Fritz The Puppy Nanny

Those of you who have been with me since the first litter of puppies Greta had three years ago, might recall that our good old Uncle Fritz was terrified of the wee pups. When we held one up to him to glance at he would quickly look away.

After the brood left and just Arnie and Anneliese remained Fritz would try to hide on the sofa out of reach and the eye of those horrid creatures. This last until one day when Anneliese made Uncle Fritz fall in love with her. I’m not sure exactly how she did it, but one day he was terrified and the next they were climbing all over him.

Here’s Arnie and Anneliese with Uncle Fritz way back in April, 2007

April 15 006

Anneliese’s litter didn’t seem to bother Fritz, but he kept his distance and didn’t offer to be around them at all. I could understand the worry, so I never forced him to spend time with them.

Flash forward to Greta’s current litter. Fritz was interested right from day one. He would come by the puppy room and check out the newborns, and now will walk on by to make sure that the little ones are behaving.

Today Greta didn’t want to hang out with the pups. Personally I think she has finally gotten tired of nursing them. So Hubby and I were outside with the puppies and the Puppy Nanny, Fritz! Yes, Fritz had the best time running all around the back yard with puppies following in his wake! He even played some serious dog play with them, and they just loved it.

I raced around snapping pictures and although some are a little blurry, I did try to capture the moment.

I hope you enjoy the montage and have a great weekend!


I slept so well on Tuesday night. It was wonderful. In fact, I slept past the time I normally get up and when I finally looked at the clock my heart sank. I had exactly half an hour to shower, dress, clean the puppy room, feed the little guys and make a breakfast to go for myself, as Wednesday is Weight Watchers day.

I lingered at nothing, and accomplished it all, and as I headed out the door I called back to Hubby “Good luck getting your breakfast!”

At Weight Watchers I lost one and a half pounds, and found the meeting to be a good one. I like our leader and find her very uplifting.

Upon my return to the house I was greeted by 9 very happy doggies. My four and the puppies all barked upon my return, with great happiness.

It was a rainy day, but I was able to get the puppies outside anyway. They played and ran about and today I caught them frolicking in a puddle. Now that was cute!

Oct 28 001

Almost as cute as their continuing to try to fit into that bed.

Oct 28 005

Schnapps, above.

Oct 28 006

Calvin, above.

Hubby and I are planning a trip just before the holidays. We’ve got a house sitter coming in to stay with the puppers and the two of us will go off someplace warm and rest up. This year has been full of life’s ups and downs, and both of us are really tired. Time to recharge the batteries!

News Papers & Puppy Dog Tails!

I sent Hubby off to the Recycling Center to dispose of the two dozen bags of rolled up newspapers and puppy poop! I smiled and asked him to do me a big favor.

Get me more newspaper!

I actually can brag a little here. You see all of the puppies are now paper trained! I am so please about that. Yes, I do still have a ton of newspaper to clean, but their beds and toys stay nice and clean.

I was also thinking about Greta nursing her babies yesterday. How cute it was, right? Well think back. Here are side by side photo’s of Greta nursing the babes. The first was the day they were born, and the second one is of her nursing them yesterday.

Aug 31 015 Oct 26 075

It’s amazing to me how, in just 8 short weeks they can go from tiny, helpless creatures, to puppies that run and jump and wag their tails when they see you!

Time is slipping by and soon they will be leaving for the adventure of their new life. The best part for me (aside from the extra sleep) is knowing that I had a hand in making it all happen.

8 Week Check Up

We had the puppies in for their next shots today. They were weighed, had their teeth checked, their eyes examined and the boys were all checked for…ahem…their manliness.

It’s a lot of fun to go to see our Vets with the babies. Their first breaths were taken in their office and each time we go back, it is very much like a family reunion.

Oct 26 001

While we waited for the doctor, I played with the pups. They are so darn cute, and they love their Granny something fierce!

Soon, Dr. K. came in and the exams began. Who did she start with? Yes, her favorite. Wally! Just so Wally’s owners know, she loves the name you have selected for him and says that he really is a Wally!

Oct 26 Wally3

Wally really has such a great rapport with Dr. K and she just nuzzled him through the entire exam.

Oct 26 Wally9

Next we were on to Schnapps. Now Schnapps is a bright, energetic and alert little Miss. She never stops and holds her own with her bigger brothers.

Oct 26 Schnapps28

What a beauty she is!

Oct 26 Schnapps33

Next was our butterball, Curt. He has such a wonderful personality too. He, Schnapps and Calvin have been showing me their great noses and their real interest in what they are smelling.

Oct 26Curt40

But in these pictures, he is looking more like he is wondering what is going on!

Oct 26 Curt41

Calvin was up next and he was the most patient of the pups.

Oct 26 Calvin56

Even when they checked his teeth, he remained calm.

Oct 26 Calvin57

Meanwhile, Wally began to howl.

Oct 26 Howling Wally58

Then it was Fenway’s turn. He was a little suspicious!

Oct 26 Fenway65

But then, he started to relax.

Oct 26 0Fenway67

We did not take Greta with us, but when we arrived home and allowed the pups to run in the yard, we let her out. What did this girl do with her 8 week old babies? She lay right down and nursed them for about 10 minutes.

Oct 26 075

I am constantly amazed at the beauty of motherhood with my girls. Greta especially was an even better mother the second time around. And I couldn’t be prouder of her!


I have great news for you all…Curt has a home!!! He will be adopted by Gail in New York, where he will be loved, and adored and spend his days hiking, playing and sitting by the fire! I knew almost immediately that she was perfect for Curt. It’s kind of a strange thing that happens when I find the correct person for a pup. I just get this overwhelming feeling of ‘rightness’! And I got that with the first email I had from Gail.

Oct 22 010

So little Curt has found a forever home!

The day was cool, windy, but…no rain. This meant I had the puppies outside a lot. Today’s exercise was to have them in the yard with me, one by one to see how well they followed and how well they know their names. They all did great, but I have to tell you how much Schnapps LOVES Fritz. She follows him everywhere and he nervously keeps walking. It was really quite hilarious!

At one point I had them all out with Greta and what did she do? Greta lay right down and nursed them!  They’re 8 weeks old! I can’t believe how strong her maternal feelings have been. What a great Mama she is!

At the end of the day the puppies were starting to settle into their bed for the night. The funny thing is, at one time they all quite easily fit into this bed, Now…take a look.

Oct 24 010

They don’t fit, but they work quite hard trying to get all of them into it.

Oct 24 011

The puppies all go to the Vet’s today for their shots. I’ll bring the camera again and take a million pictures, I’m sure.

In other news, cuteness abounds. Anneliese and Arnie were sitting with Hubby and I snapped this shot of them all.

Oct 24 004

Isn’t this sweet?

*****Have a great day everyone!!!*****


Rain & Poop

Did you ever have one of those moments, when you look over at the litter of puppies (or kitties) that you have helped bring into the world, and you are overcome with an overwhelming sense of peace and joy?

Yeah I have, but Saturday morning wasn’t one of those times!

I got up late actually, and felt almost rested after a full 8 hours of sleep. I pulled on my bathrobe, and headed out of my bedroom. I was immediately made aware that rain was pouring down outside, as  I opened the door, and none of the four adult dogs wanted to go out.

I encouraged Greta first, and then went to check out the puppy room. Usually, no matter how bad it is, I open the door and they all go outside into their little puppy pen while I clean up their room, but today it was cold and raining and I didn’t have the heart.

I looked at the mess (literally) and figured I could handle it. I was wrong. The pups saw me and got all excited. Before I could scoop up their little poopies they were jumping up and down in it! I reached out, trying to roll the newspaper up, they jumped on my arm! I used a wipe to get some horrible stuff off the floor and it ended up on my hands! I felt like a new parent changing their first poopy diaper!

I finally got the papers up and then started washing down the floor. The puppies tried to get the sponge and me and as I turned to move a puppy squealed! Oh no! I’d flattened one! Only there was no puppy there.The little bugger just wanted to be held!

I quickly attempted to put down fresh newspaper, and that was fun with 5 little babies all playing, “let’s keep Granny from putting the paper down”. After a few minutes I got enough down and then escaped over the fence. I gently washed each pup with a wash cloth, because I wasn’t sure who had made it into the poop and who hadn’t.

I mixed their food and fed them and then sat down with my first cup of coffee and just did nothing. Yes, I accomplished all of the above, caffeine free!

It never did stop raining today, but towards the end of the day when I cleaned the room for the last time, I did the unthinkable! I put them outside in their pen! Now before you turn me in for cruelty to animals, remember that the enclosure has a large overhang and when they came in, they had their dinner and then went to bed. Happy, healthy and clean!

And I made it through a very rainy day!

8 Weeks Old

We spent quite a bit of time with the puppies outside yesterday. It was cold, and we had them out until we all were feeling the chill. Me, Hubby, Makenna and the pups. I grabbed my little camera and snapped away as the pups chased each other, Hubby and Makenna. They are so darn cute the way they jump and run around. Hope you all enjoy the montage.

Aren’t They Beautiful?

Today I made another modification in the puppy room. I added a large doggy bed that used to belong to Fritz. The pups loved it, and when my neighbor, Jacqui came over she sat on the bed and they climbed all over her.

Oct 22 022

As you can see, the pups enjoyed climbing all over her, as well as chewing her toes! Yes, we discovered that Wally is a toe lick-er!

Oct 22 wally18

Then I decided that we needed to take every-one’s picture. I think they just get cuter and cuter every day!

Here is Curt. Gosh he is just so handsome!

Oct 22 Curt8

Next is Calvin. He is also a totally handsome dude! He looks a lot like Curt.

Oct 22 Calvin14

Then there is our Little Miss. Schnapps. She is beautiful and I swear she has a very feminine face.

Oct 22 Schnapps13

Fenway is probably the darkest of the bunch and has a sweet and lovable face.

Oct 22 Fenway11

And the brother who most resembles Fenway, is Wally, which is sort of funny. Fenway and Wally are not only brothers here, but will be going to the same home and will be forever brothers! Here is Wally.

Oct 22 Wally27

Friday should be a lot of fun because we will be working outside with them laying lines of deer blood for them to follow, as well as having some children here for most of the day. I’m babysitting for a friend and this is always a favorite time for the pups!

I hope you all have a great weekend!

The Wonderful World Of Puppies!

We’re now taking the puppies on back yard expeditions several times a day. They just love these and really fuss something awful if we put them in their pen. Occasionally we have to do that though, because Granny needs to clean out the puppy room and wash down every possible surface, and when the puppies are inside, they ‘help’ far too much! lol!

On our last outing of the day, I brought the camera. Then I started taking pictures and videos of the puppies.

The puppies are getting so big and beautiful. I just love watching them. My girl, Schnapps, and all my handsome boys.

Here is Calvin.

Oct 20 Calvin19


Oct 20 Curt4


Oct 20 Schnapps18


Oct 20 Fenway1

And Wally.

Oct 20 Wally24

Hubby and I really love these little creatures. Here is Hubby with Fenway.

Oct 20 Jack and Fenway30

And me with all of my babies.

Oct 20 032

Oct 20 031

And here is a short video of Greta and her babies. Greta is still enjoying being a Mom. And the pups sure enjoy having her to snuggle with in the afternoon.

A Busy Start To My Week

Monday. I was supposed to be able to kick back and relax a bit, but with 8 dachshunds and a German Shepherd, that was not to be the case. They kept me on my toes most of the day. At least Greta has decided that sleeping with Mommy and Daddy is a good thing and has stopped waking me up in the middle of the night.

Ah yes. Tuesday. Certainly on Tuesday I would have some time to rest a little. No. I still have those 8 dachshunds and the German Shepherd, and a house full of laundry and a kitchen floor that was calling out my name for a good washing. Plus it was bill paying day.

So like an automated robot I set about cleaning up after the puppies (not to mention feeding them four times during the day), taking them for a walk in the yard twice for 45 minutes each time, and tending to their wash. How can such little dogs poop and wee-wee so much?

I swept and scrubbed the kitchen floor, made lunch and cleaned it all up. Busy. Then it dawned on me. This, all this is what I have wanted all of my life. A house full of dackels, a husband I love and who loves me and being busy doing all the things I used to dream of. (Not the poop, but everything else!)

I’ve put the ad for Curt in Sunday’s statewide paper, and will go tomorrow and place the ad for the local paper. After a week if I hear nothing I will go regional. If people just saw this face:

Oct 12 Curt26

I think they would just fall in love with him. He is a handsome boy, works well outside and already is following my leads. Wish me luck! And Curt too!

Happy Wednesday Everyone!