The Friday Five ~ June 17th

Friday FiveAlthough I had nothing planned this week, due to it being Motorcycle Week, I have had a few things going.

  1. There has been a constant drone/hum of motorcycles from morning until the middle of the night. The next day, it would start again.
  2. I swear to God that most of the motorcycles need a new muffler! This is either very true or I am getting old and intolerant. It’s a total toss-up!
  3. We had some sort of critter chase down and shred a deer. We are not sure if it was a Bobcat,  a Fisher, or a pack of Coyotes.
  4. At this point, I sing at night while walking Heidi and Lili, and use a strong flashlight. I admit to being a little nervous.
  5. This past week I cleaned out all my old magazines. These magazines date back to the start of the Pandemic. That felt quite good to do. This weekend I want to tackle another closet or room. I need to get the house cleared for Heidi to go and run around. Now she is house trained, as long as the house is tidied up I can let her roam.

2022-06-16_07-51-10Have a great weekend!


My Life Lately

I will admit, in the last few months, I have not written too much. Of course, starting in January, I was sleeping with my boots on, so I could streak out with Heidi for potty breaks. I have also been working around the home/family, as Jack is able to do less.

The Pandemic has been hard for everyone. For me, it has caused a kind of isolation that I have never experienced before.

Because I am worried about leaving Jack, I have not seen my grandchildren very much. My heart aches about all of that.

I shop twice a week at the local market. I can zip through that store in 40 minutes and then high tail it back home.

Heidi and Lili are my refuge. They cuddle me, they give me a reason to get up, go for walks, and play little doggy games. I am not sure I could make it through the days without them.

281485327_327092876190998_1155184130551750264_nMy darling companions!

I’ve never really understood non-pet people. How can they live their day-to-day lives with no furry companions? For me, my fur kids have helped me to get through this time.


Katie Alynne ~ November 1978 ~ June 1985

I’ve been thinking a lot about my daughter Katie. After you lose a child, you learn to go on. Some days are better than others, and then a time will come when you are thrown back in time emotionally and the pain is overwhelming.

You all know that Katie lived. She was my youngest daughter, and a very sweet, kind, and funny girl.

item3Our Katie.

Most of you know that on June 13th, 1985, our car was run over by a box van truck trapping Katie and me inside.

I have no recollection of actually being in the car. I do not recall Katie being in or out of the car after the accident. In time I knew we were out of the car. But it just didn’t make sense. It was a warm sunny day and I recall seeing bright blue skies once the roof was lifted off of us.

Katie lingered in a coma until June 19th. Then Katie went home with God.

It’s been 37 years since that horrible day. One might think that the memories and the pain would not be as sharp. But it is. My arms still ache for her, and I wonder what might have been.

I’m allowing myself a little bit of grief before I pack it all up again and go through the motions of the days.

My life is a good one. I have many loves in my life. I am blessed. But until the day that I pass from this life to the next, I shall miss my girl and look forward to meeting up with her when I open my eyes in a whole new world.

The Friday Five ~ June 10th

281485327_327092876190998_1155184130551750264_nAnother week has flown by. I find time is truly racing by for me these days. I’m not sure why, but maybe it is my advancing years. In any case, here is this week’s Friday Five.

  1. Those of you on Facebook know that my car broke down on Monday. I self-diagnosed it as a starter problem. My car was towed by AAA to my mechanics and by 9:30 AM the next day the problem was solved (I needed a battery) and my car was home!
  2. A very good friend of my cousin’s passed away this week. I knew her too, although not nearly as well as Janet did. It was a shock to us all. Karen was one of those people who brightened your world just by being in it. When Janet got married to Dave, it was Karen and her husband, Mark, Janet’s friend Michelle and me. It was a small intimate group, on the beach and it was beautiful. So glad that Karen could share that special time with them. I hope she rests in peace.
  3. Heidi is doing so well. She looks like she has reached her full size, but although she has that lovely long dachshund body, I think she will be filling out a little more.2022-06-09_02-04-13
    She sure is a beauty and she is the apple of my eye. I am blessed to have her.
  4. It’s the start of Motorcycle Week today. Usually, we have a good turnout. But with the Pandemic, and now with the rain forecast, I am thinking it may not be such a big event.
  5. Today I get my hair done. I am toying with the idea of having her cut in some light bangs. Why? You might ask. Well believe it or not in the last few weeks I have had total strangers ask what the heck happened to my face. Now I grew out my bangs to rebel at the scars, but suddenly, it’s really bothering me again. So, it’s time to do something so I don’t feel so exposed.

So that’s my week. I hope you have a great weekend and can kick back and enjoy your free time.


The Friday Five ~ June 3rd

The Friday FiveIt’s June. Summer is here, although we have had slightly cooler and slightly wetter weather the last few days. It’s okay, everything is lush green and fully leafed out. There is a lot happening, but here is the latest.

  1. Tuesday was a day when I had to drive to Manchester, New Hampshire for two doctor’s appointments. This meant I needed to stop and get gas. This is the most I have ever paid to fill up my gas tank. $76.00! It took me less than five minutes to spend this money, and I didn’t enjoy spending this much money at all. Neither did the other people who were taking out a loan to buy fuel for a few days.
  2. I also went in to have my yearly mammogram. So far so good. This year was the most fun I have ever had having a mammogram. I had a super Sonographer who loved dogs. So we chatted about our puppies all during the appointment. It made one of my least favorite tests, fun!
  3. After spending the $76.00 on gas, I then went to the grocery store to buy some food. I bought store-brand products when I could. I had a list and stuck to it. I spent over $245.00! And trust me, I did not overbuy.
  4. Heidi attacked a stuffed toy and chewed and chewed until she had gotten to the stuffing and squeaker. Her first kill! Lol!
  5. I’ve been watching old episodes of “Judge Judy”. I love it! She doesn’t put up with anyone’s crap! Yay!

So that’s the week. I hope that your weekend will be as wonderful as it can be!


Happy 10th Birthday, Savannah!

Today my sweet Savannah Rose joins the group of kids who have two numbers to their age! Savi is now 10! I can’t believe how quickly the last 10 years have gone, and in many ways, I feel like I have always known Savi. As if she has always been a part of my world.

May31 12 002Me holding Savi the day she was born!

As she has grown and changed, I have marveled that she is kind and gentle, and a caring person. Mandy and Matt have done an excellent job as parents.

1914914_10154055428821719_918252124935863928_nAnd when Quinn arrived, she showed us what a great big sister she could be.

So, Happy Birthday, my darling girl. Oma loves you to the moon and back!


The Friday Five ~ May 27th

Friday Five 1Can you believe how fast 2022 is flying by? In just In 212 days it will be Christmas! Oh my. I think it’s time for me to start Christmas shopping! In any case, here we go with this week’s Friday Five.

  1. The mosquitoes are out here! This year they seem bigger and definitely want to bite me! With my being outside with Heidi so much, I am a mass of little bites!
  2. Heidi is doing great. She is back on a normal diet and is feeling fine!2022-05-26_08-16-16
    I was thinking today that she is pretty much house trained now. She gives me a look and walks to the door. She is amazing!2022-05-26_08-15-39
  3. Lili was in for her yearly exam and shots, and she did fine.20210524_191751 Her ankles are still a bit of a problem, but otherwise, she is good!
  4. The day actually became quite lovely as I was driving around. Blue skies and almost every yard has beautiful and fragrant Lilacs!June 5 009
    Truly beautiful and my favorite flower!
  5. I hope you have a great weekend, wherever you are. America is celebrating Memorial Day. It’s kind of an unofficial start to our summer. But in fact, Memorial Day is a federal holiday in the United States for mourning the U.S. military personnel who have died while serving in the United States armed forces. I expect there will be a lot of people around doing stay-cations. It’s just too expensive to go far.


Life or something like it…

I went to the grocery store today and it was mobbed. I have thought for a while that we will see many local people taking camping trips reasonably close to their homes. Currently, New Hampshire camping grounds are booked out!

As our gasoline prices swell to over $6.00 a gallon, even I do not do a lot of traveling. But it is what it is.

Today I take Lili in for her shots and I want them to check on her ankles. She still limps from time to time and this worries me. Of course, it could be simply old-age arthritis. That is what I am hoping for.

Now Lili in the car is not so fun. She hates it and has since we brought her home. I try to play soothing music and I hope this helps.

2022-04-01_11-08-518-year-old Lili.

Heidi will be going with us, and due to the fact that she goes everywhere with me, she is a terrific rider.

After that, I plan to come home and take down the curtains in the family room for a good wash. While those are washing I plan to dust and wipe all surfaces down. Spring cleaning!

The weather forecast is for sunny skies and warm temperatures. Frankly, I am not convinced. It is dark and cloudy and looks more like the rain will fall than the sun will shine.

My friend had her 1 year anniversary since she began treatment for breast cancer. Her tests and scans show she is cancer-free! We are all rejoicing because this lady is one of the nicest and kindest women that I know. Cheers L!!!!


The Friday Five ~ May 20th

The Friday FiveAnother week has gone by and here we are halfway through 2022. The best part of 2022 so far is that Heidi has taken up residence in our home. So let’s go with this week’s Friday Five.

  1. Most of this week was very quiet. On Tuesday I started to feel very stuffy and I was having trouble breathing. Since my yard is filled with blooming fruit trees I guessed that it was allergies.
  2. The Internet Guy came to see what our problem was. The symptoms were strange, The connection would go in and out, and it was getting progressively worse. It was terrible when I was trying to stream a program, as I kept getting kicked off the Internet.
  3. A very nice young man arrived from our Internet Provider. His name was Serge and he was from Ukraine. He came here several years ago and loves this country!  After troubleshooting the problem, he knew exactly how to troubleshoot to determine our problem. In short order, he found three things that were wrong, installed new cables, and was here about 40 minutes before all was ship shape and running smoothly.
  4. On Wednesday morning I went to attend my ladies’ meeting and as I sat there I began to feel worse and worse. I became totally congested, and all I wanted was to get into my pajamas and sleep.
  5. Since then I’ve been running a small fever, coughing like crazy and I am very congested both in my sinuses, and my chest. I took a home Covid test, that said I was negative. I will retest tomorrow to be certain. Apparently, there are many cases of the Flu around the Lake’s Region where I live, so I am betting that is what it is.

That’s it for this week. My plan for the next few days is to lay low and sleep as much as I can. Meanwhile, Miss Heidi is a really great Nurse.