Seven Things I Love

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It’s my Sunday meme day. Seven Things I Love. Here is this week’s list!

April 30 12 0071. Apple Blossoms. So delicate, fragrant and beautiful.

20190522_1639482. Peach Blossoms. They fill our yard in spring on our lovely peach trees.

May 15 0393. A Bee pollinating the apple trees. I always love watching this happen. It is part of the growing season.

Aug 12 0034. A sign for every season. This sign is near my home. I always laugh when I see it!

July 17 013

5. A basket that was full of my garden vegetables. I grew all of those! I miss my garden.

20180523_1203376. Lilacs. My favorite flower is lovely and the scent cannot be mistaken for anything else. How I wish they made Lilac perfume or air fresheners.

IMG_0269 (2)7. The most beautiful rainbow on my lake. Yes, I took this picture myself. It was so beautiful that day.

It’s All In A Days Work

I was up early on Friday morning. It had been snowing the night before and I was concerned about driving in the snow up to the Veterinarians office. (16 miles, much of which is in the hills and mountains) Fortunately, the snow had stopped.

My first activity of the day was to get a urine sample from Anneliese. Now, this certainly could win America’s Funniest Video had it been recorded.


It was Zero degrees Fahrenheit, I was dressed in two layers of clothing, plus my hat, coat, and gloves. I had a little metal pan taped to a ruler to quickly shove under Anneliese at that special moment. I followed her around. I waited for her to squat so I could act quickly.

The wind blew with wind chills that were easily 20 below zero! She walked and paced and walked and paced and finally…bending down I shoved the pan under her and she went! I let go of the leash, and carefully poured the pan ingredients into a Ziploc bag!

Finally, she was done and we came in. I imagined having to tell people how my nose was frostbitten! LOL Fortunately, my nose made it through fine.

I came in and after washing up, I began to make my breakfast. Eggs, tomatoes with toast. As I was slicing my tomato I cut my own finger!

What more could go wrong?

Well, my hair was not cooperating with today’s comb out, so I got out the curling iron and while trying to pretty myself up, I burned my index finger.

Well, folks, that was all before 8 o’clock this morning! After that, I had to wonder what would happen next?

Fortunately, everything went well. Anneliese is on new medications, and for the most part, she is a lot better. She will go to the Canine Ophthalmologist next week.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend. If you are close by, watch out for more snow, and if you are down under in Australia, stay safe from the possibility of fires and smoke.

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The Friday Five

The Friday FiveHere we go. January is slipping by rather quickly, and I know in the blink of an eye February will be upon us. I know, this week alone, just sped by me. Here’s what’s happening!

  1. Well, we all know I had my eyes examined. Now I could not find a new frame that I liked, so I gave them my current frames to make the new glasses and I brought with me my last pair of glasses.

    received_1184590678359718Me and my much-loved frames! I will be so happy when they are back!

    I didn’t realize just how much I dislike these frames. (below)

    IMG_1286These are the old frames and even though they are small, they just do not sit well on my nose. They never really did.

    They are so uncomfortable. I will be happy when I have my glasses back!

  2. After WW Class on Wednesday, I went to see one of my doctors down in Portsmouth, NH. All went well, and I am good for another 6 months. The ride down was so nice and pleasant and the sun was shining. I had packed a lunch for myself and as I drove home, I nibbled on it. Truly a nice day!
  3. Then on Thursday, I was supposed to bring Anneliese in for a recheck of her urinary tract infection. However, when I woke we had our first major snowstorm going on.20200116_070059

    Pretty,  Yes?


    The schools were closed, the roads messy and there were many accidents. So, I called my Veterinarian and postponed the appointment until Friday. So, we hunkered down and enjoyed the bright whiteness of the snow.

  4. If you have never spent time in the snow like this, you will not be aware of the magic. My favorite thing to do is go outside alone, stand in the middle of my yard and listen to the absolute silence! There is such peace.

    P1160022 (2)My Downey Woodpecker came to the feeders on Thursday and he hung around long enough for me to get this picture.

  5. I’d hoped to see Mandy, Matt & the kids this weekend, but tomorrow we are due for another 8 inches of the white stuff. When we take Anneliese to the Vet’s, later on, I will stop at the grocery and pick up a few things to help me bear getting snowed in over the weekend!


I’ve been back to WW for 2 weeks. Wednesday was my weigh-in and folks, I am not crying!

In the last two weeks, I have weighed, measured, planned my meals and tracked my food. The first week was much harder then the last one was. I swear I was going through sugar withdrawal!

Now I seem to be hitting my stride with the diet and I’m actually enjoying the planning and the cooking.

Most of all, I am really enjoying the fact that I have now lost 11.6 pounds in these last two weeks.

I know I will not lose vast amounts like this each week, but this certainly encourages me to stay on plan and keep up the good work.


Not What I Expected

Well, I went to my appointment yesterday and all was going really well. There were changes to my vision, but my vision is correctable to 20/20 and my right eye was actually correctable to 20/15! Not bad for an old chick of 61!

Then the doctor checked my pressures again. Then he checked them again. Then he told me that the pressures were 28 in the left eye and 26 in the right eye! Yeah, like almost everyone in my family, I have Glaucoma.

He said we would check things in a month, but I did not want to wait, since Glaucoma is in my family. My sister has severe Glaucoma and is being aggressively treated.

So, I left the office feeling somewhat blindsided. I called Jack and my sister and my daughter. I tried to formulate a plan of action. And it all came to me.

I researched doctors who specialize in Glaucoma. Then I looked at their Medical Schools, Board Certifications, and if they had been involved in any research work in the Glaucoma area.

I found a woman in Manchester, that I will see on January 29th. They will do a full workup and I will know what is happening, and if the optical nerve has been damaged. I will have answers.

Meanwhile, I want to relax and try not to drive myself crazy with worry. It is what it is, and soon I will be under a good doctor’s care.

It was not at all what I expected, but at least it was found and I will begin treatment very, very, soon.

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When The Eyes Have It

Today I go to the eye doctor. I’m always a tad nervous about this. For those of you who have not known me since I started blogging, I have had detached retinas in both eyes. It was worse the first time when my left eye had the detachment. It was totally off and I had no vision.

MB's eye patchMe in the hospital after the retina detached the first time. It happened so late in the day that they kept me overnight.

The second time, it was the right eye, and the retina detached halfway giving me really strange vision. Like looking out a window where the shade was half drawn.

little shotWhat it looked like once the bandages were removed!

Anyway. I’ve done well since the reattachments, but today the doctor will check to make sure everything is where it should be.

I’m thinking I will keep my frames and just have the new prescription put in them.

Meanwhile after carefully watching the weather this morning on our local TV channel, “cold and clear“, we had flurries all afternoon. Good news, it left just a light dusting! Are these weather forecasters ever right?

The Weekend Wrap

The weekend was a good one here in New Hampshire. We had temperatures in the mid 50’s which helped to melt a lot of the ice and snow. Oh, we still have snow on the grassy areas of the yard. However, the driveway and walkways are free and clear of ice and snow!

We watched another full season of Homeland as we prepare for February 9th debut of Season 8 of the series.


This is the last season for Homeland and I will miss it. That being said, I must tell you that as I have rewatched this show, I am finding all sorts of little things that I had simply missed the first time around.

I also did some crocheting, laundry, and the usual cooking. I discovered something new. Turkey Cutlets. They were in our meat case at the Supermarket and they were easy to prepare.  I love it when I find something new.

This is a big week ahead. I have two doctors appointments for me and one for Anneliese. Best of all, one of the appointments is for my eyes. It’s been a while since I had my eyes checked and quite honestly, although I like these frames, I have never felt that the prescription was correct. So, goodbye Lens Crafters and Hello Dr. M.

20191117_064744Me with my current flames.

At least with all the driving, I will be doing I don’t have to worry about snow.

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7 Things I Love ~ January 12 2020

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1. 24 Jars Of Heavenly Jam & A New Hair Cut

My homemade Peach Jam. It’s an old recipe from Jack’s mother that I have made my own.

2. Sept 9 012

Apples. There is nothing like going outside in your back yard and picking a fresh apple off of the tree. I love apples!

3. Aug 8 006

A brilliant sunset over my lake in the summer. One thing about living above a lake is that you experience all sorts of beauty. Sunsets are really amazing here!

4. tulip

Snow on a tulip in early spring. Every once in awhile, Mother Nature sends us snow, even after our Spring flowers have bloomed. Still, there is beauty in it.

5. Feb. 16 010

This Noah’s Ark was my grandfather’s. He brought it from Germany to the USA in 1906 when his family emigrated. He and his father came through Ellis Island in New York and they were greeted by my great Uncle Albert. The entire family came here a few at a time, as they saved the money for the ship fare.

As a child, I was allowed to play with this at my grandmother’s home in Brighton, Massachusetts. I had to play quietly and carefully and I was filled with pride that I was trusted. Years later my Mom asked me if I wanted this? Absolutely! I cherish it!

6. June 21 003

Mother Greta with two of her children. Left to right, Arnie, Anneliese, & Greta. I have always loved this picture. I had the privilege to watch Greta give birth. And then I have had the joy to have shared with her the raising of these two pups. Now she is gone and I have her two children to comfort me.

7. Oct 2014
Autumn on my lake. I mean, does it get any more beautiful than this? Each day during the month of October I just love the changing leaves and the cool crisp air of Autumn. It’s what makes my little corner of New England so very special!

Yep, I’m Doing It!

I am now over a week back on WW. I feel like I am doing well, although I do have my moments of feeling slight hunger pangs.

I am hoping my stomach shrinks as I eat less and less.


Don’t get me wrong. I am eating normal types of meals, but I am limiting the portion size.

That’s really my problem you know. I have problems with portion size. I simply cannot look at a steak, or chicken meat and know the right size to eat. And other items like bread, potatoes, and chips, well I’m a goner! And we won’t even mention cake!

I have been weighing and measuring everything that goes into my mouth and tracking it all. I will keep up the good work. Weigh-in is next Wednesday!

The Friday Five

The Friday FiveAnother week has gone by and here I sit thinking of all that has been happening. There is so much going on worldwide, but for simplicity, I will just keep my list to things that are happening here.

  1. Anneliese seems to be getting better. After months of having itchy skin, it seems the anti-fungal is healing her skin up! Yay!
  2. However, Anneliese’s vision is getting worse. I don’t think she sees much any more. She still smiles and cuddles and I am very lucky.
    20190221_094102At night, however, she startles easily if it is too dark, and she walks about slowly. I came out of the bathroom and walked toward her and scared her as she didn’t see me in the dark. She gave out a little yelp and I felt quite bad. I immediately bent down and stroked her and told her it was okay.
  3. The other day the wonderful weatherman said we would have flurries. Well, 5+ inches later, it finally stopped. Having flurries means light snow that doesn’t amount to more than an inch or so. It snowed so hard that we even had a weather alert sound on my phone from the National Weather Service!
    20200108_162004Two days later, we got three inches more. This is all adding up and make things messy as far as getting around. Tomorrow we are due to have warmer weather and this will me huge puddles.
  4. I am still looking for good winter boots. Oh, I have seen beautiful leather boots, but I would never wear anything like that into the snow. Meanwhile, until I find a pair that meets my specifications, I am wearing a very old pair of “snow-sneakers”. They’ll do, I guess.
  5. After a very long time, both Jack and I found some things we needed for the house. Jack found new shop lights for the basement and kitchen, and I found four new area rugs for the kitchen. He is installing the lights now and the rugs will be here later this afternoon.

So that’s it for now. I plan some crocheting this weekend and of course the usual laundry. I’m planning my meals and enjoying them. I will make this diet work…I will.

I hope you all have a great weekend and enjoy the weather, wherever you are!