A Busy Birthday!

My Birthday seems to have stretched into a nearly one-week long celebration. Not bad really. I think when you get to be over sixty you should enjoy these monumentous events as much as possible.


Of course, I had a great celebration with Mandy and family, but then, on my birthday I got up with Arnie to discover that the boy had something very wrong, which led to a bloody mess on my bed.

At first, I blamed Lili. I thought perhaps she’s played too hard with Arnie and bitten him.


However, after I cleaned Arnie up and actually used the doggy clippers to remove the hair on his back (A small area mid-back) I saw what appeared to be a really bad “hot-spot”.

So I quickly showered and dressed, as I knew I would be driving Arnie out to the Vets. Which I did later in the morning.

Yes, it’s a mean “hot-spot” and he is on meds for that. I also picked up more pain medication for Anneliese to keep her comfortable.

Coming home, I bought the last things for my birthday dinner, which I cooked, and came home.

What did I cook for my dinner? Vidalia Onion Swordfish, Roasted Herbed Potatoes, and Brussell Sprout Saute. Dessert was a Strawberry and Cream Ice Cream Cake served with Champagne. All in all, not a bad meal. Definitely not diet-friendly, but what the heck, it was my birthday.

In 24 hours Arnie’s back is looking better. I think he is feeling better too. Thank goodness.

On Wednesday it was my last meeting with my ladies. It was 22 degrees with a stiff wind and snowing lightly. But we all showed up, wearing multiple layers of clothing, and stayed for nearly an hour. When I left my nose was bright red, and my fingers and toes were frozen! But I wouldn’t have missed this for the world!

So now we are back to reality here. I’m only going out when I have to, and I’m being cautious. Our Covid numbers are climbing and since it is that time of year when colds and flu abound, I figure it’s best to isolate at home.

I have everything to make a nice Thanksgiving dinner for the two of us. And I also will have my favorite thing that evening. A nice warm turkey sandwich.

It’s a strange time right now, around the world. So many people are sheltering in place. Families are divided and kept apart by this virus. Memories are not being made, and it’s just plain not fair.

But such is life. I hope and pray that soon a vaccine can be made and once again we can go about living our lives.

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Happy #62 to Me!

I started my life sixty-two years ago on a cold and blustery day. I weighed 9 lbs and one ounce and my (not even 5 foot tall), mother swears I nearly killed her.

img089Cute, huh?

Of course, being born at noon meant that she was back in her room in time for lunch. Lunch that day was a turkey sandwich! So I didn’t wreck her day completely.


I was the youngest of three children and you know what they say, the youngest is the most spoiled.


I didn’t feel that way, of course, as there seemed to be an expectation to excel. I did try for a while and then when I hit my teens I went in the opposite direction and rebelled!


I may not always have made the best choices in my life, but somehow I made my way and I was blessed with two daughters, Mandy and Katie,

Dec 11 09 009

and now my grandchildren, Savannah and Quinn.


Hmmm! Sixty-two! Imagine that? I remember as a kid when my grandmother and then my mother were this age. Somehow they seemed like old ladies! I certainly don’t feel like that. There is so much left that I want to do!

20200831_142448We have so much fun together and these two are the light of my life! I am so very blessed!


So, Happy Birthday to me!

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The Weekend Wrap ~ Good Things!


My weekend was a good one. On Friday I went down to see my daughter’s family and celebrate my birthday a little early.

What this means to a person who has been so very good on the Weight Watcher program, is that for that one day I would eat meals that I really enjoy and have not eaten in nearly a year.

It all started at lunch with a yummy real cheese pizza! It was amazing! I truly enjoyed each bite!

For dinner, I asked for steak! Matt is an amazing “Grill Master” I asked for him to cook steaks for me and for him. I mean, WOW! The steaks were the best I have ever had! I adore baked potatoes, and for dessert, I wanted a Dairy Queen Oreo Cookie Ice Cream Cake!

dq-menu-cakes_blizzard_oreo_02During the last year, I have learned that I really am not a big cake fan. But I sure do love my ice cream. Now, I just don’t eat cake. But an ice cream cake? Oh yeah! Mmmmmmm!

During the meal, we enjoyed a delicious Cabernet Wine, and for dessert, Matt made me an Irish Coffee!

Since I have also not been drinking during this time I will admit to being pleasantly toasty!

This was the most amazing meal I had had for a while, and I enjoyed every sinful bite! (Which included a second piece of the ice cream cake!)

20201113_144646Savi and me playing around!

I got to play with my two grandchildren and the new puppy, Winter, as well as their two-year-old dog, Freya.

49634345672_a1124c00bf_b (2)
Quinn and Freya!

I must say, both dogs are real sweeties and they also love their Oma!

Quinn and Winter.

Oma and Winter!

Oma and Savannah!

Needless to say, I slept well, and when I did get up in the night, Winter always greeted me when I returned to bed with little kisses and her demand for belly rubs!

In the morning we all had things to do, so I left early to buy a few groceries, fill the car with gasoline and stop and shop for some new clothes. I had some wonderful coupons, a birthday discount, and a gift card.

When you have lost a lot of weight, I will tell you that you don’t see yourself as you are. I went through the shop selecting items at a size I thought I was. I got into the dressing room and started to try things on.

I came out to show the saleswoman (who I know well) and she looked me over and said, “Maribeth, those things are too big on you!”

Then she had me stand in front of the mirror and asked me what I saw.

Well, I saw a little bit of fat I hope to lose around my waist. I saw the baby belly I have had for over 40 years. I saw the hips. A little too curvy I think.

She giggled. “Okay,” she said. “When I look at you I see an amazingly slim woman in clothes that are too big.”

So off she went to get me items I’d selected but in a smaller size. She came back and I started trying them on. I zipped up the corduroys and put on a top and I was shocked. They fit!

Then I tried on a pair of black slacks and a white top. I looked at myself over and over, realizing that I really could see the 60-pound weight loss.

20201114_104127I am still trying to wrap my head around the fact that I am wearing size 12’s!

The sales were great and I bought 5 pairs of slacks and a bunch of shirts and sweater shirts. I filled two shopping bags with lovely new clothes. But looking at what I have here at home, I really did need new clothes!

Suddenly, sixty-two doesn’t look too bad to me!


Covid in New Hampshire

There are times in our lives when it seems that there are only complications, illnesses, and problems around us.  Some days seem eternally long. Like one is stuck on this merry go round with no way off.

Such has life been since earlier this year when the Covid came to call. In the beginning, not knowing too much about the virus I was scared to death. I remember clenching my teeth so tightly that my jaw ached, and made it difficult for me to eat a simple salad.

But as our numbers went down, and we understood more, I began to relax and my jaw stopped aching and although I still was conscientious wearing a mask and practicing good high gene, I did not live in fear.


About a week or so ago, our numbers began to soar. For my little old State of New Hampshire to have between 350-450 cases per day is dramatic. We are a small state. and my small town is registering higher rates too.


The Covid Virus is back and in so many ways it is worse than it was at the start.

As I drove home from my daughter’s home yesterday I looked at the cars around me. Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut plates abounded. I found myself being annoyed, as these people are only supposed to come if they Quarantine for 14 days here. And of course, when they return to their own States, they are supposed to quarantine there too. But as I pulled into The Outlet Mall I noted all the out of State cars and it made me both angry and paranoid.

I did my business there and pulled across to BJ’s and got gasoline. Then I hopped on the highway and went home.

I will be going into a lockdown here with Jack as long as our numbers are so high.

Maribeth Dackel

The Friday Five November 13th

The Friday FiveHere we are, mid-November, the leaves have now dropped, providing work for Jack each day.

We had warmer than normal temperatures early this week, but here we are on Friday, with more normal, cooler temperatures. So as the week closes, here are my Friday Fives.

  1. I have spent this week trying to get my mind in order. I have finally gone through my pots and pans, weeding out the old and replacing with my new Pampered Chef pots.8 inch frying pan item 2729Have I mentioned how much I love these cooking pots? For someone who enjoys cooking like me, these pots are really beautiful!
  2. I think after the next few days I will be going back into lockdown. I have two places to go on Friday and Saturday after that, it’s back to restricting my time out. Our numbers have sky-rocked here in New Hampshire, and for the sake of my health and those I love, I know I must do this again. Today we had 323 new cases of Covid in New Hampshire.
  3. I listened to the Governor and our State Epidemiologist and they were calm but warned about the climbing numbers.
  4. My gathering with my ladies was really good this week. We spoke about the pressures of the holidays with our dieting, and how to enjoy our holidays and then get right back on the wagon. For me, it’s always a bit tricky as I have my birthday, Thanksgiving, and then Christmas. All major food fests! But I know I can do it!
  5. Here is my new New Year’s Resolution. I’ve decided to start weeding through my house getting rid of things I do not use and never will. My old pots, which are still very usable, are going to our Recycling Center. I also plan to bring all sorts of old things there. I can hardly wait to keep going. A load a week until it is done!

So that’s this week’s list. I wish you all a wonderful weekend filled with joy, good health, and much happiness!


TBT: My Papa’s Family

I’ve been totally immersed in genealogy the last week or so. It’s amazing how difficult their lives were back at the turn of the century for my Papa’s family, who immigrated from Germany to the United States. They did not have much money, but as soon as they arrived the older ones all got jobs to help to support the family.

Here is a picture of them taken either just before they left Germany or shortly after they arrived.

20375810866_fe03f453ff_cLeft to right is Herbert, his sister Hedwig, my great grandfather August Prussmann, the little boy sitting down is my Papa, Frederick, then there is Henry, sitting down is the youngest Kätchen, then my great-grandmother, Elizabeth, and Herta. All lived to grow old, except Kätchen. She died at the age of 22 during the Spanish Flu Epidemic in Boston.

My great-grandfather August Prussman died after 1 year here in the USA. He suffered from terrible Asthma and died during a severe attack. He was just 48 years old.

The ones I knew best were Papa Fred and his sister, my Aunt Hedwig. Hedwig lived a very long life, and we got together with her often.

32216247197_26de197829_o copy


I am thrilled to announce a rather big milestone for me. I started this journey for weight loss, healthful living, and being able to look into the mirror and like the person, I was seeing, back on January 1st.

It has not been easy, but I’ve been so faithful and decided that this wasn’t something I was going to do partially, but a change I will make for the rest of my life.

…Drum-roll, please…

…I have now lost…

November 10I’m not quite done, although I am very close to my goal weight. And when I look at the grand total lost, I am so proud of myself.

WOD2G2-20201109_160008I’ve been blessed with a group of 12 women. Despite Covid, we have gotten together each week and shared our journeys together. Several of these women I have known since 2008. They’re family.

A few times along the way I called one or the other of them as I was close to blowing the whole thing. They all had my back.

It is tough. Some days are harder than others, some are easier. In the end, it has all been worth it.

So today, as I celebrate 60.2 pounds gone, I wanted to share that as hard as this is if you want it enough, and believe in yourself, you can do it too!

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Cooking Day

Monday was a cooking day. I made 2 meatloaves for the freezer, put some steak to marinate in fajita seasoning, and lastly, made six stuffed peppers for our dinner. I also made two small pies in my mini cast iron pans for dessert tonight.

Before you fear for my WW diet, I was careful to make everything point friendly and healthy!

I will be honest with you all. I was in this crazy cooking mode because I wasn’t handling my feelings very well as I struggled to handle Katie’s birthday.  I felt so very sad.

I imagine I could have simply sat motionless and crying all day, but I decided to be proactive and just keep working it out.

So, I was whipping around the kitchen staying busy. I only nicked my thumb once and burnt my hand slightly. All caused by being careless.

I did do one other thing. I subscribed to “Britbox” on Amazon Prime. Now I can watch a few of my old favorites like “All Creatures Great and Small” and “The Vicar of Dibley”. Both of these shows fill my heart in different ways.

MB November 9 2020

I’m healing well and I think, in the end, I’m going to look okay. For this, I am eternally grateful.

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Remembering Katie 11/8/1978 – 6/19/1985

Each year I remember Katie on her birthday. When you lose a child so very young, (Katie was 6 and a half years old) the harsh reality is, that she is frozen in time.


The pictures I have are the only ones I will ever have. Taken with cheap cameras, because back then, there was no such thing as a digital camera or cell phones that actually took pictures. You had to buy film, pose a shot and then hope upon hope that when your pictures came back you captured something good. One never really knew.

These are the best pictures of Katie with her Dad, sister, Mandy, and me.

What a neat kid she was. Usually happy and cheerful, she loved music, art, and dancing. She adored animals and was quite a gentle soul.

The day she was born, found me waking very early for her 5:30 AM debut. She was a little smaller than Mandy at birth but had her very original wisps of curly red hair. My baby.


I miss her a great deal. It’s actually hard to describe. It’s the hardest thing I have ever had to go through. Not wanting to, but having no choice.

I learned to go on, but always and forever, there is a piece of me missing.

Happy Birthday to my darling, youngest daughter in Heaven. Some day, one day, I will see you again.

The Friday Five November 6th

The Friday FiveIt’s been a crazy busy week and as I sit here on Thursday night, I see a weekend filled with even more fun and exciting things. Here we go.

  1. My sister has given me Ancestry.com’s package for my birthday. I believe this is her last attempt to disinherit me, but we will know in a few weeks. I mailed my spit in today and they will email me the results soon enough.
  2. Meanwhile, I have started doing the genealogy on their website. My sister has done a lot and I have linked to her site, but I have also been working with my husband’s family, and while researching I discovered a child that no one ever talked about in Jack’s mother’s family. I imagine this child probably died young.
  3. Anneliese seems to have perked up since starting the Gabapentin. I am hopeful that it is helping her.
  4. A week ago I ordered 25 spanking new Spice Bottles.20201105_123637I cleaned the entire stove, the shelf in the back, and I took the fan screen down and cleaned that too. Then I filled each container and used the labels provided. Now my stove looks so good!
  5. And lastly, my incision is healing very well. I think once the inner stitches dissolve, the area will be less puffy and will lie flat.


So, that’s all for this week. I hope you all have a good weekend!

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