My New Iron

I hate to iron. Doesn’t just about any sane person on the face of the earth? Remember, I said sane! However, in life there are those things that need to be pressed because no matter how quickly you get to the dryer, they are a wrinkled mess anyway. Hubby has several of those shirts, (I plan to burn them!) but I also have a few. (bon fire?) Anyhow, my old iron died. I mean it just spit out every last drop of water on the shirt I was ironing and wouldn’t heat up again. So off to Walmart I went.
Now I didn’t want to spend a fortune. I mean why do that when you aren’t going to use it a lot?
So I looked, read labels, checked prices, and picked out one because I liked the color. Okay, I know that doesn’t make sense, but it’s blue a pretty sky blue and that’s my favorite color, so I brought it home.
I love this iron! It’s a Sunbeam and it heat’s up well and has a surge of steam that takes out a crease easily and my ironing time has gone down.
I just finished 6 shirts in record time and what did I do? I looked to see if there was anything else to iron!
Pathetic really.

Harry Potter

Okay, I got my copy of the new Harry Potter book yesterday! I was so happy, like a little kid! Hubby tried not to be seen with me as I walked proudly from the store waving my copy of the book over my head!
I started to read it last night, and demanded silence in the family room. Hubby thinks I have lost my mind. He just doesn’t know…
I read two chapters and then…my vision doubled and my eye began to ache! Stupid eye! I got so mad at myself I wanted to punch myself in my eye! Instead, I put my medication in the eye, patched it and went to sleep.
Now I have to do a few things like make breakfast, shower, and go for my walk and at least start the laundry before I can hunker down and read some more.

Shubi Worries *** Updated

I just brought Shubi home after her ultra sound and test. Seems she has a bit of Pancreatitis, as well as the infection. She is now on antibiotics again, and a drug that is a pancreatic enzyme. Was she happy to see me when I arrived! But I don’t think she was half as happy as I was to see her!!!
I’m hoping this will do the trick, but I worry so much because it seems all of these problems are a side effect of the chemo and it seems she has to deal with one thing after another.


I cannot seem to keep this little doggie on her feet. One day I think her tummy is doing better, the next she is right back to square one.
Shubi woke me up again in the night with her tummy problems. And again this morning, she was still sick. So, I brought some “samples” to the Vet and sure enough, she still has an infection. But more problematic, is that she is not digesting her food. In just over three weeks this little dog has lost just over a pound. That’s a lot when you only weigh like 21 pounds anyway, (she is now down to 20 pounds).
They’re ultra sounding her pancreas and stomach. She could be having an acute case of pancreatitis, or have a blockage of some sort, but whatever, her body is not digesting the food and we need to find out why not.
So I am waiting for the phone to ring. That’s the hardest time, isn’t it? The not knowing and the waiting for news time.

Swimming in the Rain

We went over to the local park and did the long hike. The humidity is unreal. Like thick heavy soup! But we did the hike and the dogs just loved it. When we got to the little lake, they all jumped in. Only now, Greta was the first one at the lake’s edge. She really loves being in the water!
Just as we got to the lake it started to rain. Since the dogs were already wet and Hubby and I were already soaked from the humidity, we thought, what the heck. We stayed and let the dogs have a good long swim.
Here are some pictures of our swim team! Shubi, Fritz and Greta!
July 18 002.jpg July 18 004.jpg July 18 017.jpg

Goodbye Cherry…

I could feel it yesterday in my shorts. I could feel it in the tub when I took my bath. I weighed in and found an extra 3 pounds this morning! And I have Cherry Garcia to thank.
I can still feel his sweet kiss on my lips and the way his mere presence soothed my burning soul. He kept me wanting more and more until…
So today I say goodbye to Cherry for a while. The surest way I know to stay on my diet and lose this weight is to tell Hubby, (and I have). He will watch me like a hawk and thus keep me on the straight and narrow.
We leave in a few moments to go to the park. We’re doing the long hike today a 2 mile one. I’m taking the camera too, so I can hopefully get some shots of the doggies in the water.


This morning when I woke up I felt stiff, and headachy and quite miserable. Everything inside of me cried out to return to the golden slumber of moments before. Unfortunately Shubi, Fritz and Greta, not to mention Hubby had seen the eyes open and knew I was awake, so feigning sleep was a lost cause.
I’ve decided that sleeping late just isn’t going to happen to me again in this life time. The latest I sleep is maybe, maybe 7:30 on a dark and cloudy day. Most of the time, I am up at 6. This inability to sleep late is, no doubt, my grandmother’s pay back. As a teen I would sleep half the day away and drive her wild. She would promise me that the day would come when I would be up with the birds!
I had two children who were great sleepers, so I thought I’d somehow missed Grandma’s curse, but no. Here I am, 46 years old, children grown and gone, and now my dogs get me up or, and this is the worst part of all, I WAKE UP ALL BY MYSELF!
Life is cruel!
After breakfast, I talked to myself about my commitment to my walking. It was already in the upper 70’s with high humidity. Did I really want to go out walking? Well, no. But I did. I got Greta’s harness on and leash and off we went. We walked around our neighborhood, just over a mile. It was quiet on this Sunday morning, (sane people were still in bed and still asleep!) and we saw only one other person on our walk. Our neighbor, Frank. At 87 he shows no signs of slowing down. He was out mowing his lawn and doing some gardening. He’s amazing.
We came back to the house and watched The British Open, while I made a lunch of mixed chef salads. Tiger Woods is amazing!
My next project is making a file box for my stash of greeting cards. I LOVE to send cards to people and so I tend to pick them up when I see the right card for whomever. But I need a place to file these for easy retrieval. I’ve got a great cardboard box and some vinyl adhesive paper. I think I can do a fair job. I’ll post a picture when it’s done.

It’s done. July 17 001.jpg

A Day At The Park

This morning I was getting ready to walk to the Post Office again, when Hubby suggested we take all three dogs to the local park and go for a nice nature walk. The route we would take is a mile and a half and has a little pond where Shubi and Fritz love to swim.
So off we went. We headed down the trail, heavily wooded and a bit muddy, with the dogs all running wildly. Even Shubi, who, bless her heart, has not been feeling her best the last few days. They all ran like young children and I had to run to keep up with them. Hubby was far behind, but we won’t even get into that! My cell phone rang and it was my daughter A.M. telling me about the party she was preparing for her Grandmother’s 80th birthday today. I was listening so hard, trying to keep up with the dogs when, boom, down I went. All that was hurt was my dignity!
We arrived at the pond and Shubi and Fritz went right in to swim. Greta was more concerned about sniffing around the edges. She still has not learned to swim. Today though, I placed all four feet in the water and she learned that she could get a nice drink.
Hubby played the fetch game, with a stick and Shubi and Fritz. Shubi would get the stick close to shore and Fritz would swim out to get it. At one point Greta stole the stick and Hubby retrieved it from her. Then he tossed it out in the pond. Fritz leapt to get it, and Greta followed!!!
For a moment Hubby and I stood in open mouthed shock as we watched Greta swimming her little dog paddle out, out, out, and then I realized she had better turn around because she really doesn’t know how to swim!!!
So I called to her over and over and over and she turned and swam in to the shore. Hubby and I started breathing again and he said, “For a minute I was getting ready to jump in and go rescue her.”
She is none the worse for the experience. In fact I think the little bugger actually enjoyed it! After the big dip, we headed back along another path to the car, and putting all three wet dogs in the back seat, we headed home.
Our new name for Greta is: Greta “Esther William’s” Garbo!!!

Exercise Is A Four Letter Word!!!

When I went in to see my Retinal Surgeon on Tuesday, Hubby asked, “Now that she has pretty much recovered can she run a 10 K Road Race?”
“Sure” replied the doctor.
“Great, ’cause she couldn’t before.” Hahahaha!

The point of this rather bland comment was that Hubby felt it was time for me to get up off my nice comfy chair and get back out moving around exercising.
Now, I believe that exercising is a 4 letter word! One that should not be uttered in mixed company! But as I could feel my legs and arms turning to jelly, I knew that the time had come to get back to work on actually moving my body in a direction other than the refrigerator.
So, this morning after breakfast, I paid some bills, put on my walking shoes, filled my backpack with a bottle of water, the mail to be mailed, my keys, and my cell phone, grabbed Greta, put on her little harness and leash and walked the mile and a quarter to the Post Office.
We stopped once so I could give Greta a nice big drink of water. And once to answer the cell phone when Hubby called to tell me how Fritz was very upset at our departure. (I actually think he was calling to check up on my progress!)
We dropped the mail and picked up our mail. Today we received about 10 pounds of it. I kid you not! Four heavy magazines! Plus a ton of junk!
Then we walked another mile and a quarter back. I made Greta stop for some water half way back, and the little minx refused to drink. So I tossed it on the ground, whereby she threw herself down on it and rubbed her body on the wet pavement!
Greta and I are now back. She has collapsed on the floor in front of the air conditioning and is sound asleep. What a sport. Me? Well, I’m sitting here watching “What Not To Wear” while I jot this all down, sipping a large glass of iced tea, feeling very proud of my accomplishment.
Now the real key is doing this daily. Hmmm! I wonder if I can actually do that?

I’m Changing My Will

Today, while standing at the worlds slowest elevator with the UPS man, we started to chat. He was a late twenty something man, with a nice smile.
Him: Will I be glad when this day is over.
Me: I know, me too! It’s so humid!
Him: Yeah, my wife just called me and she wants me to get groceries on the way home. She says it’s too hot for her to drag out the kids.
Me: My husband told me to go to the grocery store too, even though I wanted to wait.
Him: What are your kids getting hungry?
Me: (laughing) My kid is 28 years old!
Him: (looking truly startled, dear boy!) You have a 28 year old?
Me: (still laughing) Yup! And she would think this was funny.
Him: Wow! You don’t look old enough to have a 28 year old daughter!!!
Me: Thanks. I’ll tell her that.

As I walked away from the elevator at the bottom of the building, I could feel a little spring in my step! It’s not that I’m ancient or anything, but well, I know my days of people not believeing I am A.M.’s mother are limited. Anyday now they will be seeing me with small children and calling me “granny”!!
Yup. I’m changing the Will. That UPS man deserves something for making my day!

Great Day

Yesterday was one of those great days. It started with a trip to see my hair stylist, Melanie, where I got a super short summer cut. I love it! I think it will take me all of 5 minutes each day to blow it dry.
After that I set out for a day of shopping. The Liz Claiborne Outlet shop, was having a big sale and I got three wrinkle free short sleeve shirts, for $9.99 each! One blue, one coral and one white. I also got two pretty polo shirts for $8.99 each! I’m still adding into my wardrobe things that I simply do not have since losing weight. So today was a BIG day.
While shopping I saw a mother and her 20 something daughter shopping together. It made me think of my daughter, A.M and miss her. Shopping together is something we really enjoy. Anyway, I decided to call her and we had the nicest visit. She is out in L.A. on business and I think she was as surprised as I was at the call! I just love the fact that our cell phone coverage allows us to call each other anytime, anywhere with no charge.
Then it was off to BJ’s for gas, and laundry soaps. I don’t know what you all are paying for gas, but at $2.21 a gallon I felt like I had found a real deal!
Then it was off to the grocery store.
Now by this time, I was in such a good mood. Smiling like some lunatic, as I walked through the store. Today I seemed to talk to strangers more, joke with the service people and really had a good time.
Tonight we went out for dinner with our neighbors. We all had Lobster rolls and it was delicious! Somehow a great way to end a really nice hot summer day.
Tell me what you think of the hair cut.

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