My “New” Computer

I was so upset last week when my laptop’s hard drive blew. In the past it was prohibitively expensive to replace the hard drive, so one was destined to bite the bullet and buy a new machine. Technology changed along the way, and my Computer Guru suggested an SSD replacement. For those who have never heard of this it is a Solid State Drive.

I wasn’t sure what to expect when my laptop (I feel I should name her), came home. The first thing was, I turned her on, and she turned on instantly. And although I have an I5 processor, she runs so much faster than Jack’s computer with the I7 processor.

Now here are the biggest changes. She runs quietly because an SSD has no moving parts. She also runs very cool. Jack’s laptop, and all other laptops I have had, all run very hot and the fan runs almost constantly to keep them cooled down.

It’s like having a new computer except….my Computer Guru also moved all of my programs over to the new drive! I basically sat down and started to work! So it makes things even better!

I’m very happy to have chosen to re-purpose my machine. I had not even come close to using up all my memory and I did not want to take the plunge and buy a new machine.

I’ve never thought of myself as being a super recycler, but in this day and age, I think if we can do it, and save a landfill, and our pocketbook at the same time, then it’s worth looking into.

I am lucky. I have a Computer Guru (and I say this with a lot of love and thanks for all he does for Jack and I), who truly believes in re-purposing machines when you can. His prices are really good and I think he enjoys helping people with their problems. They’re hard to find, but I know they are out there. Ask around. Anyone that lives near me, email or PM me and I will send you his number. He comes right to your house, and if he can’t fix things there, he will take your machine, fix it, and then bring it back and reinstall it for you. The day I found this young man, was a very lucky day for me!

So I am a very happy girl, with her very nice almost new computer! Thank you Brad!


Happiness Is…

It was a big day for me on Saturday. Just after Christmas I started an afghan for my daughter, Mandy. Today I finished it!

It is a full size throw afghan. One she can pull up over herself and both the kids, and snuggle under!


I cannot tell you how much fun I had doing it. I think with each loop of my crochet hook, I melted in a little love. I hope this afghan lasts her for a very long time, and I hope she spends many hours cuddling her babies under it!


My Loves

I went down to visit with my two grandchildren on Saturday! Those are always great days. Savannah comes running when she hears me open the door, and today, when Quinn saw me he smiled and said OMA!

You know, it just doesn’t get much better than seeing how happy the mere sight or your presence can make your grands. They sure make me smile, and fill my heart with love, warmth and happiness!


Now I had a few funny things happen with the kids. I wanted to play a song to Amanda that I’d sort of discovered. Now, it’s an old song, but I wanted to have her hear it. Well, Savi thought the music was really old fashioned, which made me laugh, because it was from my High School Years!

Then I played Savi and Mandy and Quinn a song. Mandy knew it, but it was new for Savi and Quinn. It was called “The Might Quinn”. Done years ago by Manfred Mann!

 The kids really got a kick out of that, especially Savannah, who kept asking if they wrote this song about her baby brother, Quinn!

While Savi was in dance class, Mandy, Quinn and I did her grocery shopping. Quinn loves to be part of the experience. He started in the cart, then helped to push the cart, then was on Mandy’s shoulders, and then while we checked out, he and I played puppy-boy! He was so good, and so darn cute!

After lunchtime, I left to go home, while stopping along the way to grocery shop for me, and get gasoline for my car. All was going well until I got just north of Concord and the traffic came to a sudden halt. Where it stayed for about an hour. Later I learned that there had been a bad accident, which is why I was stuck.

I had my Ipod with me, and so I plugged it into my speakers in the car, and just went to town, singing, swaying to the music and just otherwise passing the time.

I shopped, and made it home shortly after 4:00 PM. Tired but very happy. My grands always make my days so much better!!!

The Pioneer Woman

During the 17 days I spent in the hospital this Spring, feeling sick as a dog, and I admit, scared to death,  I watched a lot of TV. Since emotionally I was not up to anything heavy, I watched a lot of shows on The Cooking Channel, HGTV and Animal Planet. These were all entertaining and some were even sweet. I discovered Dr. Jeff, Rocky Mountain Vet on The Animal Planet Station, and best of all, I discovered “The Pioneer Woman”.


Now Ree Drummond (The Pioneer Woman)  is sort of the mother I wish I had been lucky enough to have. Not that my mother wasn’t a good Mom, it’s just that she and I didn’t have a lot in common.

I digress. While trapped in a hospital bed, I started watching The Pioneer Woman. It turns out that one weekend they had a marathon showing of her show and I was able to fall in love with her, and her family.

As she says, she lives on a cattle ranch, in the middle of nowhere, and she loves to cook, take pictures and blog! All things that I love to do. Each show is filled with recipes, scenes of her ranch, kids and meals with her family and friends.

When I got home from the hospital I found her show on TV Monday through Friday from 1 o’clock to 2 o’clock in the afternoon. Hubby and I started watching it and we both enjoy it.

In fact, Ree Drummond has a new magazine coming out and I told Hubby I’d like to subscribe. Ree just has a way about her. Easy, laid back, homey. I love listening to her, planning a meal, or a party, or picnic. Many of her ideas I have had myself, but not on such a complete scale.

I admit to trying some of her recipes. They are good and Hubby is starting to ask if our meals are Pioneer Food! Ha!

I am enjoying all of this Pioneer living. It’s sort of what I dreamed about when I was a teenager. My Mom had a home garden, where we grew vegetables and I thought that was great. As an adult I had my own gardens and year after year, I grew to love cooking. This one hour of TV, five days a week, makes me feel good.

So if this sounds like fun to you, give her program a watch!

I think you will be glad you did!

The Healing Powers Of Flowers

I have always loved flowers. Since childhood, my favorites were the Lilacs, and yellow roses. The Lilac because of their amazingly sweet, almost perfume like scent, and yellow roses because of their sheer beauty.

Growing up, my Mom had one whole side of our fenced yard, covered with Lilac bushes. I recall sitting under the bushes, with my dog, and closing my eyes and getting lost in their scent!

A little later in my life I discovered something amazing! Yellow Roses! I do not know why they captured my heart and soul, but they did, as soon as I saw them.

Those were my two favorite flowers until this this year, when I was introduced to the Hyacinth. My daughter sent me a fabulous bouquet with Hyacinths in it. Not only were they beautiful to look at, but their scent far surpassed my beloved Lilac!


What a wonderful gift to receive while recovering from two surgeries and trying to getting my feet back under me!

You know what is really wonderful? How special, loved, and cared for one feels after getting such a gorgeous surprise gift! It picked up my spirits and made me feel better almost instantly!

And one note here, after their arrival, almost every Nurse on my floor came in once or twice each shift to smell them. I started to joke that the first sniff was free, but after that it was 25 cents per sniff!

I am home and the flowers are still beautiful, and I am slowly getting better. I swear that the healing powers of flowers are truly quite strong.


Yesterday I was able to surprise Hubby with a mini birthday party. We had just the immediate family and it was wonderful!

P4300018 (2)

  Mandy got the best marinated chicken and beef tips, and I made my potato salad and Janet brought her mango black bean salad (drool!) and my sister, Mel made the Angel cake with strawberries.   The weather was wonderful, sunny and warm, and we sat outside, while Matt cooked on the grill, and then ate our lunch. It was perfect!

  P4300012 (2)

Savannah sang two songs for us, and she was wonderful! I could feel myself getting all teary eyed. I just love her so much.

And Quinn has grown so much! I did my share of holding, burping and picture taking. I’m amazed at how quickly he is growing!

P4300010 (3)

So, thank you to all of my family, Mandy, Matt, Mel, Ron, Janet and the two children, Savi and Quinn for making today so special for Papa. He loved it!

Friday Five

The Happiness Addition

Here we are, the end of another week. Yet as the weekend draws near, my excitement builds, as first thing Monday morning, my daughter and her fiancé will welcome their son. I will be down south, awaiting this birth, with Savannah and her Nana and Auntie, and when Mandy and Matt are ready, we will all drive to the hospital to meet the wee young man.

So without further ado, here are this weeks happy Friday Five!

  1. It’s been pretty cold this week and we have had several fires in our fireplace. Since I’ve been going out to walk Greta and Anneliese, I can stand, staring at the stars and smelling the sweet scent of burning wood. It’s part of why I love winter here.
  2. I also love watching Greta with the fire in the hearth. She loves it. She will lie in front and soak up all the heat. If I were in better condition, I too would lie on the floor in from of the fire!
  3. I have a new toy. It’s an App I downloaded on my phone and on my computer. It’s called BeFunky, and it helps you to edit photos and make collages and all sorts of fun stuff. Since I never could figure out Instagram, I found this exceptionally easy to use. And the App is free!
  4. Hubby and I went out today to a discount shop, where they sell European foods. Hubby was so happy to find all sorts of salads and pickles and risotto’s. Me too. Some things are so easy to use to make nice meals.
  5. I am feeling very happy with how my neck is healing. I took a picture today, and here I am two and a half months since the surgery, and the incision is nearly gone. See!


Weekend Stuff

I woke to a very cold, yet very beautiful day. The lake is once again a hotbed of activity, as it is “The Greater Meredith Ice Fishing Derby”.

Since the big Lake (Winnipesaukee) is not frozen over, and safety must come first, there are not as many anglers out there. Instead, they’ve come over to our Lake (Waukewan) which is much less deep, and does have a fairly good surface of ice.

Still, I know I am really paranoid, and I will not go out on the Lakes at this time of year, seeing that we have had 50+ degree (F) weather recently. And rain…oh my goodness the rain has been incredible!

Yesterday and today Hubby took Lili out in the yard, and she ran and ran and ran and ran, and became one giant, muddy mess. She was formerly a lovely White German Shepherd dog! Today Hubby brought her in through the basement and washed her down. And for that he gets a big hug and kiss!


I have my suitcase packed, as we are now down to the final days of my daughter’s pregnancy. Friday was her last day in the office, although she will work at home until the little guy decides to show up, or March 7th arrives (her C-section date).

I now sleep with my cell phone next to me, and it’s on the shelf in the bathroom when I shower. Yes, I think we can all safely assume that I am excited about my grandson’s birth!

And the bonus is that I get to spend time with Savannah. I have a whole bag full of fun stuff for Savi and Oma to do.

Have a great weekend everyone!

Friday Five

I decided that for the next month I am going to write about 5 things that are happening to me, or around me, that is fabulous and wonderful! So without further ado, here is this weeks five.

  1. We are now nice days until my daughter’s due date with her baby boy! I sleep with my cell phone, I shower with my cell phone on the shelf, and I go everywhere with my phone hooked to my belt. I’m not excited or anything! LOL
  2. Lili is now responding to me when I talk to her. If she is outside and I go out, I call to her and say “Are you coming?” and she comes right to me! After all this time, she is following me!
  3. I simply have the most adorable grandniece ever! Here is little April, and she is 5 months old and the apple of our eyes!
  4. 12768311_1149363471748572_7226108327450035786_o

  5. I am one day away from finishing the office cleaning project! For more years than I care to admit, I have put off doing a deep clean. This year I turned on Pandora, and just did it!
  6. I decided that I need to get up every day and put on a little make-up. I’ve never been a big make-up wearer, but I feel better with a little bit on.


So that’s my first week of happiness, on the Friday Five. See you next week, for the next installment!

It’s Here!!!

My new bed arrived on Saturday. (As I write it is Saturday Night.) It’s simply beautiful! I am so excited at the prospect of sleeping on it tonight. In fact, ever since I made the bed this afternoon, I have wanted nothing more than to dive in. But, Hubby says I must wait until a decent time.


I had my old mattress since 1987! It started to get uncomfortable about 15 years ago, but I got a foam topper and was able to make it last. Thinking about this made me wonder if this will be the last new bed I get?

I’m thinking no. I do not want to go quite so long before getting a new mattress again.

Still, I’ve been living with a Scotsman, for a very long time now and I swear I have become cheaper than he is!

I will let you all know how I sleep tonight. One thing is for sure, I will be sleeping with a smile on my face!