My Little Greta

When we arrived home, the three dogs just about died with happiness! Shubi and Fritz have been through this before, so they were used to the comings and goings of their jet setting parents. But, this was the first time I have left Greta. At a year and a half, she has never been away from me, and her reaction has been one that has torn at my heart.
She has acted like, “what did I do that caused you to run away?”
She has been snuggling in my lap wanting to be held and patted. And she has needed constant reassurance. Even now, four days later. Poor Greta.
How I wish I could tell her that I was just going away for a few days and would be back. I wish she understood and wouldn’t be so upset.
I think it is just plain mean that Shubi and Fritz didn’t explain it all to her. Maybe they are getting her back for all the bones she has taken away from them!

Greta Scared Me

The last 24 hours have been scary. We were sitting watching TV Monday night when Greta, who was lying next to me, started shaking her head back and forth rhythmically. (almost like Parkinson’s disease) I would speak to her, and she looked at me and when I picked her up she would stop. This kept happening over and over again during the evening. I was so worried. Was this a seizure? What was wrong with my baby, Greta?
This morning, she was still doing this, but she seemed listless and tired too. Now I was really worried.
I brought a bag of peaches over to the Vet and talked with them about the problem. No fever, came on suddenly, no other big symptoms besides the head shaking. He said to watch her and see if it got better with a little quiet time.
So I kept her quiet all day and slowly I noticed that the head shaking stopped. Since this happened, I think the Vets best guess, that she must have played too hard and stressed a nerve in her neck is probably what happened.
But for 24 hours I was scared to death about what could be wrong. Tonight, I am happy to report she is right as can be and running around the house as usual again.

The Little Dackel Princess

Today Greta and I went for our usual walk. I say usual, because I am truly trying to make walking a daily routine.
In any case, Greta loves this. She prances around sniffing here and there, and should we happen upon a “person” she goes into her sweet, cute and charming mode. Today was a perfect example.
Mar 30 003.jpg
We always stop at the Masonic Temple steps to have water on our way to the Post Office. I have a great flexi dish for Greta and I just wing it sipping on a plastic bottle! While we sat lapping up our water, a woman came by and went crazy over Greta.
“Oh, she is so cute! What kind of dog is she? Isn’t she the sweetest?”
And of course Greta lies on the ground rolls over and offers up her tummy for a pat or two!

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