This & That

Well, I thought I would recover faster than I am, but after a non-stop week of activity, celebrations, driving and little sleep, I finally got a solid 9 hours of sleep last night. I felt that it would revive me quickly, but I believe the heat wave we’re in the middle of, is keeping me feeling rather logy.

Over the weekend I went to a wedding with my friend, Gail. The bride was her niece. I must say, it was one of the nicest weddings I have ever been to. No detail was overlooked, and the bride’s mother and father were happy participants.

received_10211963728192806_28249893707_o (2)

The location was Waterville Valley, NH. The wedding was outside, in the heat, but the views of the mountains and the arbor surrounding the altar were beautiful!

The reception was just down the road at the Conference Center, but also outside. I had a new dress and it was sleeveless and cool and I felt only slightly warm.

received_10211963728192806_28249893707_o (2)

The bride and groom were a handsome couple. The bride especially glowed with happiness. She was one of the most beautiful brides I have seen.

20180630_180518_43120132731_o (2)

Ah yes, young love! The start of something wonderful. These two young people seem to be on the right track and I wish them the best at the start of their grand adventure!

Earlier in the week, I drove all over the place, in the rain, in search of a nice dress. I found this cute one in Talbot’s and I really was ready for the wedding.

The drive also took us to my daughter’s so Gail could meet my grandchildren. A good time was had by all, even if we couldn’t enjoy the pool because of the rain.

I worked pretty hard to make meals, and keep everyone happy too. This meant I got little sleep and started to feel like I was crashing on Sunday morning.

Ah, but there is no rest for the weary, and Sunday found me doing a huge pile of laundry, that had accumulated over the week. 6 loads!

But even if I am tired, my joy comes tomorrow when I get to spend the entire day and night with Savannah and Quinn! My loves.

This & That On Thursday

Today I am taking my friend, Gail, to meet my grandchildren. I am so excited about this. The last time Gail was here, was when we had Mandy’s baby shower over six years ago. Now we have sweet Savannah and darling Quinn, and our lives are so full of life and love.

I also need to get a dress tomorrow for a wedding we’re going to on Saturday. I was sort of hoping I would lose enough weight to fit into one of my other dresses, but only my little black dress looks great, and a black dress, to a wedding, in 90-degree heat, isn’t a good thing!

So, I will be looking for a light and airy summer frock! It should be fun to buy a new dress!

Greta had a few problems today and I had to bath her afterward. Poor baby. It’s breaking my heart to watch her. I just want a little more time with her.

Life is so good, but far too short, for both people and for doggies.

This & That on Sunday

34469780626_17d674ede8_b (2)

Saturday came and it was so hot that I decided to be an indoor girl yesterday! I did our meals, worked on a few projects and watched The French Open Tennis on the TV. So far, my favorite players are winning, but a few of the matches have been nail-biters.

I’m reading everything I can about the new Weight Watchers plan, and as of this morning (Sunday), I have not strayed from my eating plan. I do need to go to the grocery store today and buy more fresh vegetables and fruits, and another package or two of chicken pieces and a bag of shrimp.

I’d like to be able to celebrate my 60th birthday in November looking like one pretty hot Sexagenarian! That’s the plan. I would also like to spend more time out walking with Arnie. He goes at my pace and is a nice companion.

I’ve got a big test coming up on Tuesday. I don’t want to say too much about it, but I do want to pass this one with flying colors.

Yesterday when I got up and walked the dogs it was 72 degrees at 5:15 AM. I just walked the dogs in my nightgown and it was perfectly warm. Well, overnight we must have had a cool front pass through because it was 48 degrees and the air is very clear. Needless to say, I needed my robe. The winds are quite heavy right now, but the sun is shining and the skies are bright, robins egg blue. A truly lovely Sunday.



This & That

Since there is no Wednesday Hodgepodge this week I will write about a few things that I have been doing and also thinking about.

The Peach Tree died this afternoon. Jack set about cutting it down and I somehow felt I should go out and play taps. Truly it is a sad day for me. I loved that tree.

There is a bear in our neighborhood. The bear attacked an unsuspecting Bob-House (an ice fishing house) and did quite a number on it. I worry about the little dogs mostly. You know, they are snack size. I do not worry about Lili. We have a Yorkie living next door and Lili is terrified of it! She can run faster than any bear, that is for sure!

I’m enjoying watching the French Open Tennis. I wish I was coordinated enough to play tennis, but I am not. I do, however, enjoy watching these fantastic athletes!

Tomorrow I will be running around doing errands, but I will also be getting together with some of my friends for lunch. I am so excited about that!

Have a great Wednesday!

Thursday Thirteen

I thought that today would be a great day for a Thursday Thirteen! Yes, folks, that day when I look around me and try to come up with 13 things to put on some sort of list. So, I will make this a random list, of 13 things I am thinking about right now. In no particular order.

  1. Today was a perfect day weather-wise. It was 68 degrees, with almost no breeze at all. The trees are all blossoming, and it’s a real pleasure to drive around and just look at everything. Yes, it was beautiful, and I enjoyed every moment!
  2. Greta’s undercoat no longer exists. She is old now at 14 years old and her fur is thin and matted. So today I set her down, got out my doggy clippers and trimmed her back and sides.

    She gets so upset and tired (me too!) that I can only work so long on her before I need to quit. But she is looking so much better!
  3. I got beautiful flowers on Mother’s Day. A lovely bouquet from my daughter and roses from Jack. I’ve been diligently taking care of them, and they look like I just got them still. They are also so fragrant!
  4. My sister’s yard will eventually recover from the Tornado. Who knew that Connecticut has had several Tornados over the years. Certainly not me. I’m so glad that Melodie had a hankering for Chinese food and had gone to get take out. The owner of the restaurant kept her from leaving when the storm approached and when she got home she realized, that had she tried to go home, the trees might have crushed her and her car. I am very thankful to that man for keeping her safe!
  5. Jack had his feet examined today. The doctor is very happy with what he is seeing. He told me I’m doing good work keeping them healthy for Jack!
  6. We wanted to take back roads today from the VA in Manchester up to Sam’s Club in Concord. I got the map out and quickly picked out a route. I smiled. 35 years ago I couldn’t read a map. Now Not only can I read one, but I love maps! I know, call me a little strange!
  7. Savannah’s Birthday is coming up and I have been working on buying her gift. I won’t spoil the surprise, but I have been having so much fun!
  8. Who is going to get up on Saturday and watch the wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle? I do plan to get up and watch. I’m always fascinated with the other people’s dresses and hats, etc. Should be very interesting since so many of the guests are going to be crazy American’s.
  9. Thursday I am going to slow cook a pork roast that I got for 89¢ a pound! The entire rost was just over $3.50! I plan to slow cook it and then make pulled pork! Yum!
  10. I am caught up on laundry and since dinner will cook itself, I think tomorrow I will spend the morning in the Office dusting and vacuuming.
  11. I’m planning a trip to see my sister in June. Not sure of the exact dates yet, as Savannah also graduates from Kindergarten and I want to be able to go to that.
  12. I’m looking forward to the Preakness Horse Race this weekend. Now I do not follow horse racing year round, but I really enjoy watching the horses run in The Kentucky Derby, The Preakness, and The Belmont Stakes. It’s so exciting.
  13. Lastly, I made a new recipe for Greek Pasta Salad. It tastes very good and I will post the recipe on Saturday.

This & That On Thursday!

Life has been so full this week. We had our third Nor-Easter in the last three weeks. It seems we just get the drive and steps dug out, when we get hit again. Now I must say that although most of the storms have dumped either 12 inches or there-abouts here, the real breadbasket of snow-fall and high winds have been Cape Cod and the Islands, and the south eastern part of New Hampshire. My daughter had 2 feet of snow from this last storm. At least this time they didn’t lose electricity!

The worst thing is, they are forecasting storm #4 for next Tuesday/Wednesday! Aside from avid skiers, no one is especially happy!

Oh wait, there is Lili! Our four year old “puppy”, is delighted every time it snows. She goes bounding through the snow, much like a deer would do. Only Lili has a smile on her face and a real spring in her step! Or should I say, LEAP!

We went to the LL Bean Outlet store today, and usually Jack is the one to find things cheaply in there. Today was my day and I got two pairs of pants (1 corduroy and one casual blue khaki type pants) on the 80% off rack! The cords are an awesome shade of hunter green! I love them! I also bought two blouses. Something I never buy, but truly, desperately need! Jack bought two pair of jeans, but found one pair was mislabeled when we got home, so we will return them next week.

We’ve had to leave the dogs for a few hours each day, recently, and our return is always heralded with happy yips and barks!

And the plight of my UPS package finally resolved today, or so I thought. After picking up my lighting fixture from UPS, I got home and discovered that they had only sent one! Not the two I had ordered! I called the company and they basically said, “Ooooops!” and the next one will ship today and get here next week, “In the middle of the snow storm!”

Ah, such is life. I do like the new Wall Sconce, and once they are installed it will be great!

The week is almost over so I will wish you all a great weekend!

A New Era

My computer problems appear to be nearly over. At least for now. After considering all the angles, I decided to allow my Computer Guru to replace my Hard Drive with a Solid State Drive. I did this for two reasons.

  1. Right now there is a big change going on in the computer world. With the advent of Solid State Drives, and several other computer things (which, quite honestly I do not understand), I felt it was time to wait, if I could. I spent hours yesterday going over computer specs, looking for a good fit, and just couldn’t find one. Thus, a new hard drive, and some time, will allow me to determine what will work for me.
  2. The money involved. The SSD is not all that expensive and as I stated it buys me time to learn and make a better decision. If I am spending a thousand dollars on a laptop, I want to make sure it is the exact one I want, which will last me for a while. (And I know so many of you love Apple, but for the one I would want it is close to three thousand dollars! Honestly, I am not ready to spend that!) I did see several that have 17 inch screens which would be good. My eye problems make it difficult to use small screens. So this would be great!

I am just waiting to get my laptop back now with the new hard drive. I’m actually excited about this as I am hopeful it will solve my problems for a decent price, and allow me to learn more about the new era of computers!

This & That

Our weather warmed up just enough today, so that we had some major melting. This is a very good thing, as the dackels have been having a rough time walking around on the ice. In fact, both Greta and Anneliese slipped around so much, that their hind ends are bothering them.

Greta handles it somewhat better. I guess because she has been dealing with arthritis longer. But Anneliese took a bad slip yesterday and began to act as if she was close to death. She lay absolutely still in her bed, and then was up all night last night.

Today she was shivering like crazy, so I put on her little sweater and she settled right down. She has remained quiet, but tonight she ate a normal dinner and is starting to act like herself. Yes, ice is the enemy of all little dackel dogs!

Lili has been helping Jack with the breaking up of ice. But the last two days when Jack has gone into the basement for something, Lili has followed him and gotten stuck in the basement. Thankfully, we now know that we must look down there when we lose Lili!

I actually got out today to go to the store. We needed a few things and so I went to the grocery store to get them. It was so nice!

And news came today that Mandy and Matt are taking the kids to Disney in April! How wonderful for them. I know that Savannah is going to go crazy and I think that Quinn will also enjoy it, although at 2 years old, he may not remember much of it. That’s okay, it just means that another trip will be planned in the future.

This & That

The yarn arrived yesterday and I quickly sat down and attempted o start the afghan. Well, it didn’t go quite as easily as I thought it would, perhaps because it was written for an English crowd (IE Great Britain). I went to bed last night feeling very frustrated. My plan was to give it another go this morning, or as a last resort, find a new pattern Well, so far this morning, I am doing a wee bit better.

I have a new favorite show on the TV. The Incredible Dr. Pol! He is originally from the Netherlands, but after attending and graduating Veterinarian School, he followed his heart to the USA and married a woman he met when he was an exchange student.

Anyway, he has a practice that treats farm animals as well cats, dogs, rabbits and chickens! I love it. I love watching the scenery, the  working farms, and also the way the Veterinarians must be creative treating these large animals.

Plus I think Dr. Pol, his wife Diane and their (grown) children and office staff and fellow Vets, are all terrific!

We are actually in the middle of a heat wave! 22 degrees Fahrenheit! (5. degrees C) I was greeted  with dark puffy clouds and a snow shower!Isn’t life grand?

Our new coffee maker (The Cuisinart. 14 Cup) is wonderful. I now make consistently good coffee.

My granddaughter tried out for a community play. They are doing “Seussical the Musical” and Savannah has been cast in two parts.

She was in a play last year and really enjoys acting and singing. I think her ballet and dance classes have given her the ability to get up on stage with no fear. I am so very proud of her!

All the Christmas decorations have been put away and now I would like to go, room by room an do a deep cleaning. Windows, curtains, rugs, etc. Sort of a Spring cleaning, but in the middle of winter!

This & That

Here we are, day three of the New Year. I was feeling a little tired and went back to bed this morning, and then I remembered I hadn’t written a post for today. Some of you might recall that one of my resolutions this year is to daily blog. So after my nap up I got and after getting a cup of chamomile tea, I sat down to write.

I’m still a bit under the weather with this sinus infection. I will be seeing the doctor tomorrow and hopefully we can figure out a good and permanent way to treat this. I am not a fan of sinus infections and pain. And this problem seems to have been lingering for a while.

This weekend I will be de-Christmas-ing my house. I simply love this time of year. The Christmas Village my daughter gave me, my little artificial tree that I got from my mother, and the lights, both colored and white! It makes it all so festive.

One kind of neat thing is, I remembered that I had a table that Jack made when we moved to this house back in 1999. He made a tall table for our cat Tigger to have her food on. I brought it down to the kitchen and that’s where we had our little tree. The table is perfect and I think I will now place this in the mud room and throw out the old toy chest. You see Lili, in all her puppy-ness, just chewed the heck out of the toy chest. Looks like the toy chest will become firewood and I will use the tall table in there to have a basket for hats and gloves and underneath store the containers of dog food.

I have two projects to start pretty soon. Both are crocheting, and both are for people that I love dearly. Best of all, I can hardly wait!

How is your New Year starting out? Any plans for projects or just your general Resolutions? My biggest resolution is to write every day here on Dackel Princess. Day 3. So far so good!