The Friday Five ~ November 11th

Friday FiveThe week sped by and suddenly it was Thursday night. So as we listen to continual episodes of Law & Order, I sat down to write.

        1. Well, I was busy doing the dishes on Thursday and heard the telltale noises of a dog retching. I stopped what I was doing and ran toward the sound. There was poor Lili throwing up on my bedroom rug! Ugh! I tried to hurry her outside, but she only made it to the family room, where she threw up again on another carpet!

      2. Get a dog they said it will be fun they said!

      2022-05-09_08-37-003. 45 minutes later, I cleaned up the carpets and floor and settled poor Lili.

      4. Heidi was worried about her big sister and slept next to her.

      5. Lastly, this weekend the Christmas Fairs return to my little area. I will be going to two of them. I have missed them. Crafts, Christmas music, and neighbors. And a slice of normality returning.


Days Are Numbered

Katie was born on Wednesday, November 8, 1978, at 5:30 in the morning. She was our second daughter, who came into our life with tiny red curls and blue-green eyes.  She was a happy baby, and even when she had to have her feet broken as a corrective measure, she was still happy.


She loved her family, and she loved all animals. Her heart was a big one.

She enjoyed climbing trees, dancing, playing with Barbie dolls, and dressing up. One year her father made her and her sister a Barbie doll house and Mandy and Katie just loved it.

We went to County Fairs and rode on Merry-go-Rounds and ate popcorn and ice cream.

When asked by an old lady where she had gotten her red curls, Katie smiled and told her “One day Mommy was cutting my Daddy’s beard and it fell on my head and started to grow!”

She had a wicked good laugh and loved to sing everything from songs she heard on the radio, to songs she made up in her head.

I didn’t know that I would only have 2415 days, or 6 years, 7 months, and 11 days with her.

Had I known, I would have laughed more and appreciated every single hour of every single day.


The accident happened. I’m grateful that I do not recall too much of it. I am also grateful that even though Katie never woke up from the coma she was in, at least we were able to hold her and kiss her before she passed away.

This year she would have been forty-four years old. She might have had a family of her very own.

Instead, from June 19, 1985, when she passed away until November eighth, 2022, I look back and see that she has been gone from us for 13,657 days, or 37 years, 4 months, 21 days. When I saw that I felt quite overwhelmed.

Most days I do well. But some days I am not sure how I have managed to cope.

We all miss you, Katie. I wish you were still with us. You were and still are greatly loved.

KatieKathleen Alynne

The Friday Five ~ November 4th

Friday FiveI woke this morning and realized it was Friday and I had not written a Friday Five. More than likely this is because this week I have been crazy busy. So here I am in the early morning hours of  Friday writing.

  1. Although I did not want to, on Wednesday I spent the day going into a larger town with a cheaper grocery store, food warehouse, and gas.
  2. It was a good trip, and I was able to stock up on canned goods and jarred sauces, jellies, and gravies.
  3. We have had the most beautiful weather this week. Sunny and warm and although the leaves are now off the trees when the skies are this blue it almost feels like Spring!
  4. I had my hair done on Tuesday, and that felt great, although the Eczema is currently bad on my scalp. It is both itchy and painful.
  5. Lastly, Heidi had her hair done and it came out so well. She still has a lot of her puppy fur, but we’re working to bring her coat into a full grown-up coat.2022-11-04_07-20-06

    We are lucky to have found Christi, who knows how to strip a wire-haired coat!

Have a great weekend, wherever you may be! It is supposed to be a very nice one!

The Friday Five ~ October 28th

Friday FiveThis week was rather unsettling for me.  I was faced with some things that brought the dire circumstances our country is in, into my very little world. So here we go.

  1. We got the bill for having a new pump installed into our well. $3400.00! Yes, you read that right. I almost fainted when I saw the bill. All they did was open the cap, pull out the pump, replace it and then close the cap and it was done. They tell me the biggest problem is the near-daily increases in pump prices. In my next life, I am coming back as a plumber!
  2. I stopped out at the local grocery store to buy supplies and I happened to notice that several items had increased in price. Jack’s coffee cake is up $2.26 in price. It is now $6.25. A year ago it was $3.99. His cookies have increased by $3.00! The cookies went from $3.99  and it is now $6.99. And the bakery bread at the store has gone up a dollar. I was shocked that in less than two weeks prices have skyrocketed.
  3. This means I will be driving 25 miles or so to another store that has better prices. It is a bit of a trek, but I simply cannot afford the prices at our local store.
  4. I have not had any more run-ins with the bear. We know he is out there, but not coming close to the house. But I have to tell you, I take one dog out at a time, and I use my super flashlight and talk loudly to the dogs.
  5. Heidi brings joy to every day of my life. She is so good-natured and a real cuddler. I am so lucky!

Have a great weekend and enjoy the last days of this warm Autumn!

2022-10-27_08-30-06Heidi age one year!

Happy 1st Birthday, Heidi

On September 27th, my darling boy Arnie went over Rainbow Bridge. I kept telling myself to wait, not adopt another Dackel for a while. But I started looking.

It was by sheer coincidence that I found Heidi’s Breeder. A great lady, who practices breeding the way I did so long ago with my Dackel Princess Puppies.

I was put on a list but there were 5 people ahead of me. I tried to brace myself in case there wasn’t a puppy for me.

Lucky for me, there was a puppy! Which one, nobody knew, but oddly enough I felt drawn to the smallest of the litter. A little female with a red collar.

51996183473_33b3e0a835_oAnd by November 11th I knew that this little girl, Heidi would be coming home with me in January!

It’s amazing how a little being like Heidi has fit into my life so easily. It’s like I have always known her.

A big thank you to her Breeder, Gail, from Boreas Dachshunds. She surprised me when I went to pick up Heidi. You see all registered dogs have a Professional name. To me, she is Heidi, but in the AKC she is Boreas Happy Ending.

And that she is! My Happy Ending!

The last nine months found me sleeping with my boots on last winter so I would be able to race outside with her during potty training. And this sweet little doll has slept with me every night, curled up on top of my stomach.

She brings me such joy!

Heidi MarieHappy Birthday, Heidi!

Life Is Better With A Dackel


Over the years, my dackels have been my joy. I’ve had them since 1996 when I brought home my very first dackel, Shubi from Germany. Shubi was gentle and loving and she made me a lifelong convert to wire-haired dackels.

Picture from 2002 2003 058My darling Shubi, in her later years.

Shubi became quite ill when she was eight years old. She had a form of Encephalitis. So, we flew to Germany and brought Greta home. Greta was so much fun. She played well with Shubi and I truly believe that the two years that Shubi lived beyond what the Veterinarians told us, was due to having Greta as her baby.

Greta was a feisty girl, and we found her a nice German boy, and together they had two litters of pups. Greta’s parents were German Champions, and she sure was a beautiful girl.

July 9 09 Greta15Feisty Greta.

I never thought I could enjoy anything more with my dogs, but watching the puppies grow filled my world with wonder.

Greta lived a long life and passed at the age of fourteen and a half.

We kept two of her puppies. Arnie and Anneliese. Each one was so different from the others. Arnie was a real lover dog, you know he loved everyone and would have been comfortable in any home. I adored him, and when he left us at age fourteen and a half I was simply gutted. He was the very last to go of my Dackel Princess dogs.

568560659_ag4jH-XLArnie. Also known as Mr. Arnie Man!

His sister, Anneliese was quiet. She cuddled with me, and she loved me well, but she was not the most lovable of dogs with others. Perhaps she was shy.

DSC00358However, she and I traveled to Germany twice and there was a bond between us that I did not have with the others.

And now I have my Heidi. I had this feeling when I saw her pictures when she was born that she was special. She has been here with me since January of 2022 and my gosh, it’s as if God took the very best of each of my previous dackels and put it all into Heidi.

52320744939_9ed5e0d7ac_6kMy darling Heidi.

I have family and friends who avoid getting pets because it is too difficult when they die.

What I say to that is this. All the moments of all the years that we shared were worth the sadness at the end.

If you truly love and are truly loved, then the ending will be painful. But the joy! Yes, the joy and the love make it all worth it!

received_1226597837850617Savannah, Quinn, and baby Heidi.



The Friday Five ~ October 14th

Friday Five 1I’d hoped for a less busy week, but somehow it just didn’t happen. Here are the top five things on my mind as this week comes to an end.

  1. I went for my dental appointment. No cavities, but I have to go back and get one tooth deep cleaned. Apparently, there is a small infection in the pocket around the tooth.
  2. I went back on Thursday to pick up my new bite guard. I’m a bite-clencher in my sleep. I had an odd experience recently when I woke up and noticed my bite guard was missing. Looking down, there it was, in the mouth of Miss Heidi!
  3. Heidi went for her first real stripping. The Groomer did a great job. We only worked on her for an hour because we want her to get used to having this done. She also has a lot of her baby fur and if we strip down too far she will be bald.52426243105_7466185857_6k

    Meanwhile, Heidi was out with me a lot as I drove through the beautiful foliage.

  4. This weekend I have small jobs to get done. You know, the kind of work where you just putter around getting little things done. One thing is for sure, I will be wearing headphones and listening to music.
  5. So a couple of months back I was listening to a TV show and I heard a song from the past. I loved it. When I looked it up I realized it was done by The Guess Who. The talented guys from Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. I pulled up a playlist and I realized I knew almost all the songs. But the reason it didn’t register was that no one made a big deal about them down here. I read about the group and listened to their songs and I really enjoyed them. Below is one of my favorites from their live performances. They all look like they’re having fun.

Enjoy and have a great weekend!

Heidi Marie

A Rant

Life certainly is crazy these days and most of it is upsetting. I try very hard to ignore it, but try as I might, I am sailing this ship alone, and I find myself feeling a bit overwhelmed. Anyway, in no particular order here are some of my thoughts.

  • Our first tank of home heating oil came today. Yes, it’s liquid gold! Our tank took $999.95 worth of it. Right now I hope to get to December before we need to refill it, but if we have a cold snap, I may need to fill it before then. When one is paying well over $5.00 a gallon, you dread having to fill it.
  • I have gone around the house and set the bedrooms at 65 degrees and the family room is set at 68. Last night I woke up freezing. So, I have also gotten out warm blankets and pajamas.
  • The Electric Company has also doubled our rate. One thing I truly dislike is that our current President does nothing to bring down the cost of oil, gas, and electricity.
  • This is when I think that the entire men and women in Washington, who miraculously have become Multi-Millionaires need to be sent home.
  • Do you realize that they get their pay for life? Do you realize they get the best healthcare for life, and it is free for them? And after a short time, they can become paid lobbyists in Washington, DC?
  • I also find that as these people get older and gain more power they feel more and more able to lie outright.
  • I am being inundated by political commercials. I live here in New Hampshire. The only time we see our Congressmen and Senators here in the State is when they want our votes.
  • And quite sadly, the commercials this year ONLY revolve around Abortion.
  • Now before you jump all over me, I believe that women have the right to abortion. But…in the first trimester and if the case necessitates, into the second. I do not believe that a baby who is viable should be sacrificed on a whim in the final trimester.
  • Unfortunately, people got all screwy, and viable babies were being killed.
  • Could I have had an abortion? No. But I believe people and their doctors should make that decision.
  • And to those who are single-issue voters I remind you, there was never a constitutional amendment giving women this right. It was never codified.
  • The States must decide. And eventually, the Congress and Senate will need to put forth a change to the Constitution. And then and only then, can it be codified and put into law Nationally.
  • All that being said, I believe in free contraception for all women. There are so many ways to protect yourself against pregnancy.
  • I also believe that if someone is assaulted then all care after that should be taken care of. The day after pill, antibiotics, and counseling.
  • I was the third child. My mother’s friend tried to convince her to abort me, but she refused. Mom was somewhat distant from me, but I am here.
  • I try to tell people to vote for people who think outside the box. People who really want to work for the betterment of our country and not just go to Washington to line their own pockets.
  • I hope that everyone will vote with an open mind. Please do not vote single issue, and allow officials into office who will bankrupt you because you need to heat your home, you need electricity, and let’s not forget food and medication.

Well, these are the things that are bothering me, and more. I just needed to get this off my chest. I know some of you will disagree with what I have written. However, I do still believe in free speech and I hope you will not flame me for disagreeing with you. I am for free speech, the freedom to express your thoughts and ideas, without being bullied or injured,


Friday Five ~ October 7th

Friday FiveThis week flew by. I was here, there, and everywhere, And aside from today, I had appointments all week. So, let’s go, here is this week’s Friday Five!

  1. On Monday, we met up with our Financial Advisor. We always enjoy these visits because Elena is such a kind and knowledgeable woman. Everything is set for the next year.
  2. Tuesday was Jack’s Primary Care appointment. He did okay but he needs to return in three months. His doctor is a military doctor and is quite good, and a no-nonsense type of doctor. This was also the first time I have left Heidi with Lili for an extended period of time. I am happy to report that they did just fine!2022-10-07_08-44-32
  3. Wednesday was grocery day. I went to two different stores and stocked up on different items.
  4. Thursday was an appointment for me with my Pharmacologist. She is a delight and helps me make sure that my meds don’t conflict with each other.
  5. Then it was onto my dentist. No cavities but I do have one tooth way in the back that needs to be scaled and deep cleaned below the gum line. Somehow I am thinking that this is going to hurt.

So this was my week. Busy. I plan a weekend filled with laundry, and I am actually going out to lunch with my dearest friend. I hope you all have a great weekend!


The Weekend Wrap ~ October 3rd

I was sitting here writing about the craziness of the last week. I had finished up and actually felt I’d written a decent accounting of what life had been like for me, and I added a signature at the end, and my entire entry vanished! I will try to remember what I wrote, but I am almost certain I will not be as eloquent. But here goes!

Hurricane Ian was a disaster for so many of my friends and family. However, I am pleased to share that my family and friends all made it through.

My 92-year-old cousin had the worst experience. She is on the third floor of her apartment and the roof simply peeled off. She was knocked down, but she survived. She is safe in a hotel in Kissimmee.

My other family and friends have all been accounted for and although there will be a lot of work to rebuild their homes and lives.

I picked apples in the yard and made a batch of pretty decent applesauce. Yum!

The coming week finds me driving hither and yon for appointments for Jack and for myself.

The air conditioners are out for the winter. It’s been so cold the last two mornings and I actually had to turn on the heat. I simply hate to do that because home heating oil is very expensive! $4.67 a gallon. We fill our tank, with 200 gallons every 5 weeks in the winter. I will simply be going broke this winter.

Well, the week and weekend were good. Everyone is safe and sound and I hope there will be a speedy resolution to everyone’s troubles. Although the news says that it will be decades before everything is rebuilt