Savi’s Pool Party & Cookout!

Yesterday the Aunts, Uncles, and Grandparents all met up at Mandy and Matt’s place to celebrate Savannah’s 7th Birthday! How did this happen? One day I remember going to the hospital and meeting this little bit of sweetness, and now she is a grown girl of 7!

20190525_174011I have watched her grow and change and I am in awe of the sweet young girl she has become. She is kind to other children, and I know, her heart is big and she is full of caring for others. She is an amazing big sister to her little brother and puts up with a lot from him. He is her baby and she acts motherly toward him.

20190525_174032The pool was warm (it’s heated) so I went swimming with Savi, Quinn and darling little Lily. Three children under the age of 7! It was so much fun. I kind of floated around and the kids were doing cannon-balls around me to splash me, and each time I laughed and giggled and encouraged them to do it again! Oh, the joy of playing games with the little ones!

Soon we had our barbecue of hotdogs, hamburgers, popcorn, chips, salads and then birthday cake! A perfect kids meal!

Savannah opened her gifts and she worked at reading every card, for each gift. She did pretty well. But my suggestion to Hallmark is to make early reader cards for young ones!


She also made sure that the gift giver was nearby to watch her open the gift!

20190525_180051And then, she opened my gift. Oh my goodness I’ve been planning this since we went to Disney in January and I saw the way she enjoyed Moana!

I found an American Girl Wellie Wisher Doll, who looks like she is Hawaiian, and I also found the Moana outfit for the doll! Instead of giving her this separately, I took the doll out of the box and dressed her up in the outfit and put her back in.

When she opened the box and saw what it was she called out “Moana”!

20190525_175711Seeing the happiness and the delight, just made my entire day!

All too soon the day ended and we headed home. Lucky for us there was no traffic and we made the trip home in record time. With three happy doggies waiting for us!

My Girl, Anneliese

Looking back, I recall the moment 12 and a half years ago, when, on a cold December morning, Greta had a caesarian section, and I watched as one baby and then the next was lifted from her womb. Their small sleepy bodies, just squirming in this new world.

And the last to emerge was this tiny, squealing baby puppy. From the moment she drew breath, she was feisty and funny and although the smallest in her litter, she was the puppy always ahead of the others.

That’s my Anneliese. Full of spunk and never giving up on anything. Enjoying life to the fullest.

So yesterday, when I got her pathology report on the tumor and teet they removed a week ago, my heart just broke into a million little pieces!

Anneliese has Stage 4 Breast Cancer. There was a lot, and they were not able to get it all.

Some of you recall that I managed Shubi’s rare illness (GME) by doing chemotherapy here at home. The drugs ravaged her body, and in the end, she had no quality of life.

So, I have decided to do palliative care for her during the remainder of her life.

She will go for more car rides, she will get that little piece of bacon she craves, and she will be spoiled rotten.

I’m not sure why all of this is happening to one sweet little doggy. The eyes, and now cancer. It just is not right!


But she is loved deeply, and I will enjoy everything about her in the time we have left.

Anneliese’s Eyes

In the Harry Potter books and movies, during tough times for Harry, when he meets his parent’s friends, they almost all say the same thing.

“I would have known you anywhere, you have her eyes. You have your mother’s eyes.”

Lately, I have noticed that as Anneliese has aged, I look into her eyes, and I see Greta. Anneliese is so much like her mother in so many ways. She is spunky and feisty, and she is also not afraid of anything!

Greta was a wee bit more affectionate than Anneliese is, but Anneliese has her own way of showing her love for us, her owners.

Here is dearest Anneliese. Looking up at me with love in her eyes.

20190516_053000And here is her Mum, Greta, also looking at me. Oh my, how I miss this little pup. She was so devoted to me and I miss her constant presence.

20180516_111141So, when I look at Anneliese, and I see her mother staring back up at me, it is almost like Greta is soothing my broken heart. What a joy it is to see Greta in her daughter’s eyes.

Now I understand what JK Rowling meant when she wrote: “You have her eyes.” about Harry Potter and his mother Lily. It isn’t all about color or shape, rather it is about the soul and sweetness of the person, (or in this case my pup Greta and her daughter, Anneliese).

The Weekend Wrap May 19, 2019

What can I say? We had another weekend that was mostly cool and rain, until Sunday night, when it got very humid and we had a thunderstorm. First of the season!

Saturday I had the TV on listening (?) to the Rome Open Tennis, and the Preakness Horse Race. I managed to get quite a bit done, except I have not solved Jack’s computer dilemma.

Suddenly Thunderbird has stopped working for both of us. I switched to SeaMonkey, and that is fine, but the menu font is terribly small and I fear that Jack may have trouble. Still, he has to do something, because he cannot send an email.

Our email provider is no help with this, and so I keep trying to find answers. I spent far too much time on the computer, trust me on this!

Anneliese is doing well, and so is Lili. Today I took off her bandage and panties and let the air get at her belly. She was very grateful!

We are still waiting for our fruit trees to blossom. However, we do have a peach tree with few blossoms and we had one adorable Hummingbird that was enjoying the nectar!

P5180024 (2)

Isn’t she (or he) adorable?

We also have had Blue Jays and Chickadees and also Baltimore Orioles. I am so enjoying the birds this year!

46935798605_329752e161_o (2)I love this time of year!


Up & Running!

I would like to believe I am computer savvy, but really, I think I am lucky more than anything.

Still, when our old Router showed signs of letting us down and not giving us the streaming video we would like, we knew it was time to splurge and get a new one!

I researched and we got a TP-Link AC1900 Smart Wireless Router – High Speed, Long Range, Dual Band Gigabit WiFi Internet Router. After it arrived, it was just a matter of setting it all up.

s-l300First, she is a beauty to look at, and what I did to help myself was to buy all new, highspeed cables, and then I lay everything out and made a checklist of steps of how to hook it all up.

Then I started and went methodically through each and every step until things were all set up. Then, I went to each TV, Amazon Fire Stick, Cell Phone, Tablet and such, and connected them to the new Network!

But, I did it all myself! I am extremely proud and I thank my teacher in all things computer, Brad, for patiently explaining things to me. I really was a little sponge and learned so much just by watching you! Thank you!!!

The Friday Five

The Friday Five

What a crazy week.

The Big Bang Theory is ending. I recall 12 years ago when I watched this show for the first time. It has brought me so much laughter and joy, and I am thankful.

    1. I guess the biggest news is that Anneliese had her surgery. It is sort of a doggy mastectomy. She has been in quite a lot of pain, and we will have the pathology reports next week. Meanwhile, I am trying to keep her contained and comfortable!


    1. We’ve had peaks of sunshine, but actually more rain than I can remember for a long while. So very sick of rain!
    2. My earlier wave of energy as far as bathroom cleaning has ended with both three clean bathrooms, and my back and neck are still intact! I swear it was temporary insanity!
    3. I got my pictures back from the John Edward Event. I cannot thank my daughter enough for this. I had such a great time.

Photo-May-03-9-33-32-PM (2)

4. Jack is still not feeling 100%. I think he had a little virus. He was still very sleepy last night but did enjoy watching the Big Bang Theory with me.

5. In eighteen days I leave for my little getaway. I can hardly wait. 2019 has been such a difficult year, and  I have really felt the need for some downtime.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone. I’ll be hooking up my new Router and getting all the TV’s, cellphones and such hooked up. I wish you all (and me) sunshine!

This & That Thursday

Today was another very busy day. Of course, I had WW in the morning, and after that, I ran errands.

I went to four different stores and the Post Office before coming home. I managed to do this and actually pull into the garage by noon!

One of my stops was to get a liquid coating on my cell phone. I love my Galaxy s8, but with the curved screen, any sort of screen protector pops off or is unresponsive! So, I bit the bullet and bought the liquid screen protector. Best of all it is warrantied for 3 years!

It may be cold here in New Hampshire, but the birds are back. We currently have the Cardinals, Baltimore Orioles, and Chickadees living off our driveway, and visiting our trees in the back each day. I’m in Birdie Heaven!

20190514_161608Mr. Baltimore Oriole.

I think I have spied a Crow who has made a nest in one of our pine trees. Jack is not thrilled but I think it is wonderful! All this wonderful nature.

Jack has been sick most of the day and so Life at home has been very quiet. Perfect and just what I needed.

Have a wonderful Thursday everyone!


Monday found me full of things to do. I was going to make a list but then thought that if I did that, I might talk myself out of doing it all. So, I just dove in after breakfast, and the things I wanted to get done kept me bust all day long.

I think the funniest thing was, that after 20 years I thought perhaps our master bath light globes needed to be washed. I thought the frosted finish looked a bit dull.

So, I took them all down, washed the fixture and dusted the light bulbs, and then put the globes into the dishwasher on a short cycle.

I’m here to report that they are not frosted globes at all. They were quite simply that dusty!

I worked very hard in that room, vacuuming, washing, and then putting it all back together again. Why I even washed the bath mats! Only to discover that I must splurge and buy new ones very soon.


About the time I got the bathroom done, I came out to the kitchen to find that one of the dogs had thrown up on two of the throw carpets. We have four in the kitchen. So, I threw caution to the wind, brought all four down to the laundry room to wash and then after vacuuming the kitchen floor, washed it down too!  Along with the countertops!

I made dinner, cleaned it up and now, at 8 PM on Monday night I am ready for bed!

The Weekend Wrap ~ Mother’s Day


Sunday was Mother’s Day. The day for us was a rather nice one. Although we had high clouds and did not see the sun, we had no rain and in fact, the air was very dry and clear. When we were driving around I could see the beautiful mountains in the distance.

My day started very early. 5 AM! I’m not sure why, but I have not been able to sleep after 5:45 in a few months. However, I enjoyed the quiet and the coffee and the company of my fur children on this Mother’s Day.

Jack got up and I made an omelet for us, and it stuck like crazy to the pan. Time for a new non-stick saute pan!

So later in the afternoon, we opted for the Chinese Buffet again. I opted to go there for a few reasons. 1. The food is good. 2. I wanted to find out if, in fact, the former owner had retired. (He has.) 3. The Buffet is set up the handle a lot of people and usually has no lines. (It did not and we got our favorite seat!)


The new owners really have much better food (although I loved the former owner, he was so kind),  and we enjoyed everything. Including Alaskan King Crab Claws. I ate mine right off, and once they refilled the dish, I got some for Jack and I even cleaned the meat out for him! What a wife!

20190512_141144So we’ve watched the Madrid Open Tennis, Jack is working in the yard, and I am enjoying the late afternoon watching a movie. All in all, Mother’s Day was nice.

20190512_150812Have I ever mentioned that Yellow Roses are my favorite?

Crazy Friday

On Friday we needed to take both Lili and Anneliese to the Veterinarians. I knew Lili had bad ears but was unsure of what to do to care for them. Her current drops were not working, so we needed to switch it up.

Lili was dreadful at the Vets. She wiggled and squirmed, and pulled and pushed, and while we all attempted to hold her long enough for an exam, Lili bit her own tongue and it bled like crazy! Not only that, but she shook her head, and the blood spatters hit the walls. It looked like a scene out of Law & Order, or Chicago PD!

As I said, Lili’s problem will be fairly easily solved. As long as she allows me to give her the drops each day.

I heard some strange bleating and wondered at the sounds. I asked and learned that a Mama Goat had just had a C-section and delivered twins! I got to see them as they left to go home. Oh my goodness! The sweetness of those newborn babes!

Then it was Anneliese’s turn. I thought it was simply mastitis. However, there is a reason I am not a Veterinarian. At this time in Anneliese’s life, mastitis would be sort of unusual. She has a tumor, and since the teat is swollen and leaking, it doesn’t look good.


Anneliese will be operated on this coming Thursday. They will remove the tumor and send it to pathology. I’m not feeling good about this.

I am feeling angry that this sweet little being is getting blindsided with all sorts of health issues at this time of her life. It just doesn’t seem fair does it!

So that consumed most of my day and as I end Friday and look toward the weekend, I have my fingers crossed for only the best outcome ever for my girls!