Sunshine, Movies and Magic

I can’t tell you how wonderful it is to have had two days, back to back with bright sunshine and hot temperatures! Yahoo! Does this mean that summer is finally here? Of course, with the advent of the beautiful weather, comes the arrival of “The Summer Tourists”! They’re Baaack!
Hubby and I decided to go and see Cinderella Man today. Wow! What strong performances by Russell Crowe, Renee Zellweger and Paul Giamatti. The story was a good one, and the direction excellent! I’m not a boxing fan at all, but even I was into the fighting scenes. So much so, that I found myself holding my breath in spots.
After the movie, I went to get my head dipped in the fountain of youth. Mother Nature has not been very kind to me. Instead of waiting until I was truly old enough for gray hair, she laughed and hit me with her wand and it happened rather prematurely. Therefore, I am justified going to my “youth counselor” for a dose of her magic elixor! Now it is done and I look my, ahem, age!
So sunshine, movies and magic! What more could a girl want in a day?

Meg’s Friday 8

Friday Questions…

1. Have you ever purchased anything from a telemarketer? From an infomercial? From a spam email? From a pop-up ad?

Never have, never would

2. When something is funny, do you usually laugh raucously, hiss, snort, chuckle quietly to yourself, or smile and nudge the person next to you?

Sort of a combination of all of the above. It sort of depends on the comical event.

3. If you had to go into a witness protection plan and start from scratch, what would you look like, do for a living, and where would you live? [Thanks Michelle]

I’d go to the midwest, have long flowing blond hair and wear only overall jeans, and I’d farm

4. How comfortable are you with human contact? Hugs, kisses, PDA?

I love that stuff and I sort of crave it. Tells you why I have three dogs. They are great little huggers

5. What is one of your favorite souvenirs brought back from your travels? Where do you keep it?
Baby Shubi

Shubi. I had gone to Germany on vacation and sort of found her there. She was so wonderful and I fell in love with her and brought her home.

6. What social issue fires you up?

The entire Terri Schiavo case fired me up. It doesn’t really matter what side you are on. I think it evoked strong feelings in a lot of people.

7. What are the top three qualities that first draw you to someone new?

sincerity, kindness and a sense of humor

8. What experience has taught you most about life? [Thanks Krista]

Surviving “the great tragedy”. Which I will explain at a later date.

I think my Karma is changing

I think things are turning around. The dishwasher repair man fixed the machine and now the machine not only works, but is quieter than it has ever been! And I swear the dishes are cleaner too. Hubby claims that the problem was a long time coming. That’s probably true, although I am not a good observer of such things.
The computers have been running beautifully since the tech on the phone, got the problem fixed for us, and got us up and running.
And the heat valve hasn’t stuck again!
Shubi slept through the night and is her usual perky little self this morning. Just to be sure her tummy thing is over, I will keep her on the ID food for another week. I think this is probably a good idea.
I had an appointment with my doctor yesterday and his office is on the 5th floor.

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Shubi Update

It’s late morning, and the little bugger has perked up. I called the Vet and they said to give the antibiotics another day to work. Seems she is a little better now. So, I’ll keep her on the bland diet and the meds and see how it goes. Talk about being a nervous mother!


My little pumpkin isn’t much better this morning. Shubi got me up at 5:45 and was out with the tummy ache again. I’ve been so careful feeding her the Science Diet ID food and I cleaned all the dog water dishes with bleach. But still she isn’t well. So at 8:30 when the office opens I’m going to call the Vet. I’ll run her in and see what they have to say. Maybe a change of medication, or something would help.
June 1a 011.jpg


Happy June Everyone!!!
Now we have gotten to the “summer months” I am thinking, sun, heat, and fun!
When I was a kid growing up on Cape Cod, June always meant the arrival of the crazy tourists. The people who would go shopping in the local tourist traps, see pieces of bleached wood with a plastic seagull stuck on it and proclaim it divine! (chokes)
But in my childs mind, it also meant the end of school, the freedom to ride my bike all over the place, (back then kids could actually do that without worrying their parents) and long hours at the beach.

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End of May and My Shubi

Okay. Now that May is ending, do you think we will start to see some warmth and sunshine? I was up really early this morning with Shubi. She had a little tummy ache. I had hoped that this would mean I would see a little glimpse of the sun, but no. It was cloudy, foggy, cold and wet. Now that pretty much sums up all of May, doesn’t it?
I had to go out and shop for the stuff I forgot last Saturday at the grocery store, as well as get Shubi’s medication from the Vet. I’m a little concerned about Shubi right now. She’s just not her usual self. I’m kind of hoping that with a different diet and the medication she will bounce back. I always get stressed when Shubi isn’t 100%. She is my special girl and I really worry.
This is a picture that was taken in Bavaria about 6 years ago. We’d gone over to visit our friends who own Shubi’s brother, Toni, and we went for this long walk through the Black Forest. Shubi right by my side. It’s hard to believe Shubi will be 10 in December. She is the most loving, loyal and sweet dog I have ever had.

Busy, busy, busy!

Yesterday it was all about cleaning, laundry and getting out the shorts, tank tops and bathing suits for summer. That seemed to consume most of my day, as well as setting up the new freezer, moving all the meat, chicken and fish into it and then cleaning the fidge freezer and setting it up with the day to day stuff. I feel like a Domestic Diva!
I got up feeling tired from everything I’d accomplished yesterday and so I’d decided to take it easy today. Ha. I can’t seem to sit still.
After breakfast, I got a pot roast in a slow oven where it is cooking for our dinner tonight. It’s a big piece of meat, so I will use the left overs to make a beef stew to freeze.
While I was out there, I thought, why not just make the Chicken Divan now and get it frozen? So I started cutting up vegetables for that and soon it was simmering on the stove. By noon it was cooked, and in plastic containers and ready to go into the freezer.
Now I’m sitting with a cup of coffee telling myself that it is time to put up my feet and relax for a while. I wonder how long that will last. I seem to be in high gear these days.