Fun, Fun, Fun!

Yesterday while I started to deep clean the kitchen and family room, Heidi and Lili began to really kick up some dust playing.

20220302_162533Me and my baby!

Heidi is so funny to watch. She runs around so fast, like a speeding roadrunner. But her favorite game with Lili is that she runs around the island in the kitchen over and over and over, while Lili tries to follow her. Then when she knows Lili is falling behind, she turns and jumps out in Lili’s face, surprising her.

I just stood there in the kitchen, silently watching until the laughter burst out from my lungs!

Lili is so patient with Heidi and allows her to play these silly games with her.

It does my heart good to see the two of them playing so nicely.

After the big play session, it was time to crash with Mama.

20220301_150147A sleepy puppy!

20220301_150518Baby Feet.

Seventeen Weeks!

I’m not sure if I have shared with you this story. But when Heidi was born, the small “Red Collar” puppy, I just knew she was mine.

Babies Oct 23Red Collar Puppy!

Now the breeder prepared me that she was not sure which pups were going where, but she noted my desire.

Each day that pictures were shown, I grew more and more certain that Miss Red was mine. It was cosmic. I just knew.

Oct 27 Miss RedMiss Red

Soon the Breeder confirmed that Heidi was mine, and they began using her name with her.

Now at 17 weeks, and after being with us since January 1st, Heidi fits right in, as though she has always been here.

20220213_110313My girl.

I joke that she is “Velcro Puppy” as she follows me everywhere and when I am seated, she is always either next to me or on top of me.

She is simply the sweetest of puppies. So loving, and gentle with me. I swear this was meant to be.


A Day in the Life of a Little Dog

Each morning I get up before the sun. After the pups have their breakfast, we go for our first walk. Up, up, up, the driveway, and then back down.

The Ice Fishing Derby was being held this weekend. We can watch from our front yard!

20220211_071947This coming back from one of our walks. Down, what I refer to as the impossible driveway. Yes, I wear ice treads!

20220212_115727After the long walk, lots of snuggles with the mommy!

20220212_091705Heidi sitting on a crocheted blanket I made that is wonderfully warm, but pills and sheds terribly! Needless to say, Heidi loves this one, and in some ways, I do too.


She is just a real cutie pie and she has totally stolen my heart and made my world a better place.


Heidi ~16-Weeks

I thought today I would write a little about Heidi at 16 weeks. I finally feel like we are getting to know the pup she is becoming. It’s quite amazing, but as she settles in, I see this whole new pup.

She was the smallest in her litter which made her a bit feisty. I think it was because she knew early on she had 5 other littermates to get under control.

The breeder told me that she was pretty fearless and that she did not allow any of the others to pick on her. And at first, Heidi spent a lot of time putting Lili in her place. She was bold and bossy. At times I wondered if it would have been a better fit with one of the less feisty pups!

But, Heidi is now settling in. At 16 weeks she is getting calmer and cuddlier. I so love those moments!


She is 99.9% house-broken, so I have more time to relax and actually play with her without fear that she will have an accident.

She loves to sleep between my knees and I often find her that way when I am watching TV or typing on my computer.


She loves to go for walks, even when the snow is up to her belly. She is still light enough to walk on top of the snow piles without sinking. But at 13 + pounds, she will be sinking down into it, I am sure!

I brought her with me to the UPS Store today and the owner could not believe how different she looks in such a short time.

These dackel babies look like small adorable compact pups at first, and one day you notice their backs have gotten longer, and their chest has sprung, giving them the classic outline of a dackel. Also, Heidi has gotten the cutest real dackel nose now.

Here is one of the best things about her. She is not a barker! Oh my goodness, Anneliese sure could bark up a storm, so having this adorable pup who tends to be very quiet is a nice bonus.

20220209_161524How lucky I am to have this little ball of fur in my life. She is everything I’d hoped for and so much more!

The Weekend Wrap ~ February 7th

P1160020 (3)Over the weekend I was busy teaching Heidi a few more commands. My correction on her biting was going nowhere until Lili actually nipped at her and since then she has been leaving us alone. It’s almost like Lili was her doggy mommy teaching her the ropes.

I brought out Arnie’s old bed and put it down. It is quite similar to one that they had at her birth mother’s home. She has just had the best time sleeping in it, rubbing her body in it, and jumping into it.


They originally called it a calming bed in the advertisement when I bought it for Arnie. All I can say is that it appears to be working for Heidi. (Also known as the crazy puppy girl of New Hampshire!) She looks so small in that bed!

Lili is settling in with her new sister. I think it was hard for her as she had adjusted to being an only dog. But after a while, she has warmed toward Heidi and they are now cuddling as well as playing together.

20220206_174859We are now walking three to four times a day. Even in the cold. I dress Heidi in her heavy sweater and cape and then put on my layers. The only one who breaks a sweat on our walk is darling Lili. But then, she wears a beautiful fur coat!

20220206_150654My next purchase will be a doggy car seat for Heidi. I want to get one that I can use with a harness. Heidi loves to go for a ride, but she does not always want to stay put.

This week I am hopeful that I can begin to get the house cleaned up and things put away. I just let a lot of things go while I have been caring for baby Heidi, but now that she plays for a time quite nicely, I can get a few things done.

Have a great week everyone!


This & That February 2nd

Tuesday started early with Heidi and Lili. It was -3 degrees, while I was outside with the two of them so they could commune with nature.

20220201_123300Hiding her eyes from the bright sunshine using a toy!

I came in and started the coffee, as I was quite literally frozen to the bone!

I decided that when Heidi showed high energy levels to dress us up and go for a walk. And so I did. Several times!

We walked around the house, up the driveway, and then she learned how to not only go up the cement steps but also go down.

She did perfectly fine both going up and going down. As I’ve mentioned the steps were built for our dachshunds. And oddly, Heidi seemed to know just what to do with them, as if she had been on them before.

Her training is going very well. She will come when I call her, even if she is doing something she shouldn’t. She will sit and down on command, and I am trying to teach her to stay. But that is hard for a little baby girl.

I can hardly wait for Thursday when she goes in for her next shots. She will be 15 weeks old, and I am very curious about her weight. I was watching her today and she really has grown.

We have the Pond Hockey Tournament this weekend, and the town is already getting full. It’s an enjoyable time here, but we are now expecting another storm! Thursday Night into Friday. I sure hope it misses us.

Lastly, all this walking up and down the driveway, through snowdrifts, and around the outside of the house is certainly getting exercise for me as well as my little Heidi. (Lili too!) I know Heidi gets tired now at night, and so do I.



Monday morning found me working with Heidi on some simple command and response training. She is learning to sit, down, and stay. The sitting part is going very well. The down is a bit more challenging, as I see her little face asking me “How much further do I have to go down?” And the stay, well it’s early yet.

20220131_133316The sleepy student after her walk.

Heidi is very motivated by food, proving once again that we are spiritually related. She is smart as a whip and is learning to listen when her name is called.

When we built our home we had the outside cement steps built so that our dackels could get up and down the steps easily. Monday was Heidi’s first attempt up the steps and she did it beautifully!

And as each day passes, Heidi and Lili become closer and closer. I almost felt that Lili was cheering her on this morning when I was working through her commands. Lili sat, downed, and stayed as a stellar example for Heidi to follow.


20220128_095027Have a great day!

The Weekend Wrap ~ January 31st

P1160020 (3)

This was the weekend that was. By this I mean we had one of those fierce, legendary, New England Nor’Easters!

I’ve been through them before. Usually, I make a big pot of soup and hunker down for the duration. I watch TV, old movies, etc until it is done. Then it’s time for the cleanup!

However, with a 14-week old puppy, who is this/close to being house trained, I found myself bundling up, and bringing her out.


As I stood there with the snow whipping about me, holding a leash for a little dog, who thought the world had gone mad, I realized I was doing something that will teach Heidi about housebreaking long after the storm had passed.

Over the course of the storm, Heidi went out every few hours and she did not have one accident that day!

We escaped at my house with 4-5 inches of very light snow. It was so cold that the snow squeaked when you walk across it.


The snow was also exhausting for the wee Miss Heidi. She would battle the elements and then come in and sleep. This led to some crazy behaviors during her wakeful hours. But in the end, she is settling, I simply need to work more with her to stop the biting, and Lili is finally accepting her, bites and all.


I am tired. These winters are getting to me a bit. So cold, so snowy, and so long. It’s my hope that Spring comes early this year.

So, that’s my weekend. I hope your weekend was a good one and that you were not buried in icy snow.


A Dog’s World

I have been working to get Lili to accept that the puppy is here to stay. Lili didn’t seem to mind the puppy, but she was like a new fiancee going to meet her future inlaws. Lili has been on her best behavior. Afraid to do anything wrong.


I knew the day would have to come when Lili got sick enough of Heidi to let her know, that she wasn’t going to accept ankle-biting, ear-biting, and other obnoxious treatment from this young whipper-snapper.


That day was yesterday. The pups were up early and then Heidi was like a whirling-dervish. Go, go, go!


She ended up biting at Lili’s ankles and this time, dear, sweet, Lili turned around, and growled and snapped at her. I was monitoring, so I could see that this was doggy-puppy instruction, because immediately Heidi backed off and stared at Lili. She tried again. Again Lili growled and snapped her mouth in the air. This went on for a moment or two and I called Heidi and told her to stop. She left poor Lili in peace and then played with her bones and toys.

Later in the day, Heidi was playing tug of war with me, and Lili came over to see what we were doing. I got Lili to take the rope and for several moments they played with the rope together before Lili walked away. But this is a start!

Aside from this, Heidi is still in puppy learning mode and doing well. It’s now two weeks since her last accident, which is encouraging. She never used the pee pads I bought. In fact, I don’t even put them down. So I have 48 pee pads that will go unused.

Is Heidi completely toilet trained? No. But she does know where to go and has started to go right to the door when she needs to go out. Since I decided early on to devote myself to doing this and training her to the leash, coming when called, etc while she was still young, I have been very busy. Even during the Flu. Even during snowstorms. But the progress is amazing.


So the girl is not just beautiful, she is also smart! How did I get so lucky?

Life Is Good

Like many new mothers of active puppies, my days are filled with periods of manic activity and then an hour or two of cuddling with my little piranha-toothed baby.


I can actually tell you that the only problem I have with this sweet girl is her teething. Oh my goodness, will I be glad when that is over, I am sure Lili will agree!

But Heidi has brought such joy to us and once again our home is alive with new life.


Heidi isn’t like any of my previous dackels. I guess none of them have been like each other. All were individuals who stole my heart. But it’s this marvelous breed that I love so much.

The wire-haired dackels are funny and feisty and fearless. They are loving and devoted, and once they claim you, it is for life. Those innocent eyes can change to devilish merriment in an instant and then a little body moves into your lap and you look down to see closed eyes and a sleeping, snoring little puppy.


Yes, I’m smiling more these days. My days are full, and when I sit down for the evening around 9:00 PM, I am almost instantly asleep. Hiedi is wonderful. She is everything I’d hoped she’d be and so much more!