The Weekend Wrap

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This was a busy weekend for me. I went down to visit, play with, and enjoy my grandchildren and their parents. Before Mandy and Matt went out for dinner and a movie, I sat talking with them. I love that. It is always interesting to hear their views on things and they always leave me with things to consider.

They departed and I went up to the Lego room, where the three of us played Legos for well over an hour. Mandy also has Alexa and I admit it was very fun to ask “Alexa, play Magic by David Paton and Pilot”! And she replied “Playing Magic by David Paton and Pilot” and the song played. I asked Savannah if she had ever heard this song, and she said, she had on a commercial. Smart kid!


Dinner was fun, Mac & Cheese for Savi and Quinn wanted chicken noodle soup. Chicken noodle soup? I didn’t even know he knew what that was! But he did and he loves it!

I ate something new. Italian chicken meatballs. They were 3 points for 4 meatballs. So, I cooked 8 thinking 6 points wasn’t too bad for the protein portion of my dinner. Then, while eating with the kids, Quinn asked if he could have one of my meatballs. He loved it and had two!

I always love being with the kids because I learn more and more about them and I feel that special bonding.


This time was so wonderful. In the evening, Quinn covered my legs with a blanket and then climbed up and sat right in my lap, snuggling.

20200201_201010Quinn and me. Well, that’s my sweater behind his head!

I have never been one of those grandmothers that demand affection from their grandchildren. When they want it, I am here. Well, this time Quinn wanted me and I was there. On Sunday morning as I was getting ready to leave he told me how much fun it was to hang out with me! Friends, that was the frosting on my grandmother’s cake!

I stopped to get some groceries and arrived home to dogs who were happy to see me. In fact, Arnie hadn’t eaten much while I was gone. After a bit, they were all back to normal.

We got some interesting news from Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania.

Punxsutawney, Pa. – The results are in: On Groundhog Day 2020,  in Gobbler’s Knob, Punxsutawney Phil could not find his shadow. And as the legend goes, this means we’re in for an Early Spring.

$Courtesy MSN

The Pennsylvania Groundhog isn’t the only weather-predicting rodent in this quirky American tradition, but he is the most famous.

And according to the Punxsutawney Groundhog Club, his opinion is the only one that matters.

This is only the 20th time out of 124 in his recorded history (there are 10 years where no record remains) that Phil hasn’t been able to find his shadow.

Even so, Phil is usually wrong, and meteorologists aren’t too sure Phil’s suspicions are right either.

But it is fun to watch all the same. There is a funny movie with Bill Murray called “Groundhog Day” that will make you laugh.


So, that was my weekend. A good one all around.


The Weekend Wrap

P1160020 (3)

Our weekend was a fairly quiet one. On Saturday we watched another season of “Homeland” as we near the return and last season of this great show. I sure will miss Claire Danes, as Carrie Mathison. She really made me like this rather wild and crazy CIA Agent.

Also watching Homeland again, makes you realize how relevant the story still is today.

I was so shocked and saddened to hear about Kobe Bryant’s helicopter crash, which caused his and his thirteen-year-old daughter, Gianna’s death. Bless them both and may they rest in peace.

I’m not sure that there are words to convey how truly tragic this is. So very sad for everyone involved.

nba-anime-los-angeles-sports-wallpaper-previewHe was a nice guy and did many good things for charity, as well as have an amazing career. So very sad.

We had warmer temperatures over the weekend which was good as we finally got our driveway free of ice and snow.

And lastly, on Wednesday I will see the Glaucoma Specialist. I’m a little nervous about this, but it is what it is, and I need to do what she says to get the pressures down.

Have a wonderful week everyone!

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The Weekend Wrap

P1160020 (3)

The weekend was fairly quiet, with the exception of the snowstorm and the additional 6-8 inches of snow that fell Saturday and into Sunday. It was beautiful but required more plowing and snow-blowing.

I cooked a few nice meals for Jack and then for me. I am still cooking two separate meals most of the time. I don’t mind because it helps keep me on track without making Jack feel like he is on a diet.

Our birds came to feed and that was also great. I love seeing them enjoy the food I put out. I noticed that one feeder was full of snow and ice, so I brought it in, cleaned it up, and put it back out for their enjoyment!

I’ve also been noticing that I will be typing along and all of a sudden my cursor jumps to another sentence, this is throwing off all my work. It keeps happening and it’s driving me mad!

I decided to try shutting off the mouse and see if that works. Sadly it seems to. I say sadly because it is inconvenient to have to shut off and turn on the blasted mouse!

I’ve discovered turkey cutlets! It’s simply uncooked slices of turkey breast meat. They’re low in WW points and easy to cook. Yummy!


Well, that wraps it up for another weekend!

Have a great week everyone!

The Weekend Wrap

The weekend was a good one here in New Hampshire. We had temperatures in the mid 50’s which helped to melt a lot of the ice and snow. Oh, we still have snow on the grassy areas of the yard. However, the driveway and walkways are free and clear of ice and snow!

We watched another full season of Homeland as we prepare for February 9th debut of Season 8 of the series.


This is the last season for Homeland and I will miss it. That being said, I must tell you that as I have rewatched this show, I am finding all sorts of little things that I had simply missed the first time around.

I also did some crocheting, laundry, and the usual cooking. I discovered something new. Turkey Cutlets. They were in our meat case at the Supermarket and they were easy to prepare.  I love it when I find something new.

This is a big week ahead. I have two doctors appointments for me and one for Anneliese. Best of all, one of the appointments is for my eyes. It’s been a while since I had my eyes checked and quite honestly, although I like these frames, I have never felt that the prescription was correct. So, goodbye Lens Crafters and Hello Dr. M.

20191117_064744Me with my current flames.

At least with all the driving, I will be doing I don’t have to worry about snow.

32216247197_26de197829_o copy

The Weekend Wrap

Since Sunday was my birthday, most of the weekend was spent celebrating my special day. And it was a very Happy Birthday!

20191117_064647It started on Saturday going to see Savannah is a play. “Lion King Kids”. Savi played a Wildebeast! And she did a fabulous job!

Then on Saturday night my three cousins, Janet, Dave, and Larry came to Mandy and Matt’s house and we had a full celebration meal, which included Surf (Shrimp) and Turf (Expertly grilled Steak!)

We donned party hats and acted silly.



Janet, Me and Larry.

The somewhat dented Ice Cream Cake. The box containing the cake was dropped (accidentally). It did not lessen the deliciousness of the cake!

77098433_10157495486761183_825048193765998592_nThe dented cake! Beautiful nonetheless!

I got a few lovely gifts, including two wintery nightgowns. Lucky for me as we’ve been getting down into the lower teens at night.

On Sunday morning, (my actual birthday) Mandy made me some breakfast and then I headed home. It was another stellar day and the drive went by quickly.

Then Jack took me out for lunch at The Common Man Restaurant, where we feasted on Mussels and then had Reuben Sandwiches. The restaurant treated me to a chocolate chip cookie with vanilla ice cream and hot fudge sauce for my dessert!

20191117_145726All in all, this was one of the nicest birthdays ever!

However, all that said, after all this wild eating, I am feeling stuffed! I may not eat until well into tomorrow!

The Weekend Wrap

weekend wrap 1

Well as much as I wanted, Sunday was not a quiet day. It started nicely enough, as I listened to music and crocheted.

“An Affair To Remember” came on TCM, and I enjoyed watching that for the millionth time! I always sit here are ask myself if Deborah Kerr’s last name is pronounced Car or Ker? Jack says it is Car. Anyway, I cried like a baby at the end, as I always do.

Then Jack got sick and I was busy with all of that. I still do not know how I raised two children. I do not handle cleaning up after a sick person well. But such is life. I somehow managed.

I need to call the Vet at 8:30 as Anneliese is having a problem. I’m not sure what it is, but I fear it is more to do with her breast cancer problem spreading.

Happy Monday!

Weekend Wrap

I have been away at my daughter’s soon to be old house, helping her get ready to move into her new house. It’s amazing how much work there is to be done when you move 4 people and a dog and a cat a few miles down the road!

Fortunately, I pack things pretty well. I worked with Mandy in her kitchen and unfortunately, I packed up all the kid’s small plastic cereal bowls! Eeek! But I saved the day. I got the plastic cups I saved and put their cereal in there! Problem solved! After all, they officially move mid-week and the bowls will be unpacked!

We made several trips over to the new house and ate almost all meals out except the wonderful breakfast Mandy made with the few pots that we’d left out. Eggs, bacon, and pancakes! Yum!

I packed up early on Monday when Mandy went to work, the kids went to school and I hit the road stopping to grocery shop, and get gas. Since I had gotten some of BJ’s Warehouse super coupon items I knocked my gas bill down from $238.9 a gallon to $158.9 a gallon! Seeing that on my sales slip made me smile. Especially since I actually use the soap liquid, paper towels, plastic garbage bags and toilet paper that got me the reduction. Oh yes, and I used their store coupons which totaled about $20.00! Gosh, I love a good sale and a bargain!

Jack and the pooches were happy to see me. The feeling was entirely mutual!

I was home for a short time when an old friend knocked on our door. The son of a Pan Am pilot, who was very much like a father to Jack and me. We sat around telling stories about his Dad and visiting. It was a nice afternoon.

So, it was a very full weekend, spent with my loves and I enjoyed every moment.

The Weekend Wrap

weekend wrap 1

Our weekend was a pretty quiet one. I was feeling so much better from the cold I had, while Jack was in the early stages of coming down with a cold.

I did laundry and cleaned and cooked a wonderful Sauerbraten. I cleaned my closet, went to the Recycling Center and prepared several bags of shoes, coats, blankets, shirts, and towels to bring to the Charity Shop.

Jack slept. He got out of bed, came out to his chair and slept some more. In between, he coughed and sneezed and then slept some more.

Due to his sleeping, I was the master of the remote control! I actually watched what I wanted to see! Yay, me!

With heart cartoon remote control from TV device

We have now had a couple of hard frosts, and we also had a wind storm that came through and blew away a large portion of our leaves. It seems that the peak of our Autumn is now over. As is the Foliage Train. Today was the last day the trains will run for the year.

The coming week finds me being quiet. I’m sure I will be caring for Jack while he recovers from the cold.

The Weekend Wrap

So many beautiful thoughts have been passing through my mind over the weekend. As I drove down to Mandy and Matt’s, spent time with my grandchildren, walked the dogs, and just spent time gazing out the window, there were so many really amazing things.

  • The leaves are turning color here and there is a feeling of warmth that comes with gazing at the various colors.IMG_0671

    The leaves brighten your way as you drive down the road. It’s my favorite time of year!

  • Ah, my grandchildren. It’s wonderful to walk into my daughter’s home and have her children and their dog comes running to greet me. Hugs and kisses, and their squeals of joy let me know how much I am loved!70353836_10220195606662062_8616550860815597568_n

    And their dog Freya is always full of love and kisses too!


  • I was able to stop in at my favorite shop and get a new pair of pants and a new shirt. Retail Therapy always makes me happy!
  • When I came back home, despite the fact that my dishwasher is broken, yet again, I was able to sit and enjoy my birds. The Cardinals were back, the Downey Woodpecker, and the Hairy Woodpecker, and the Chickadees. What a joy to discover the birds at this time in my life. What happiness I have found in feeding them.PA060001
  •  Jack wanted to go out and get a bottle of Scotch at the State Liquor Store. So we got the two dackels ready and off we went. We got there just in time to see Arnie and Anneliese’s best friend. She always has cookies for them!
  • Life is full of surprises. Good ones, that’s for sure. All you need to do is look around and you will find all sorts of amazing things.

The Weekend Wrap

I decided this morning to make apple sauce. We certainly have enough apples on the trees, but I must tell you, without proper care and fungicides, the apples are small, mottled and sort of icky.

What this means is that you need to peel and core every apple and discard anything that looks bad. I worked for nearly two hours doing this, at times alone and at times with Jack.

I was trying to keep up with the cleaning and things and I checked on the cooking apples and the apples had begun to burn to the bottom of the pan! Fortunately, I caught it in time and avoided yet another kitchen disaster.

The apples are slowly cooking now and will need a lot of sweetening. I tasted the apple mash, which is cooking down and it sure is tart!


I cooked a turkey on Friday and then made Turkey Soup on Saturday. After boning the turkey on Friday evening, I put all the bones, a  couple of onions and carrots into a crockpot with a little bit of chicken stock and enough water to cover all the bones, and cooked it overnight to make the soup base.

If you have never made your soup base this way, give it a try. I find you wind up with incredible tasting soup broth!

So, tonight I am taking some of that broth and making a turkey casserole. Turkey seems to sit well with me this day. Although I am sure Jack will complain. (He did!)

Our darling Anneliese shows more signs of blindness. She startles easily and sticks to me or to Jack and to her brother Arnie.

You know, one of the most beautiful things to have watched the last 12 years, is the love that Anneliese and her brother have shared since day one! Imagine how lucky we feel to have shared in their lives. Brother and sister, and we have owned them since the very day Greta gave birth to them.

Dec 11 004

At birth, Arnie on the left and Anneliese on the right.

Jan. 20 Anneliese and ArnieAnneliese left and Arnie, right. About 7 weeks old.

Yes, raising your very own sibling pups right from birth has been an experience of a lifetime.

Arnie & AnnelieseArnie left and Anneliese, right.

We are blessed, that’s for sure!


Also, today is the birthday of my dearest friend, Uschi! I wish her a Happy Birthday and good health and much joy in the year ahead!!!

cheers to success