seen. “An Affair to Remember “ with Cary Grant and Deborah Kerr.


The acting, the story, and the music are all so beautiful. And yes, I cried like a baby at the end!

Arnie started to fuss over the weekend. So I am thinking that I need to call our Veterinarian Monday morning and bring him in. I say drats! He has been doing so well! I will keep you all posted!

So that’s it! The Weekend Wrap for July 19th, 2021!

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The Weekend Wrap ~ July 12th

The weekend wrap 2What a lovely weekend I had. I watched my favorite sport, Tennis, and got to see the Wimbledon Finals. Ashleigh Barty from Australia and Novak Djokovic, from Serbia, won the Women’s and Men’s Titles respectively, and for Ash Barty, it was wonderful seeing this young woman’s dreams come true. I admit I cried just a little with happiness for her.

Next on my list of things that made me happy, is the fact that when my new Router arrived, I was able to install it and set up my home network! No small feat, I will tell you.

I keep telling people that I know just enough about computers to be dangerous, but I keep living by what my friend and computer guru has always told me. “Sit down, think, and try.” The worst that can happen is that I need to call him for a service call.

Let me back up a little with the Router. My old one was dying and kept disconnecting from our modem. I read all that I could find about Routers, and then I went in search of what I needed and could afford on Amazon.

I found a Router that would be compatible with my older devices, as well as one with the new Wifi 6. (My new Cell Phone has this capability and I imagine as time goes on and I replace more electronics, I will need this.)

Anyway, on Saturday afternoon, I sat down with written instructions and began setting up my new Router.

Since I am still learning, it took me two hours to get it all up and running and in the end, I was so happy, but quite clearly, I needed some lunch!

Mission Accomplished!

On Sunday I prepared my Herb Crusted Prime Rib Roast. That also came out well, and I served it with a side of roasted potatoes and peas. All I can say is, I sure wish I didn’t cook so well!

Sheets were changed, the laundry got done and the dogs were fed, cuddled, and cared for.

One thing to note here, since our neighbor’s fireworks on July 3rd, Lili has really had trouble with her startle reflex. We have looked into our local laws and ordinances and our neighbor was clearly in the wrong. Although there is not much I can do at this point, I plan to make a written complaint to file with both the Fire Cheif and the Police Cheif, as well as the Town. Our small neighborhood simply is not the place to fire off those types of fireworks.

In any case, this weekend was a good one and I am so thankful for that! Have a great week everyone and if you are living in the Northeast, try to stay dry!

32216247197_26de197829_o copy

The Weekend Wrap ~ July 5th

weekend wrap 1

The weekend sped by, and actually, due to the holiday being celebrated on Monday, it’s actually still going on.

Over the last few days, I have felt sick. Sore throat, low-grade fever, but I just thought if I rested, I would be fine.

Well, that sure wasn’t the case. Two of my friends are nurses and upon going over my symptoms they bugged me and told me to go to the walk-in clinic. I hemmed and hawed, but eventually got myself into the car and drove to get medical attention.

Wouldn’t you know? I have Strep Throat! I was given a prescription and off I went to fight the traffic, pick up my prescription and get home.

My throat is sore and swollen making swallowing tough. But I am hoping my body responds to the antibiotics and I feel better quickly.

Meanwhile, I have canceled my plans to go to Miami for my friend’s funeral. It just breaks my heart, but I simply am not well enough to do it. When I figured out the trip to Boston, times at the airport, flying down, then flying back and driving home from Boston, I would be awake nearly 24 hours. At sixty-two, with Strep Throat, I simply cannot do it.

It’s 9:15 PM on Sunday night. People are shooting off fireworks over the Lake. Lili can hear them, but the noise is muffled and she is not bouncing off of the walls, although she is pacing. The Town has its display tonight. They are about three miles from my home so the blasts will also be muffled.

I have decided to speak with my Veterinarian about this, so we can get tranquilizers for Lili. It breaks my heart to see her like this.

So, tomorrow (Monday) my plan is to literally hydrate, and take things easy. I hope by Tuesday I will be feeling much better.

Have a great week ahead!

Maribeth Dackel

The Weekend Wrap ~ June 14th

weekend wrap 1The weekend started in a rather dramatic fashion. And I am sure my neighbors all wondered who was getting killed in my yard. I admit to being very loud, but when you read why, I think you will understand.

There are a few things I worked diligently to teach my pups when they came to me. The first is to “Come” when I call them. The other is to “Leave it”. Both commands could save them in serious situations.

Greta and Anneliese were not particularly good at those commands, but for some reason, Arnie and Lili were star pupils!

On Friday night I was walking Lili and Arnie just before bed. Lili immediately raced up the hill and Arnie followed. I ran as quickly as I could and I could see against the stone wall was a SKUNK waddling away.



Then I yelled: COME, COME, COME!

Well, I am happy to report that Lili and Arnie stopped, turned around, and came to me! No Skunk spray was emitted! It was amazing. I dodged a bullet! Nothing is sadder than a beautiful White German Shepherd who turns pink after being soaked with tomato juice!


The rest of my weekend was mostly quiet. It’s what I wanted. I read, watched a few movies, and just enjoyed the beautiful weather.

Maribeth Dackel