Friday found us watching as State after State began shutting down. I think we are very close to this happening here. We’ve been told to stay home unless we need to get prescriptions or food. Basically shelter in place with no running around.

This being said, Jack and I stayed in our pajamas all day. I mean really, who is going to care if we are in our comfy clothes? Certainly, the dogs do not care.

So here we are comfy, with doggies draped all over the furniture in the house. It’s a peaceful scene, really.

I have done only cursory housework and cooking. I’m perfectly happy to keep playing with programming my new computer!

I also learned how to use my Bluetooth device on the laptop to listen to music!

And I have to brag about two things. The first was I had trouble getting my email accounts to work correctly. I called my local carrier. Due to the Virus, the Techs are working from home. I had the unlucky experience of getting a guy with a name like “Keanu”, who was working from his living room.


His TV was on full blast, enough so that I could hear screaming from the show. Also, his dog was barking and this added to the chaos.

Now I tried to remain calm, after all, he is a professional, right? But as I attempted to explain my problem, it became clear that he had no desire to help me. He told me to do two things and then told me to switch to a better email program. Ah, what?

I hung up feeling furious. Then I remembered what Brad told me. Sit down, and work through the problem systematically.

I compared my old computer settings to the new one. Now wouldn’t you know the problem was in the last place I looked! Ha!

The next tech type victory was learning to sign in to the online WW Classes. They are having online workshops for us because the Virus has shut all the in-person workshops down. Thursday I could not connect, but on Friday I figured it all out! Yay me!

Life goes on, and if we are all lucky, no one we know and love will contract this Virus. Please stay safe and healthy!


The Friday Five

20200206_160117It’s another Friday Five! Wow! Has this week gone by quickly. It’s been a little stressful, but somehow we are all getting through. So much is happening in the world, but here is what is happening in my little piece of the world.

1. On Monday New Hampshire only had a couple of cases of the Corona Virus. Here we are on Friday and we have over 40. Each day when I wake up there are a few more. We are a small State, and this is hitting us very hard.

2. Mostly, I have been able to keep Jack in. But the other day he became impatient with me and drove off to the Post Office to get the mail. I told him that if he gets the Virus and dies, it is his own fault!

3. I heard that Market Basket (Grocery Store) was having Senior times for shopping. From 5:30 AM until 7 AM, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. So on Thursday I was up at 4 AM and drove down to Market Basket. I got there early, as I knew the Gray Generation would be out in full force. I was correct. I was the 3rd person in line, and it seemed like all of a sudden at 5:30 there were over 200 of us going into the shop.

4. It was tricky. They had no eggs, almost no meat, and very limited vegetables. The canned veggies and the frozen veggies were gone. There also was no TP or paper towel. But I did score some Eggplant and Enlightened Ice Cream Bars, although they had no Mint Chocolate Chip which is Jack’s favorite. Almost everyone was nice and kind.

5. As I finished up my shopping, I got out to the car and it was raining. Oh well, I thought, at least this is not snow! I began the drive home and no sooner had I gotten onto the highway then the rain turned to snow. Heavy snow! And it continued all the way home. It is still snowing, as I write, but at least I am in.

So there you go. The five things on my mind as the week ends. I hope you all stay healthy and well and that all this Virus stuff goes away quickly.

32216247197_26de197829_o copy

A Story From My Youth

A long time ago, when I was just a little girl, I lived in a time when we did not have to worry about letting our kids go out and play.

My Mom would finish feeding us breakfast in the summer and then shoo us outside to play. After my sister, brother and Uncle had taught me to ride my trusty Schwinn Bicycle, I would often take off to go see my little part of the world.


We lived near a beautiful beach, Surf Drive Beach. I’d grown up there, learning to swim, and becoming aware that no matter what, the Ocean would always be calling my name.

Falmouth 1968Me, about 8 or 9 years old with my kittens.

During the summer months, the trusty Lifeguards would blow their whistles if you ventured off onto the Jetties. But during the offseason, I would ride my bike to the beach and walk out on the Jetties to enjoy the sounds, the smell and the peace of the Sea.

MB Surf DriveMe at Surf Drive Beach. Still, my spiritual home.

I felt so free there. With no creature around except the Seagulls, the Hermit Crabs and the gentle lap of the ocean water against the boulders that shaped the Baby Pool.

I would sit there and turn my face toward the sky, feeling the sun beating down upon my face. I could taste the salt on my lips. For me, this was Heaven on Earth.

I would stay there until I started to feel hungry and then I would ride the five minutes it took me, back to our home. Mom would have sandwiches ready along with Kool-Aid, the popular kiddie drink of the 1960s. Occasionally it would be Hawaiian Punch or milk, but for some reason, Mom was a Kool-Aid gal.

After lunch, we were shown the door again and told to come home when the Bell rang. Mom had a big old Bell she would ring, alerting us that dinner would soon be served.

At times the Ocean would call me, but quite often I would ride my bike around town. I would ride to the Falmouth Harbor and check out the different boats. I would often see the fishermen bringing in their catch. So long ago, when Falmouth still had a big fishing community.

I loved to ride up and down Main Street. I knew most of the local merchants and if I saw them, I would give them a wave.

Sometimes when I would get home for dinner, Mom would tell me that Mrs. So&So had seen me out on my bike.

I loved the feel of the sunshine on my face and the wind in my hair. It was only much later that I realized that I had been given a great gift. I grew up on Cape Cod, in the 1960s before the year-round crowds and it was back when children had so much freedom.

I would arrive at home around 5 o’clock and would hear the bell gong announcing that it was time to come in. My bike would go in the back yard, I would come in, wash up and Mom would have the dinner on our table. Dad was usually there. (He was a Summertime Police Dispatcher, during those months. We brought his supper to him at the Station on a tin pie plate covered with foil.) Also at the table were my sister, Melodie, and brother Dickie. Mom was a great cook, and she varied her meals. My favorite was her Lasagna or American Chop Suey. She also made the very best Boston Baked Beans. Dinner time was family time as we all caught up on our day.

Baths were taken, TV watched and then I would climb into my bed. My sheets felt like cool cream. Soft and comforting.

I never had trouble falling asleep, probably because I never sat down during the entire day. I explored, I enjoyed, and I appreciated all that was around me.

31460932_10156100783311183_6280346246750142464_nNobska Lighthouse, Falmouth, Massachusetts.

A little glimpse into what growing up on Cape Cod in the 1960s was like for me.

This & That March 18, 2020

I thought today I would just keep myself busy and everything would be okay. I started the day by continuing to program my computer and eventually I solved the big problem of getting the new machine to talk to our Main Computer, which handles all important things, like Printers.


Oh my goodness, I worked so hard to remember all that my friend Brad had taught me, and in the end, I think I can say he would be proud of me.

Then I set about cooking. I wanted to get the Corned Beef in the oven on a low heat early. It requires you to just about cook it to death. Unfortunately, when I checked it recently, I’m not sure it’s a score. The vegetables will be okay, but we may have to search for different meat to eat. I’m disappointed.

Meanwhile, I boned a chicken and I am making my own Chicken Stock, and I will make a Cabbage and Chicken Soup. It’s yummy with a mixture of vegetables and it is a low point meal for me.

The stock is coming out well and smells so good. I will let it simmer in the crockpot overnight, then make the soup tomorrow.

I also decided to wash all my kitchen potholders. Why? Well, because I thought they needed it and why not?

Lili celebrated her birthday with a Doggy Cookie Cake and a new toy. Lili loves her stuffed animal toys so we bought her a new one. A fuzzy little Bunny. She loves it.


Arnie is feeling better since his tooth extraction and although he isn’t eating crunchy food yet, he is eating and is happy.

Anneliese was thrilled to find snow had fallen this morning and she ran outside with such glee! Yes, I said that we had snow, just a dusting really, on St. Patrick’s Day!

I weighed in a day early and I have lost another 1.2 pounds. Usually, I weigh in on Wednesday at WW Class, but they have been canceled until further notice.


Fortunately, I have a good scale at home and decided that I will not quit despite the stress I feel right now.

I will not give up!

So, that’s about it from the northern climes. Life is going on, quietly so. But we are blessed as we have managed not to get sick. nock on wood!

Take care, Gentle Readers.

PS: I was able to write this entire post without interruption! How I love this new computer!


Happy Sixth Birthday Lili!!!

Today our Lili is six years young! Hard to believe it! Time has flown! Our little St. Patrick’s Day Pup will get a special dog food molded cake with five mini dog bones for candles! Bless you, Lili, you really are a gem.




We found that Lili would have been great fun in a Circus. She loves to run and jump and run some more. A true whirling dervish! Winter is her favorite time, as she enjoys being able to leap through the snow at full speed. It’s like watching a deer.

Lili is the sweetest girl and has developed a wonderful relationship with our smallest dachshund. The two are devoted to each other and sleep curled up together a great deal of the time at night. Lili is also the Dackel Bodyguard. She goes outside with them and watched should the Bald Eagle, or a stray dog threaten them.

She is amazingly intelligent. She follows commands and has become a retriever. Let me explain. If one of the dachshunds is out and is taking too long, I will say, “Lili, go get Anneliese” and she will run off and herd her back to the door. She seems to love having jobs to do.

Likewise,  my husband has begun going outside to exercise and of course, do some snow shoveling, Lili will go with him. She never leaves his side and keeps a close watch. She is closely attuned to him.

While I am crocheting in the evenings she is either at my feet or in my loveseat next to me. She follows me everywhere I go and she is so loving, at times it brings tears to my eyes.

She is also the most beautiful White Shepherd we have ever had. No kidding. She is nearly completely white, with a fabulous black nose and nails. Her eyes are perfectly brown and her coat is a full, short tight coat, with soft fur.

Her best little friend is a five-year-old girl that is our neighbor’s grandniece. She will stand on their balcony and call “Lili” and Lili happily runs to greet her, pulling up just before she gets to her, so as not to knock her over.
She also loves our two grandchildren who wanted Bolt Dogs for Christmas that looked like Lili a few years back.

Lili rescued me on January 12th last year, when a man broke into my house during the day. He made it to the top of our cellar stairs, but the door was locked and Lili was fiercely barking and was between me and the door. She saved me that day!

So here we are, our darling Lili is six and all grown up and settling down. Knowing she is the last large dog we will have, makes her all the more special to us.

Happy Birthday, Lili!


The Pandemic

I’ve spent the past week stressing. Finally today I am able to sit back and rest. I do not need to “get” anything to keep my house in order for the next month.

I admit it though, I am weary. Running here and there, up and downstairs, and making lists and checking them, is craziness. I’ve never been in a situation quite like this. I am tired.

Now the 1918-1919 Flu that came through Boston and killed so many there and worldwide always did register with me. My grandfather’s sister was expecting her first baby and the Flu took them both. Katchen was a much-loved sister to Papa and best friend to my grandmother. They both spoke of this as a great tragedy and with much sadness.

And here we are 2020 with this Worldwide Pandemic.

WW (Weight Watchers) have closed down their Classes. They are offering a class on their website once a week. But we’ve been told to weigh in at home and they will open classes once they feel positive that they can do it safely.

I really need to chill out. I need to stop obsessing about this so I can move forward and be productive in the home. I would love to clean closets and go through rooms and de-clutter, but I feel oddly frozen in my seat.

I guess the good news is my new laptop arrives tomorrow and I will be busy setting that up.

For now, Gentle Readers, wash your hands, stay safe and we will get through this.

32216247197_26de197829_o copy

Life or Something Like It

Friday was the busiest day of the week for me. I woke to pouring rain and wind. The skies were dark and it did nothing to improve my feeling of Friday the 13th doom!
I’d gotten ready early and had a light breakfast as I really didn’t have much of an appetite. After making Jack some breakfast I headed out. I had a few items left to buy and the Highlander needed gas. So just after 10 o’clock, I was on the road.
Oddly enough, there was not a lot of traffic. I thought maybe people weren’t panicking and not rushing to the stores. Wrong! The parking lots at Bj’s and the grocery stores were full. I had decided to hit the grocery store on the way back, but I did need three things at BJ’s as well as gasoline. BJ’s was crazy busy, and even the gas line was long. People at BJ’s were a little snippy as I could see the tension on their faces.
I’d built in plenty of time, so I got my items (PAM Spray, Table Pepper and of course the gas in the car and a 5-gallon gas tank), and then I headed off to Mandy and Matt’s with some items I got for them this week.
I was able to see the two of them and drop off their things before heading to my Glaucoma doctor’s appointment.
I arrived, tried to keep my distance from other people and wore medical gloves the entire time. I admit I am a germaphobe and right now I am a little bit on edge. I found myself staring at people and listening for a cough or a nose blow!
The good news is, my pressures were down to 19 in each eye. The doctor was very pleased. The drops are working and I will stay on them until I return in June. Then I hope they will still be working and I can stay on them.
I hopped into the car and headed home. I wanted to get some Eggplant and check for Enlightened Ice Cream Bars at Market Basket. I had 8 items and yet the express lane was so jammed I went to a regular checkout. Good thing. I actually beat the Express Checkout by quite a bit.
I got into the car, and headed home, finally. I was talking to my friend Carol from WW and I told her how weary I was feeling. In the last week, I have tried to get all the things I needed in the event that the Virus causes us to become Hermits in our own home. I can safely say I did a great job and we have plenty of food in the fridge, freezer, and pantry to last for well over a month.
It’s after dinner now and I’m getting ready to crawl into bed. I have accomplished all I needed to and we will be just fine.

32216247197_26de197829_o copy

The Friday Five

The Friday FiveWell, here we are. Another week has gone by. It was a busy one for sure and also one that had me feeling a bit off-kilter. Here is what’s up.

  1. From Sunday until Wednesday I researched Laptop computers. I knew what I wanted and so I read, searched and planned. I pretty much knew on Tuesday which machine I would order, and on Wednesday afternoon I put the order in and my new baby will arrive! I am so excited!
  2. Of course, Wednesday was also exciting because of my weight loss. It’s amazing how joyous I feel about all my hard work and losing weight is work!
  3. Wednesday Night, President Trump spoke of the Corona Virus and the seriousness of the virus. I thought I was handling things well, but it shook me up. I admit that I worry. I worry about all that I love, be they young, middle-aged or old.  I woke at 5 AM unable to shut off my brain.
  4. I made a list of the last few grocery store things I needed in case we get shut down. Two schools in neighboring towns have shut down due to the Virus. So it is here and one must take precautions.
  5. Today I go to the Glaucoma Specialist, as this is really important. I will bring hand sanitizer and be very careful. I was supposed to stay at my daughter’s home, but have canceled. I need to be home to keep Jack and the pups tended to. I also canceled my Colonoscopy next week because of the possibility of exposure at the VA.

So this is all churning in my head and I am trying very hard not to get carried away. But it’s hard not to. I hope next week is a better one.

Finally Getting It!

Things have been moving right along for me this week, but the biggest happening was at WW this morning. I was working so hard, hoping this day would come and it did. I lost my first twenty-five pounds!

Screenshot_20200311-080932_WW Mobile

I’m actually down 26 pounds now, but when I started to think about losing my weight I would tell myself to take it a day at a time, and only celebrate the big milestones. Twenty-five pounds is a big one.

Now I decided not to reward myself with food. That would be a bad habit to get into. But since I have been abstaining from all alcohol, I decided to enjoy a nice single-malt Scotch. Just one serving.

20200311_081622So I am happy and celebrating and feeling very good about what I am accomplishing. Life is very, very, good!

And yes, I did have my Scotch and it was delicious!

This & That March 11, 2020

This will be short and sweet as I am working with a computer that is nearly dead. I have been looking at computers online and tomorrow I will decide and order my computer.

Meanwhile, here is a picture of my grandson and me playing with his birthday gift.


It’s funny but I never realized how much of a family resemblance there is between us two. It makes me very happy!

That’s it for today!